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The Call


"Emily, where are the keys?" I couldn't think straight. I was trying my best to get Leah to the hospital and fast.

"You put them in your pocket," she yelled as she ran towards the car. "Your back pocket." I felt my right back pocket and pulled the keys out.

It took about a half a hour to get from La Push to Forks Community Hospital. It was the closest hospital and so it had to do. I was a bit skeptical coming here; I knew that doctor leech worked here, but still I raced down the highway. It was pretty sunny out, so I don't think doctor bloodsucker would be here unless he wanted to blind everyone with his sparkling skin.

By the time we got to the hospital, Leah was mumbling nonsense about finding Gabriel and how he left. I didn't know what she was talking about. She just kept moaning in pain, and crying about how Gabriel left to keep her safe.

Well Gabriel was lucky he was gone. I would have knocked his teeth out for leaving at a time like this. I mean, look at what his disappearance did to Leah? She was sick and blacked out; didn't he know that we werewolves needed to be with our imprints at all time? Of course he knew; Leah told him, and yet he still left.

I parked the car in front of the entrance and turned to Emily, "Hon, park the car for me. I'll run Leah inside." She nodded and jumped into the driver's seat as I got out of the car and pulled Leah out.

When I entered through the front doors, the doctors took one look at Leah and knew she was in need of medical assistances. They took her from my arms, placed her on a stretcher, and wheeled her through the emergency doors. As I stood there looking at the doors flapping, I kept replaying Leah's voice in my head, trying to make sense of her words.

"Sam listen. Gabriel, he's…I have to find him. He left to protect me. You have to understand Sam. He would never hurt me. He wanted to tell you all, but I made him promise not to say anything."

Emily joined me, but I was so lost in thought I didn't notice that she went off to get some something to drink. I was still trying to put together the meaning of her gibberish until Sue and Seth came walking through the front doors.

"Where's Leah?" Sue asked about her daughter. "Did they take her already?"

"Yeah, they placed her on a stretcher and wheeled her right inside." I told them, trying to get them up to date with Leah's whereabouts.

"How long ago?" Seth asked.

"Umm… about 20 minutes ago."

"Where's Em?"

"She couldn't keep still, so she wet to get some coffee."

There were two empty seats next to me; Sue and Seth both sat down and sighed in unison.

"Don't worry Sue," I said taking a hold of her hand. "Leah will be alright. If there is one thing I know about her, she's a fighter. So she'll get through this." I continue to hold onto Sue's hand. It felt kind of strange but at the same time, it felt like I belong here.

If Leah and I were still together, I would have been holding on to the hands of my future mother-in-law; I would have been family, but we weren't together. Instead, I was holding onto the hands of my best friend's mother, and yet, I still felt like family. Leah is, after all, my best friend.

Sue turned and gave me a faint smile. Her eyes betrayed the weariness that she was trying to hide. Sue looked so worried and tired; I wonder if she was losing sleep constantly worrying about Leah's health.

"Thank you Sam," she murmured. I could tell she was holding back tears. "I'm happy that Leah has a friend like you. Thank you for rushing her here, and for being by her side. Especially now that Gabriel has left."

At the sound of his name, my body tensed up. He should be here comforting Sue and waiting for Leah. He was her imprint; the person she couldn't live without; the person that made her complete, and yet he was gone.

"Where is Gabriel Sue?" I tired my best to speak in a nonchalant tone, but I failed.

"I don't know Sam; I honestly do not know." Sue was shaking her head in disappointment. All I know is that Gabriel had a lot of sucking up to do with Sue if he wanted her to like him again.

"Leah kept ranting on about how he left because he was trying to protect her," she carried on. "She kept saying, 'He would never hurt me mom. You have to understand.' I didn't know what she was talking. It was all gibberish to me. Her words were all slurred together in a mixture of confusion and tears." Sue began to cry and Seth took a hold of her other hand comforting his mother.

I have always known Gabriel was hiding something. He seemed like the "I've got a secret" type guy, but with Leah mumbling on and on about him protecting her, and how will would never hurt her got me thinking. Maybe what Gabriel was hiding was more dangerous than I thought.

"YOU HAVE TO COME BACK! SHE'S IN THE HOSPITAL FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!" I turned to see Emily having a heated conversation with someone on the phone.

She was walking towards us with a cup holder containing three cups of coffee and one rockstar. (I assumed that was for Seth; that was his favorite drink.)

"What do you mean you can't come back?" She continued to say, "Gabriel, she blacked out and had to be rushed to the hospital."

I wonder who called whom, but I did not like were this conversation was going. He was supposed to be here, and yet he was refusing to come back. How could he not come rushing back knowing that Leah just blacked out?

When Emily got near, I took the phone right out of her hands. "Gabriel!" I yelled through the cell phone. "GABRIEL?"

"Sam? Where's Leah?" He sounded worry, but I wasn't going to answer any of his questions until he answered mine.

"Where are you?" I was trying my best to restrain myself as I talked to him, but it was hard. I wanted to punch him in the face.

"I'm…" he paused for a second. "I'm in Forks."

"Forks? We are too. So why are you not here? Better yet, why the hell did you leave in the first place? Didn't you know that we couldn't be without our imprints?"

"I know, I know, I know." He said over and over trying to calm me.

"Obviously you don't know. Or else you would have never taken off. Look what you did to her."

"It's complicated. Leah knows why I left and we talked about." I didn't get what he was talking about. "She knew this was going to happen."

"Oh yeah?" I asked. "She knew that she was going to black out, and be rushed to the hospital?" He fell silent and didn't reply back to my comment. "Look here you good for nothing, so called imprint. You better get over here or else I'll…"

"Or else you'll what Sam?" Gabriel's voiced changed. He's tone was no longer calm like before, instead it betrayed a demonic tone, almost like a wild beast. "You'll shape shift into a werewolf and come looking for me?" I felt the challenge presented through the other end of the receiver. I would have accepted it with my Alpha voice until he jumped in cutting me off in mid word.

"I'm sorry Sam," he said with a calmer voice like before. "I didn't mean to say that. I just…I can't come back right now. Not until it's…safe."

"Safe? What do you mean safe? What's going on Gabriel?" I didn't understand what he was rambling on about. Was he in danger? "What are you and Leah not telling us?"

"Please Sam, take care of Leah for me until I return." He spoke. Obviously he was avoiding my questions. "I'll be watching her from a distance." With that, the line went dead cutting all I connections I had with him.

"Gabriel?" I asked. "GABRIEL! Shit. I can't believe he just hung up on me."

"What happen Sam?" My attention went to Sue who wasn't looking too good. "What did Gabriel say?"

"He didn't say much. All he said was that he'll come back when it's safe, until then he'll be watching from a distance." They all stared at me with puzzled expressions. "Whatever that means?" I could feel my blood boiling in my veins. Who the hell did Gabriel think he was? Batman?

I turned to Emily. "Did you call him?"

"No," she said shaking her head. "He called me, but he called with a blocked number." I glanced at the caller ID on Emily's cell phone and read the 'unknown' title from the recent call. I was irritated with Gabriel's games. He picked the wrong time to pay hide-and-seek with everyone. Just then the doctor walked out of the flapping emergency doors that caught all of our attention.

"Mrs. Clearwater?" He spoke to Sue.

"Yes?" Sue jumped right up waiting for answers. "How is she doctor?"

"Well, she's doing alright. We gave her some pain relievers to help her cope with the stomach cramps, and we also gave her some sleeping medication. So as of right now, she'll out cold."

"Okay, but what can you tell us about her condition?" Emily asked.

"Yeah," said Seth. "My sister has been getting sick for no reason. One day she's healthy as a wolf, and the next she's throwing up everywhere." I elbowed Seth in his rubs at the mention of 'wolf', but Seth didn't seem to notice. "So what's wrong with her doctor?"

"Well…" he paused for a moment. "It's kind of hard to tell. I've never seen anything like Leah's case before. It's not really my area of expertise."

"What do you mean?" I asked. "What do you mean by 'Leah's case'?"

"Well you see, I ran different test on Leah. Blood test, saliva test, you name it, and we did it. But that was the strange thing that came about it."

"What was?" He was taking his sweet time explaining what he found out about Leah.

"All the test I ran came back with the same answer," he explained. "They were all negative."

"Negative?" We all sung in union.

"What do you mean negative?"

"Well, you see, Leah doesn't have anything wrong with her…"

"According to the tests, right?" Emily asked.

"Yes, according to the tests. The only thing that she has is a headache and stomach pains. But I know that something else is wrong with her. I can see that just by looking at her."

The doctor was taking too long to explain his findings. I was becoming very impatient with him.

"So what are you saying then doctor?" I must have asked with a dark tone because the doctor looked at me with terrified eyes.

"Umm, well I don't know what Leah case is about. The only one that can answer your questions is not here. So we called him up, apparently he and his family go camping a lot around this time."

I knew exactly whom he was talking about. Leah told Emily and me how Jacob was getting on her nerves about Nessie leaving on a camping trip.

"When will Doctor Cullen be here?" Asked Seth.

"I'm not sure, he didn't sound too happy when I called him. But when he heard that it was Leah Clearwater he said he will be here as fast as he could."

I didn't like the fact that doctor leech was the only doctor here that could help Leah, but I had to put my pride aside. If he were the man for the job, he would do.

Just then, I heard my cell phone go off. I looked down and read the name on the screen, "JACOB".

"Excuse me for a second, I have to take this." I wasn't really saying it to anyone; well it wasn't like they heard me. The doctor kept ranting on and on about how he didn't know what was up with Leah.


"Sam? I just heard what happen. How's Leah doing?" He sound worried for his Beta.

"Well, the doctors don't know what the hell is up with her. So, they called that bloodsucker of yours to come and check her out."

"Yeah, Carlisle just called me. He's at his house right now getting some stuff."

"He's already here? That was fast." I didn't think the leeches cared so much to rush back this quick.

"Well, they are vampires. They can run pretty fast like us."

"Yeah yeah," I didn't get why we were talking about them. So I changed the subject. "Are you almost here?" I was sure Jacob would be on his way to visit his Beta.

Emily was coming over to visit Leah and Gabriel again this morning. I only tagged along because I was bored, but good thing I did. Who knows what would have happen if we didn't get Leah here on time.

"Almost where?" Jacob sound puzzled for a bit. "To the hospital?"

"Umm…yeah, I thought you would want to come and check up on Leah yourself?" Was I wrong?"

"Well, I was planning on it until Bella called."

"Yeah you said that already."
"Apparently, when they got back home just now blondie found this weird scent lurking around the woods close by the house. So I'm on my way over to the Cullens."

"A weird scent?" I didn't like where this was going. Could it have been the same scent from all those months ago? "What scent?"

"I don't know. Bella didn't say much, but she doesn't think it's good. What do you think?"

"I'm not sure. How close are you to the Cullens?"
"I'll be there in ten minutes. Why?" I needed to get back to La Push. I needed Paul and Jared on this one. I needed to make sure that everyone in La Push was safe before I could think of protecting the vamps…again.

"Keep me posted on whatever news you find over there. I'll tell Seth, but my number one priority is back home."

"Yeah I know. I'll call you if I find something."

"Thanks." With that, we hung up and I joined everyone again.

I found them al sitting together in silence. "Seth," his head shot up like a rocket at the sound of his head.


"Jacob needs your help." That caught Emily and Sue's attention.

"What's going on Sam?" Em asked.

"Everything is fine. It's just…Jacob got a phone call from Bella. I think the scent returned." I watched as their faces twisted in confusion and horror. We didn't know if the scent returned, but something was telling me that it did.

"I'm on my way." Seth stood up and kissed his mom on the cheek.

"Be careful son." I didn't like the look on Sue's face. She had one child in the hospital, and another running off into the woods getting ready to fight whatever it is that was hidden in the shadows of the trees.

"I will mom. Just worry about Leah okay?" She nodded at him, and watched as her little boy, took off for the woods.

"You be careful too okay?" I turned to see Emily, and saw the scars on her face. I hated how she constantly worried for the monster that gave her those scars.

I took her into my arms and held her tight. "I'll be okay," I whispered in her ears. "Stay with your family." I kissed her gently and took the keys from her hands.

As I drove back to La Push, I recapped on what had just happen in the last couple of hours. I didn't know what was happening, but somehow I felt like everything was connected. Everything seemed to be pointing towards one direction, at one person, and that was Gabriel.




Preview: LEAH'S POV- Carlisle tells Leah his theory about why she's sick.

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