This is my first story. I'm Dominican, born in New York, but living in boston. The characters will be from different countries instead of only bieng Japanese. Sesshomaru and Inuyasha will have their hair cut like the devil may cry brothers, Dante and Virgil. Enjoy.


Throwing the alarm clock to the dark green wall, a 17 year old beauty pulled up her black satin silk sheets to keep warm, driffting off to sleep once more. Walking up the stairs of her new three story condo in America, Akira walked up the curved stairs to her daughters room. Opening the dark room, she walked towards the canopy bed without turning on the lights. Using her teleconeses power, she turned on the light with one glance. Akira was a special women and so was her daughter and son. But her daughter, Kagome Liliane Gonzalez Higgurashi was a unique creature that she id not even know what she was. For her, Kagome was a tenshi from above that had the body of a goddess, unhumingly beauty, extrodinary powers, athletic, wise, and with a pure heart full of innocence. She was perfection and unique.

The light shined a bright light, making the dark colors on the wall sparkle. The color of the front and back walls were black with forest green design of a dragon. The walls on the sides were dark green with an outline of a heart with flower stems in the middle. In the middle of her daughters room was a canopy bed with Black and green silk the bed was a glass looping, making the bed look as a moon. In the middle of the large bed was a bundle. Taking the sheets off she gently shook Kagome up. After about 5 minutes of brutal shaking Kagome STILL has not woken up. Akira getting tired of this used her teleconeses power, she got water from her daughters personal bathroom and splashed it on Kagome's face. Sitting up quickly, Kagome yelled,


'' Kagome Liliane Hernandez Higurashi watch your fucking language in front of your fucking mother. Okay now sweety, Get up, wash up, and dress up. Today is your first day attending a new high school in America!!'' Akira said the last part sweetly and excitedly. Grumbling, a reluctant Kagome grabbed her towel and headed towards her personal bathroom grumbling about Bipolar women and their changing mood swings. I swear she's worse than a pregnent women. I wonder how the hell father had survived through this. But I miss him still. You'll always be right here Papi(Daddy). She thought the last part with her hands on her heart.

Walking into her personal bathroom she quickly stripped and jumped in the shower. Grabbing her night blooming jasmine shampoo, she began to rub her scalp. After rinsing three times, she got her honey dew with cinnamon conditioner and put some in her hair. Reaching for her comb, she detangled her long, waiste length black hair with green tips. She got her cotton candy body gel and rubbed it against her soft, light tanned skin. Then she grabbed another bottle that was toothpaste,cotton candy version put some in her mouth. It tasted excatly like cotton breathed out and she smelled her breath. It smelled like sweet cotton candy.

Getting out of the shower, wrapping herself in a towel. She sat in her mini salon and took out her blow dryier. She spent 35 minutes . She took out her curlinier and curled the tips of her hair. Her tips had a Dark forest green color bringing out her dark green eyes. Kagome looked at her now dry hair. Going to her wardrobe, she picked out an off the shoulder top. It was a tight black blouse that hugged her double-C chest with golden colored designs. In cursive it said angels that you worship . Also, it had a golden chain on one shoulder that covered her black bra strap. She put on some black lacey panties that said HOT in the middle. She got out her skinny jeans that hugged her round, firm ass. She put on her socks and her black nikees that said angel in gold cursive. Going back to the bathroom, Kagome applied black eye liner to bring out her forest green eyes that had a dark blue tint outline around her pupil. She really didn't need make-up, she was naturally shook her bangs a little making it cover her forehead and a bit of her rare eyes. Her bangs had a dark green highlights at the tip, making her eyes stand out more. Deciding to leave her hair down she started to brush her perfect teeth with Pina Colada flavored toothpaste. After 5 minutes of brushing her teeth she grabbed her black northface backpack, and jacket she headed down the stairs jogging.

Entering the kitchen she grabbed a plate full of bacon, pizza pockets, and toast. She ate happily, savoring the food with each bite.

'' How can you have a body to envy eating like that?'' asked Akira incredously eyeing her daughters curved yet slim and athletic body with jealousy.

'' Don't hate Mami. So do I take Souta to school? It is his first year in high school and I know what to expect and could tell him on the way.'' Kagome asked while walking up to wash the dishes. Even though their rich, they don't have maids, only a chef with Kagome the sidekick.

'' About that Kagome, I don't want you driving my car anymore.''

'' What, but then how can I get to school and drive Souta too. I mean I don't mind walking, but seriuosly school is 3.5 miles away and I don't want to show up there all sweaty and sticky. That disturbes me!'' Kagome said shivering at bieng dirty infront of people you don't know.

'' I know sweety, thats why I got you these'' Akira said shaking a pair of keys in front of her beautiful daughters shocked face. All Kagome could do was stare in shock. Then she squealed and hugged her mother tightly. Grabbing the keys she looked at them with shinnig eyes.

'' I can't belive you got me my own car Mami! Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you!'' She said bowing repeatly. But stopped at her mothers words in shock.

'' Who said it was a car?'' Akira asked amused

'' Then what is it?'' Kagome asked nervously. All her excitement gone completely.

'' See for yourself '' With that Akira opened the front door with Kagome behind. In front of them was a new silver and black ZX14 motorcycle, shinning in all its glory. Kagome could have sworn she saw an angel light the motorcycle and sing. She jumped up and down hugging her mother. She got on and was about to start the engin when her mother spoke,

'' Kagome, you can not drive your adopted son Shippo on that. AND you have to take your brother to school since your you can not drive in the rain or snowy days. Is that understood Kagome Liliane Hernandez Higurashi.''Akira said holding her finger up as if teaching a child.

'' Yes ma'm'' she knew her mom was serious because she said her full name.

'' Oh, before I forget, the school called and said you might have to bring some clothes for Gym.''

Jetting up the stairs to her room, Kagome grabbed a smaller northface backpack and stuffed in there a towel, gum, some baggy gray sweatpants that reached up to her knees, and a white shirt that showed her flat, toned stomach which had a piercing. ( Tell you later at gym when people oggle). She put in some scrungy that were green, a pair of matching lingerie, and a new shirt. She also put in small version of her cotton candy mixed with lavender body gel. Going to her bathroom again she went to her wall that had all kinds of lip gloss flavors and took two cotton candy ones. She brushed her teeth again using her pina colada flavored toothpaste and put on her shiney lip gloss on her rosy peach plump, full lips making them look more kissable than what they already are.

She got her black sweater, put both book bags on, and her black helmet. Going back to the kitchen she grabbed her silver Samsung cell phone and put it inside her backpack. She saw Souta, her 15 year old brother in some black baggy tripp pants, A white muscle shirt with a black button up shirt over it with a few buttons undone. His black hair was swaying with the wind. His hair was straight and covered his forehead and a bit of his light green eyes. (His hair was like Zero From Vampire knight but black) Making him look mysterios, attractive,and cute had his northface backpack slung over one shoulder. Yes the beauty passes in the family. Souta and their father had the light green eyes. Kagome had the darkest green eyes with blue outlinning the pupil. Well, Akira had blue eyes, maybe thats why.

Souta put on his helmet which was got on, Kagome driving and Souta holding her by the waiste to keep from falling at his sisters speed. ZOOM!!! In 25 minutes they got to their destination. DBZ HIGH. Once they entered the parking space all eyes were on them.


Once I found a parking space, I parked by silver baby. Souta got off gracefully. Ugh!! The ENTRENCE !!. Yep that was his entrence at every new school or every new country, but this time he was on a motorcycle which made it even better. I watched through my helmets shades as he took off his helmet slowly. Then, he grabbed his hand on rubbed his hair. I heard the girls take intakes of breaths. Then he smiled, but not his charming smile, no a regular smile. Two girls fainted, some were drooling, and I swear I could see one purple from the lack of air.

'' Jesus Souta, don't got to kill the girl.'' I playfully scowleded him. He smirked and replied,

'' Hey I didn't even use my charms yet ''

Rolling my eyes I turned of my bikes engine and got off gracefully. Just as the wind came, I took off my silver and black helmet, shakking my hair freely. I heard a lot of intakes of breaths. I even heard books fall on the floor. I look to the person who dropped their books, to find out it was a boy about 15 or 16. I could tell he was freshmen. He had dark brown hair and light brown eyes. He was handsome with a good built body. Looks like he has some packs under there. He had on some black baggy tripp pants like Souta, but his had chains, he had on a red and black stripped sweatshirt that had a hottie, I noticed he had on some black and red nikee dunks. Bending down, I picked up his books while I saw Souta give him a hand up.

'' Sorry, I didn't mean for you to drop your books. I'm Kagome by the way and this is my younger brother Souta" I greeted with a warm smile. I couldn't help but smile more when I saw him blush. Aww so adorable!!

'' My n-nam-e-e is K-kohakku '' he said stuttering. I smiled as I watched him blush.

'' Could you take us to the office? I mean if you have time of course'' I heard Souta say. I could tell he will become great friends with this little one.

'' Sure don't worry about it. Anyways Miss Kaede had wanted me in their in the morning for the fight I had yesterday'' I heard Kohakku answer sheepishly. We started to walk to the office. Me and Souta asking questions of how he got into the the fight and why. He answered us saying that a sophmore was talking about his big sister, who I found out name is Sango and is a senior like me attendind here, and he had beat the crap about him. We got to know each other more. Our dislikes and likes. I looked around us and my gaze cought with a pair of golden eyes. Beautiful . Was all I could think. I never in my life had ever seen golden eyes like this. They were so enchansing and held me captive. My thoughts were pulled aside when I entered the office. We walked down the halls talking like we had been friends forever, but he would occasionally blush ones in a while.