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The Dark Night

As the night set in, a neverending strange gloomy silence seemed to be taking over from the busy and loud atmosphere of the day. That part of the city was almost converted into a ghost town. The unclean and shady taverns stood still and lifeless as if they were preparing for the reception of hell itself. The quietness was perhaps representing the calm breeze before the arrival of a storm. The streets lights were almost reduced to dimlights, partly due to bad maintenance and partly due to the dust covered surfaces. The only other sound was the occasional barking of a stray dog or the wail of a fallen drunkard not very far away.

The only house that seemed to have some kind of a connection to life was the famous auction house. Judging by it's exterior one could safely state that it had seen far better years. Once it was a favorite hangout of the social elites, politicians, millionaires, now it had been reduced to 'Just another outdated villa'. But the interiors it seemed still retained their grandeur, perhaps it had something to do with the current visitors.

Inside, there stood a fairly tall guy with long silvery hair. His dark coat obviously pointed to the fact that he was from a very respected and wealthy family, beside him stood another guy shorter than the former but obviously met the 'Tall, dark and handsome' standards. They were perhaps waiting for something or rather someone to arrive, and whatever it was it was gonna be big. The other characters were all wearing similar dark suits, but none of them were standing out as prominently.

The odd silence was broken by a different sound, the two men watched through a window as a black Mercedes made it's way through the deserted streets. From it emerged the form of a man they knew all too well, their main business rival Naraku! So tonight was the night the old worn down auction house was going to re-emerge from it's ashes and play host to perhaps the most important auction of them all, although the respected people of the past were replaced by bigtime gangsters and mafias yet the sheer importance of it was not to be ignored. It was finally the time for the auction of the Shikhon-No-Tama, a jewel that was supposed to present it's owner with immense magical powers. Legend had it that it was created by a high priestess called Midoriko much before the feudal era who used it to seal a very powerful demon in it. Countless lives had been lost over that one single jewel and the most chilling story was about how two half brothers, a youkai and a hanyou, along with a mysterious girl, a demon slayer, and a monk of somewhat lecherous reputation had defeated an evil shape shifting entity to become it's master thereby condemning it to hell forever. Now that the jewel had resurfaced no one was about to leave any stone unturned in getting it.

"Inuyasha" the other man called referring to his silver haired friend, "Your brother does understand the importance of this auction doesn't he? Mafias from all over the world are here and he didn't even bother to show up, whats up with him anyway?"

"Don't worry Miroku, he knows what he is doing" replied Inuyasha, "I hope" he ended with a shade of doubt in his face, "You know I've been with him through thick and thin yet I barely understand him at times."

"Yup, I've heard stories about how your father was reduced to a beggar and left for the heavens when you were just a six year old and he was the one who took you under his guardianship and made our company the talk of the town, or rather the underworld" Miroku finished with a type of sympathetic grin in his voice.

"Yup, although people call him heartless yet if it hadn't been for him I wouldn't have been standing here with you wearing an Armani suit, but you know even though I don't want to, sometimes I am compelled to doubt his decisions, I mean the shikhon-no-tama is up for the grabs and he decides to remain absent, this is seriously going to hurt our reputations as one of the most influential mafia families in current times."

"But say what you may, at the end of the day you have to adore the guy, he didn't even marry for so long just to take care of you and the business, he is more like a sage rather than a mafia." chuckled Miroku.

"You know I think deep down he is a sage, one who sacrifices everything to achieve Nirvana, or in this case more appropriately the pinnacle of the underworld societies!"

"But don't you think he has done enough for us already, he should just take a break, find a girlfriend, take her to Miami on a holiday, have sex, get married, have kids and live happily ever after?"

"That's where the main problem lies, not everyone is as charismatic as you are Miroku, who can seduce the girls with one look and make them come over and practically beg for your cock! Given the kind of attitude Sesshomarou has towards life, nothing human will fall in love with him, and those who will, will probably do it for his money!" Inuyasha sighed realizing the impossibility of the instances his friend Miroku was stitching up.

"Oh come on now, I am a one-woman-man Inuyasha, I have never and will never cheat on Sango you know! But as far as Sesshomarou is concerned I bet god has made his match somewhere, we just have to find her"

"Yeah anyways lets concentrate on the job at hand, Sesshomarou will really be disappointed if we mess this up! And do you see the look on Naraku's face, I'll bet a million dollars that he has got something up his sleeve, he is gonna try to get it by hook or by crook" Inuyasha said as he made sure that Naraku wasn't listening to their discussions.

"You think we are just gonna let him?" chuckled Miroku, "I have my Desert Eagle loaded and ready."

"So have I, oh and Miroku, keep your eyes open, if you notice anything unusual don't give it a second chance, are the rest of the gang ready?"

"Yup, our guys are waiting just across the street with, ten with AK-56s, and some are in the broken down garage two blocks away, and if things get any worse head for the roof, I will have a chopper rescue us."

"That won't be necessary, say who do think is the beautiful lady over there looking at the jewel like she owned it?"

"Come on Inuyasha, we don't have time to pay attention at some sexy vixen looking at the darn jewel, we have greater things to worry about! Even a man of my caliber isn't feeling like groping her."

"But do you remember what Sesshomarou said? He told us to be cautious of even a fly if it comes anywhere near the jewel"

"Come on now lets concentrate on the task at hand, the bidding is about to start."

As the bidding progressed the atmosphere was so thick with the growing tension between some of the parties that one could almost cut it with a knife. As the session progressed as expected the only two still in the hunt were Naraku's gang and Inuyasha's.

"400 million" yelled Naraku.

"450" retorted Miroku.

"550" came the rivals voice.

"550, going once, going twice………."

"700 million!!!" came Inuyasha's voice loud and clear.

"So wheres the big dog? Was he too afraid to be here or did he think of a smart way to get rid of both of you and take over the business all by himself." Naraku said in a convincing manner "You know if I were you Inuyasha, I would have gotten rid of him and his evil intentions long ago"

There set an unusual silence over the auction hall. The look on some of their faces said a thousand words, it was as if the third world war was about to break lose at any instant. Some of them left, trying to avoid the crossfire that was sure to follow"

"If you think you can create disparencies among the Tashio brothers then I am sorry to say that you are horribly mistaken, if you don't have the power to counter our bid why don't you admit it instead of throwing shit around you loser." Inuyasha said in almost a threatening tone, if it had not been for Miroku's mediation the fighting would have started right there and then.

"700 million, going once, going twice, going thrice and S…..O…..L….." No sooner than the auctioneer had finished his words that the lights went out.

"Miroku, whats happening?" Cried Inuyasha

"That bastard Naraku! I knew he had something under his sleeve, I am calling the men, if we can't leave this place without the jewel then we are just gonna take Naraku's head instead."

As the lights came back on the Shikhon-No-Tama had disappeared.

"Naraku, I will kill you" said Inuyasha taking out his pistol but before he could fire Miroku pounced on him making him duck and thereby saved him from a bullet coming straight at him from behind.

"What the hell is happening? Wheres our men?" yelled Inuyasha taking cover behind the announce table as he continued to shoot.

A loud noise was heard as the windows were shattered and a large group of men in black uniforms came in armed with the AK-56s. "It's about time" cried Inuyasha with a sigh of relief but his relief was short lived as to his horror they started shooting at them instead of Naraku.

"Naraku! What did you do to our men? You son of a bitch"

"I just bribed them a little, you know how money can do miracles when used in the right way!" chuckled Naraku as he made plans to leave the building.

"The coward is retreating as always" Miroku snapped, "man this is fucking humiliating, being gunned down by your own men!" as he finished a grenade exploded causing part of the floor to collapse.

"I just hope that the choppers are ready to pick us up" said Inuyasha as he tried running his way to the stairs only to be stopped by Miroku, "Inuyasha, whats the guarantee that Naraku hasn't bribed the choppers as well?" said Miroku.

"So do we have any other option?" he said sitting behind a metal cabinet and firing occasional rounds from his pistol.

"Yes, there's a vent for the laundry through which we can go through in the kitchen, it leads to the back alley, once there we can make our way through the sewer tunnel to an old mansion a few blocks away, what do you think?"

"Not a bad idea but theres only one in ten chances that we can reach upto the kitchen! The nonstop firing isn't a joke you know!"

"Well in my plan there is one more clause! Listen I am gonna run upto the wine cellar, up the stairs, as they concentrate on me you make a break for it!"

"Are you mad you jerk, what about you?"

"Don't worry about me, I'll be allright"

"No I wont, what will I say to Sango if something happens to you?"

"Don't worry about her, she is a strong girl, she can move on in her life without me, but if something happens to you Kagome is gonna commit a suicide and I will be held responsible for not one but two deaths! I can't bear the burden!"

"Come on man don't try to be a hero, there must be someother way"

"But wha……. Hey wait a minute why do I get the feeling that Naraku's guards are shouting?"

"You know what, maybe because they really are shouting, and if that's so then it can only mean ………."

"SESSHOMAROU!!!" they yelled together almost at the same time.

"Come on you wenches, ready for round two?" roared Inuyasha as he felt the fire coming back to his heart.

They could feel that they had bee saved when they saw the tall figure just walk in the room filled with gunners as if it was his evening exercise. Was it his personality or his flamboyance but with the arrival of his elder brother seemed to have had an effect on the henchmen. They almost forgot how the guns worked. On the other hand his gun was almost looking like the picture of hell himself, just his presence devastated the attackers. Some of them fled and the rest who came up to fight either faced his gun or Inuyasha's.

"You incompetent fools I knew I couldn't have count on you! That's why I sent Miroku here along with you but how could both of you mess this up?" roared Sesshomarou, one couldn't tell whether he was angry or annoyed with them, but deep inside both the men knew that that was just like Sesshomarou and he didn't mean anything.

"So you gonna talk or are you going to help us?" cried Inuyasha.

"I have a chopper ready for you on the roof, don't worry the pilot isn't bribed, I can assure you about that, and don't think that I came here to save your asses, it was partly because your lovers begged me to do so, and partly due to my personal agenda of defeating Naraku, anyway where is the jewel?" Sesshomarou's words were as harsh as ever but below his dry words there lay an entire ocean.

"Naraku took it."

"Are you sure?" It seemed that Sesshomarou wasn't entirely convinced.

"Well the lights went off and the next thing we knew was that we had some bastards shooting at us."

"Why are you asking? Do you have any doubts that Naraku took them?" asked a puzzled Miroku.

"Naraku's a coward, if he had already gotten what he came for then I don't think that he would stay, but the way I saw it, Naraku's Lamborghini is still waiting two blocks south."

"Well if he didn't take it then who did?" but as soon as Inuyasha finished a realization struck Miroku.

"Inuyasha, remember that girl who was staring at the jewel?"


"Well most of the guests went back anticipating the violent conclusion, and others either got shot or had themselves escorted out by their bodyguards, but that lady stayed till the end yet I don't remember her escaping, neither do I see her corpse."

"So you are saying that she escaped with the jew…………" before Inuyasha could finish a bullet bruised his right shoulder.


"Listen you two this is no time for chitchat, Miroku, drag Inuyasha to the chopper, I am providing cover"

Although Miroku wasn't too convinced yet he couldn't ignore Sesshomarou's decision. The trio somehow reached the roof. Miroku grabbed the rope ladder that made it's way down from the chopper and Inuyasha clung onto his back as he began to climb. But when Miroku looked back he was astonished to see that instead of climbing the ladder Sesshomarou was just standing there on the roof.

"You idiot! Have you gone nuts? What the hell are you waiting for Sesshomarou?" but Inuyasha's words did little to move his elder brother.

"For once I think Inuyasha's talking sense Sesshomarou, what the fuck are you waiting for, Naraku is probably sending his back up right about now!" Miroku yelled.

"I am going after the jewel. You two go home." Inuyasha's mind almost stopped functioning at the ruffled statement made by his brother. But all theirs shouts and warnings went to waste. The mystifying frame of Sesshomarou walked back across the roof as if it was his morning walk. As a section of the roof collapsed in an explosion just five yards away and the heated debris and the broken plaster flew past him, his pace remained unaffected. He disappeared behind a cloud of smoke as he made his way to the lower levels determined to find the remains of the jewel.

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