Is this cheating?

It may very well be, as updating a completed story just to inform all of you who still have subscribed alerts that I've decided to write a sequel seems to be a bit grasping. But then again where would Harry be if Nevil and Luna hadn't kept watch on their DA coins...?

Enough with trying to convince myself that this is okay and now to what really matters. I've just posted the first chapter to my newest story "The Uniting of Percy and Audrey Weasley". I just couldn't stay away and have decided to write a fic about their actual relationship. So if y'all are interested in seeing how my version of them pans out, feel free to check them out.

I'll also gladly accept any teasing for my slightly sad way of putting my story out there.

Hope to see you all,

Audrey, aka JustAudrey07