I've been writting a lot lately, and I realized, I should be posting these here, because I've improved greatly over the years. So I mark my return with a short FatH fic.

I think we can all agree that it's the climatic scene in the forest that makes The Fox and the Hound such an amazing movie. For me, it has a lot to do with Copper's one line. Just one simple little word; at times if affects me so much that I forget that there actually were other characters besides Copper and Tod who talk and that it's not the only quote in that scene. So I decided to write about it. Enjoy. :3

Disclaimer: I do not own The Fox and the Hound, Disney does. I'm just a fan.


Came So Far

Everything hurt.

He was probably going to die, he figured. He most certainly wasn't strong enough to survive being pummeled by the biggest creature he had ever seen, let alone endure the fall from a waterfall, with the shore so far away. Yes, maybe he would die.

Every part of him ached. He head, his muscles, his bones, his very heart.

Had he even done the right thing? Had it all been worth it? If he didn't die now, would he find himself torn apart and shot? Had he saved the animal for nothing?

….Was it even alive?

The sound of mud splashing suddenly came to his ears. He could tell they were the paws of a four legged creature. They were too heavy to be Vixey's.

So, it was alive.

Had it come back to finish him off? Yes, it must have seen him, made a mad dash for him…. Stopped to catch it's breath before lunging for him. It was only a matter of time.

"… Tod?"

He knew that voice. But the last time he had heard it, it was vowing to kill him.

He managed to open his eyes and turn his head - despite the throbbing pain. He saw the animal standing on the bank near him. No, it was a dog. No longer the savage beast who had terrorized him not moments ago… but a hound dog. No longer did its eye hold that lust for blood… only concern and fear. It wasn't a creature anymore. And a little part of him knew.

He had his friend back.