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Roxas sat alone in his living room on the burgundy arm-chair, eating a bowl of cereal. Honey corn flakes, to be exact. Although, he was pretty much done, and quickly drank the leftover milk as a redheaded girl walked into the room.

Out of the corner of his eye, the boy noticed her, and set the now-empty bowl on his lap.

"Hey Kairi," he smiled at her.

Kairi looked at him, and opened her mouth to say something, when she suddenly closed it. She then crossed her arms, "Roxas, your hair."

"Huh? What about it?" Roxas gently tugged at one of the overly long spikes that had claimed his head, while staring confusedly at his friend.

She sighed, exasperated, and grabbed the spike he had been previously playing with.

"Owowowow! Kai-" The blond yelped in pain as he felt her hand tug on his golden strands, and dropped the empty bowl to the ground, spoon clattering somewhere near it.

"This is what I mean! Roxas! Your hair! It's getting so long!"

Roxas smiled sheepishly, "Sorry, Kai. I haven't had a chance lately.."

Kairi thoughtfully cocked her head at her friend, "That's not a good reason."

The amused tone in her voice made him blush, since well.. it was true.

His hair, the way it would naturally stick up, even now.. was.. slightly droopy. Okay, well.. not really.. but still, it was longer then usual, and getting into his eyes more often. Though, Roxas was slightly lazy, and procrastinated a trip to the hairdressers. Besides, the women there fawned over it, and it felt like having fangirls... 'cept for your hair... Then again.. fangirls also fangirled over your hair..

Okay. Moooving on...

The blond awkwardly scratched at his head, "I, err-"

The redhead clapped her hands together, "It's settled then!"


"I'm giving you a haircut. Think of it as an early birthday present," She winked at Roxas, who lifted an eyebrow in disbelief..

"You cut hair? And my birthday is in six months."

"Yes, and you'll be smart and shut that smart talking mouth of yours and let me do my work if you want my hands to do a good job. And again, like I said. 'Early birthday present'" Kairi grinned happily.

With a huff, Roxas crossed his arms, " I never even asked for a haircu-"

"Too bad, Roxas. You're getting one."


A short while later, Roxas sat on a dining room table chair with towels over it, and Kairi was seeing if the scissors were sharp enough.

"Do I trust you with my hair? And why am I shirtless? Did I really have to change into shorts too?" Roxas wondered why exactly he was going along with her weirdness.

Kairi simply patted his head, "Because I'm awesome, plus your clothes would have gotten hair all over them." she added in a lower tone, "And you're really going to enjoy this."

The blond in the chair simply rolled his eyes, "Oh, yeah. Like this'll totally be an orgasmic haircut."

Taking a tuft of his hair, a small smile appeared on her face, "You never know."


Roxas'll be honest.

Kairi was taking freaking forever.

How long did it take to cut hair a little shorter? The blond would have shaken his head in exasperation, but he knew that Kairi would yell at him for probably messing her up, so he relaxed.

Kairi hummed as she snipped at his hair, and the blond had to admit.. it was pretty comfortable. Kairi's perfume had wafted to his nose and it was a soothing fruit-like scent. Mangoes and berries, with a touch of oranges, maybe? Ahh well, it still smelled nice, and it made him sleepy.

Maybe not sleepy per-say... but.. after sitting in a strangely comfortable chair with a hot redhead- well you had to admit that she was hot- that smelled nice doing your hair.. yeah. You enjoyed it as much as possible. Roxas only hoped she wasn't messing up his hair. His precious, precious hair.

"Mm.. Kai.. Wake me when you're done.." the blonde leaned back in the chair, closing his eyes and still giving Kairi access to his mop of hair.

"Sure, Roxas. Sure."


I awoke to the feeling of wropes slithering over my wrists, tying them down to the armrests.

"Wha...What?!" I snapped my eyes open to realize that somehow I had been blindfolded and tied to something.

"Where am I? Kairi? What's going on?!" I thrashed, arching my back off the chair, only to realize that I couldn't move an inch. My legs were spread out wide and tied by my ankles to something that kept them from moving.

And that's when I realized the breeze. I was naked, holy fuck.

"What the fuck? Why am I not wearing clothes?! Kairi! What the hell?!"

"Hi Roxy, comfy?" I instinctively turned my head towards the direction the voice came from. It was male.

And the only male that ever dared to call me Roxy.. was...

"Axel." I gasped the word out, more out of realization and shock than anger.

I could nearly see the cheshire-like grin on his face, the bastard "The one and only, got it memori-"

"Axel, seriously. Must you say that line?" Another voice. Female. Kairi?!

"Kairi! What the hell is going on?!" My eyebrows creased together, in confusion. Why the hell were Axel and Kairi tying me dow-holyshitI'mfuckingnaked.

The sudden revelation had me twisting my hips from side to side, trying to turn over and hide what was so prominently displayed.

A light chuckle resounded, and I figured it was Kairi's- y'know, since Axel had already gone through puberty- as I heard footsteps coming towards me. I felt a small, soft hand rest on my thigh, almost too close for comfort.

"Oh, Roxas. You won't be able to get out of these knots. Growing up with Riku and Sora taught me a few knot tricks. That and I've often helped Riku-"

"Kairi, honestly, must you bring that up now?" Axel interrupted her, "I know you're into yaoi and all that, but you've gotta learn to admire what's right." I heard him take a step closer to me, "in front," more steps, "of you." Apparently he was next to Kairi now, as I felt a second hand on my thigh, on top of Kairi's much-smaller hand.

Oh, god. I could literally feel Axel's predatory emerald eyes scan over my unclothed body.

"The fuck!?" I had stopped thrashing momentarily to wonder what in fuck's name Kairi was talking about, but I continued to do so, which 'coincidentally' caused her and Axel's hand to stroke upwards.

Coincidentally, of course. Because Axel isn't that much of a conniving bastard. Right.


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