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' Dont Take Me For Granted'

Kagome, and her cousins move to Japan for her mothers job. Entering a new school with a few rearrangements, they steal the hearts of the schools players. Good girls meet bad boys. It's an attarction they can't deny but their too stubborn to realize...

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When Sango and Kagome arrived back to the cafetteria, it was only about 15 minutes until the bell rang signaling that lunch was over. Noticing that her bag wasn't there, she told her friends and younger brother that she'll meet them next period or text them since she had to go get her bookbag and clothes at the gym lockers. After they nodded and she kindly declined that their offer to go with them, she went back to the gym which took her about 5 minutes since she was jogging.

'' Umm... let's see. Locker 827...828...aha 829. ( thats my birthday , If you guys notice me and Michael Jackson share the same birthday :) ) '' after putting her combination, Kagome got her stuff, and headed towards the shower. When she finished, she dressed up. She looked at her watch and saw that she was about to be late if she didn't reach her miko class in 2 minutes. Consentrating on her miko powers, she transferrd them to her feet and zoomed out towards class.

At turning the corner, she heard a noise coming from the janitor's closet. She heard it again. '' Was that a moan? A hiss? '' Oh no someone might be in trouble or in pain! Quickly she rushed towards the janitor's closet and opened it. What she saw wasn't what she expected. There in the closet was a girl with short black hair giving Sesshoumaru a blow job! His button up shirt was opened, his hair disshivaled, his hand gripping her locks. Om my God I'm scarred for life! Looking up, she noticed that they were also looking at her in shock,well the girl's red eye's in anger.

'' Umm.... sorry. Oh my god. Oh my god I'm scarred for life.'' Kagome said covering her eyes with her hand like a child would when they see something inapropriate . She quickly closed the door cutting Seshoumaru off in his sentence, and began running like the wind to her class. When she saw the her classroom number, she quickly opened it and closed it with a boom! Panting, she held her breath for a moment and opened the door again. Only peeking out her head out the hallway, making sure Sesshoumaru or the girl were not behind her.

'' Ahem'' an annoyed cough caught her attention. She looked back to see a women in white miko garbs with about 5 other students looking at her in wonder. She looked around and noticed she was in class, and... she was late.

'' Ms. Hernandez-Higgurashi, nice enough for you to join us neh?'' said the teacher with a voice thick of sarcasm.

'' Umm... sorry, got lost and..... a little side tracked? "

'' Next time don't be late or you'll have detention.'' she replied in a voice of authority.

'' Yes ma'm. Umm.. were do I sit?'' Kagome asked trying to hold her irratation in check. Glancing around, the teacher looked and spotted a seat next to her most prized pupil.

'' Ah yes, take a seat next to Miroku. He'll help you along the way to cath up and have more control of your spiritual don't want another useless power going to waste.'' She said eyeing Kagome up and down, making it sound as if though she was weak. Noticing her meaning Kagome replied,

''Huh look who's talking. If that student was taught by you no wonder the said person's power went to waste.''

Gasps were heard around the room. No one, I mean no one EVER had talked to Midoriku-san like that. Well there's always a first, and Kagome just had to be her.

'' If you think your stronger than me,then why are you here? Hn.'' She asked, her brown orbs narrowing a bit.

'' No one said I was the best women, stop putting words into my mouth. And as to why I'm here, I ask the same thing." Kagome replied, her voice equally as Midoriko. Smirking slightly, Midoriku replied,

'' Let's prove your powers to the test."

'' Good. Who am I against?'' Kagome asked glancing at everyone in the room. 4 out of 5 of the students were intimidating, well lets just say all of them were.

'' I'll be your oponent, and maybe it will bring your level of ignorence down a bit.'' Kagome looked shock, upon seeying this, Midoriku replied,

'' Scared? You could always back down. Nothin will happen, just maybe your pride and ignorance level will drop.'' She was taunting her, and she knew it.

'' Scared of you. Psh. I've seen granny pantys scaryer by a long shot. Lets get this over with.'' Handing Kagome new skin tight miko white garbs, she changed in a few minutes. Whats up with all the changing of clothes in this school?

'' Okay I'm ready Maestra.'' Kagome said mocking her teacher in spanish. Getting on their positions on the small arena, Miroku came as the refery and shouted " Fight!''

Both stood still waiting for the other to make their move. A couple of minutes later, both ran full speed heading for each other. Midoriku with her pure white glowing sword, and Kagome with two twin dragon blades that were a deep violet with streaks of white signifying she made with her miko energy. ( thats the color of Kagomes miko energy violet with white streaks yeps shes powerful but not more than Midoriku). BOOM. Clashing together with such force, both were blown opposite sides of the arena. Smoke covered the field, as to were the students had to make a barrier around them. As the smoke cleared, the students were able to see two dashes of white and black coming at each other. Clash, Clash was what you could hear.

'' Very good, Higgurashi but not good enough.'' Midoriku grunted as she pushed away Kagomes weapon off of hers and side kicked her across the room. Hitting against the wall,she slidding down as she heard a crack. Glancing at her shoulder, she took notice that her shoulder was dislocated. Setting up a barrier as she detected several Ki balls coming at her. What to do now. My shoulder is dislocated and there are ki balls are coming from all the directions.... If only I can get close enough to her....Got it! Snapping back her shoulder with a pop, wincing she took off her barrier.... BOOM.

~~~ tsk tsk tsk ~~~

She took off her barrier. Not the smartest idea I see. Turning slightly she was met with a punch on the cheek. How-w? Was what procesed through her mind as she took another blow in the gut. Snapping out of her stupor she blocked the upcoming blow and jumped back as Kagome did the same.

'' You couldn't have escaped that attack Higgurashi. Enlighten me will you.'' Midoriku asked, wipping off the blood off her lip.

'' Didn't they always say a magician can never reveal his secrets. Well this is my secret.'' Kagome winked. Throwing another ki ball at her Kagome reflected it with her twin blades, and ran full speed towards her apponent. Barely dodging the attack, Midoriku swung her purity sword and slashed Kagome against the leg. Wincing, Kagome slowed down. Taking the upper advantage, Midoriku quickly appeared behind Kagome. A smirking Kagome. Kagome quickly duked and low kicked her, making Midoriku fall on the ground. Avoiding the blade, Midoriku rolled to the other side and quickly but gracefully stood up and ran full speed towards Kagome. The force was so hard, making Kagome loose concentration, making her blades dissappear in thin air. Great Kagome thought, backflipping in order to avoid another attack from Midoriku. Seeying the weapons on the other side of the class on the wall, she came up with a plan. Even though I suck at this, I at least need to give it a try. Making a weak barrier around herself, she stayed in spot prettending to have lost a lot of her energy panting. Daddy always said I was good at acting. Lets put that to the test.

Midoriku sensing the weak barrier almost smiled. Getting weaker I see. Making weapons out of ones Ki takes out a lot of energy. Taking this as her advantage she put more of her ki to her sword making it glow a bright white, she headed towards the weak barrier. Kagome almost couldn't contain the smirk that appeared on her face. Almost. Midoriku was infront of the barrier in a flash and with one swing struck it down.

'' Any final request before I knock some sense to you Higgurashi?'' Midoriku asked in a taunting way.

'' Just one. Look behind you.'' upon Kagome saying that, Midoriku looked behind her and what she saw, she couldn't believe. Only he could have done this. Could it be? She thought. Looking back at Kagome her doubts were confirmed. It's her. Behind her, were Kagome had said to look were two swords in their shieds coming at her at full force with rocks floating arond them. One knocked her down to the ground, while Kagome grabbed the other one. Unshielding, Kagome held the tip against her teachers neck.

'' Yield.'' she whispered softly. It is her. The temper, the eyes, the way she fights. It's just like his. It's her. My younger brothers daughter. My niece. Midoriku thought and smiled brightly. A smile that Kagome almost broke down upon. That smile reminds me so much of father. She looked away and dropped her sword. What Kagome said next surprised Midoriku.

'' I yield.'' It was so soflty said she could barely catch it. Standing up she embraced her niece. One she hadn't seen for ten years. Aww's were heard around the classroom. Shocked by the hug, Kagome stood still. It feels so-

'' Familiar.'' Midoriku finished her thoughts for her. Nodding, she brought her arms around Midoriku's petite form.

'' Why?'' she asked

'' Your my niece. I haven't seen you for 10 years. Your father, who may rest in peace is my younger brother. Your my estrellita ( it means little star in Spanish).'' She whispered on her head. The name had triggered a past memory.

* flashback*

Tears running down her face, a small little girl looking about the age 7 ran towards a petite frame. Her two long pony tails bouncing from side to side.

Upon bieng scooped up by the larger frame, the little girl sobbed on the female.

'' What's wrong Kagome?'' worridly asked the women, rubbing soothing circles around the little girl's back. Hiccuping and sobbing, she sobbed,

'' A-Aunty Midor-riku * hic* is i-it t-true your l-leaving me. Y-you d-don't l-like this Kagome n-no m-more.'' Hugging the sobbing girl closer, Midoriku whispered to the little girl's ears,

'' Of course not sweety. I'll never leave you. Your my Estrellita ( little star ). I love you too much to leave you.'' Blinking her tears away, she looked up to her aunt slash role model. The person she wanted to be like and she quietly said,

'' Really?''

'' Of course my Estrellita. I promise.'' Those were the last words she heard before she succumbed to a deep slumber. The next day she woke up. She was gone.

'' She broke her promise. She doesn't love me. She lied.'' she quietly said to herself. A single tears rolled down her chubby cheek.

'' She didn't love me.''

* flashback ended *

'' You broke your promise. You broke your promise!'' Kagome screamed. Pushing Midoriku off of her and ran towards her stuff.

'' Kagome wait!'' her attempts were useless as she saw her niece run out the classroom, just as the bell rung.

''My little star.... please forgive me.'' she whispered.

* tsk * tsk* tsk*

Running down the halls without looking back, Kagome ran. Turning corners and dodging youkia and humans alike, she ran. Upon seeying a bright blue door she opend it. Slidding down against the door she panted.

''I can't believe this is happening to me. What did I do to deserve this? What did I do?'' Kagome whispered quietly to herself. Realizing she didn't know were she was, she lifted her head to see the one of the most beautiful flower gardens she had ever layed eyes on. Flowers all over the place. All colors. Walking further into the garden awe strucken, she was even more awe strucken when she saw in the middle of the garden a medium size pond with birds flying all around chirping. But there in the middle of the pond was a huge beautiful blossomed rose. It's colors were red with silver and orange. It was a sight.

'' Wow.'' she whispered.

'' How did you find this place?'' a cool voice interrupted her thoughts. Surprised she quickly turned around. She didn't even sense his presence. Green met gold.

'' Sesshoumaru.'' she whispered.