Buffy the Vampire Slayer

It's Not About Gender

Part Three

One Year Earlier

'Are you sure about this Buff? Place isn't exactly cosy,' Xander was saying, as he led Buffy down the cold castle corridors. Buffy was looking around, seeing something he obviously wasn't. Maybe it was a little to the left. Or maybe it was a leader thing. Who knew?

'I'm sure,' Buffy said, placing her hand against the stone wall of the corridor, 'this is the place. It's isolated. Perfect for training an army of girls and very defendable.'

'Well, yeah,' Xander said, gesturing around, 'it is a castle.'

'How's the Slayer search going?' Buffy asked.

'Well enough,' Xander replied, 'we've got a bunch of girls coming in tonight. Andrew and Giles are handling the briefing.'

'I want to be there,' Buffy said. 'I'll leave you to handle this?'

'Sure thing Buff.'


'So, who do we have?'

Sitting around "command central", which was actually just Giles' boring old living room in Kent, Buffy was going over the files of the new girls who would be arriving shortly. Giles polished his glasses over by the window.

'We have several from here in England,' Giles said, replacing his glasses, 'and a few from the US. Those files are for the US girls. We have Mackenzie Stahlwort, just finished high school, from Des Moines, Iowa. Alexa Bell, a runaway, hometown unknown. And finally, Satsu Tokuwa, also just out of high school. Originally from Osaka, Japan, she moved to Sacramento, California with her parents when she was six years old.'

'Are they adjusting to the change?' Buffy asked.

'Miss Stahlwort, as expected, seems to be struggling with it,' Giles said, 'but she is open to her new future - nervous, more than anything. Miss Bell was a problem. She has no interest in using her gifts to help others, and would rather help herself. However, we managed to convince her to give us a go.'

'And the other one?' Buffy checked the files, unable to remember the foreign name. 'Satsu. What about her?'

'Miss Tokuwa is a joy,' Giles said. 'She showed no sign of apprehension. In fact, she seemed to relish her new abilities. I'm sure you will get along.'

'Hmm,' Buffy said, looking at the girl's profile. 'Well, she certainly has the coolest hair I've ever seen.'


'It's an honour to meet you, Ma'am,' Satsu said, trying hard to keep her eyes from popping out of theirs sockets with lust. Wow, Miss Summers was hot!

Buffy smiled at the polite girl. 'I'm nothing special,' she said, offering her hand. Satsu took it, feeling that instant spark of connection. Buffy felt it as well. 'I'm just a girl like you, chosen and all that.'

Satsu nodded. She knew all about Buffy Summers. Ever since finding out about being a Slayer, she had done everything she could to find out more. The nerdy guy who had told her the truth about her newfound strength had gladly provided her with over the top stories about previous slayers – Buffy Summers to be precise. What was his name? Andrew?

'Alright,' Buffy said, speaking to the group of girls en masse, 'let's take this out back. I want to see what you girls can do.'

'What do you mean, exactly?' Mackenzie Stahlwort asked nervously, fidgeting with her shirt top.

'I mean,' Buffy said, 'that I want you all to attack me, just so I know where each of you are with your Slayer strength, skill and instinct.'

'Oh,' Mackenzie said, eyes wide with fright.

'Don't worry,' Buffy said, attempting to ease the terrified girls nerves, 'this is just a test. I won't hurt any of you.'

Satsu had a sudden insight – the pain would come later. Buffy would only coddle them so much. Would this Mackenzie girl be able to handle it?'

'Let's get on with it then,' Alexa Bell said impatiently.

Buffy led them outside into Mr. Giles' backyard, which was a sprawling mass of green grass and trees. She had them line up facing her.

'Okay,' Buffy said, cracking her knuckles, 'let's see what you girls can do. Come at me.'

Alexa Bell didn't wait for the others. She charged at Buffy with a clumsy punch, which Buffy easily avoided and used against her. Alexa ended up flat on her back. She rolled back to her feet with a snarl and tried again. This time the punch was even sloppier. Satsu winced as Buffy caught her arm and dragged her down to her knees, Alexa's arm trapped painfully.

'Let me go!' Alexa cursed in frustration.

'If you continue like this, you'll never be a Slayer,' Buffy said, quite evenly, not even out of breath. Alexa panted angrily.

'What makes you think – argh!' Buffy pulled on the girls arm just enough to cause pain to shoot through it.

'What else do you have?' Buffy asked. 'Want to go back to living on the streets? I've read your file. We can give you purpose. Training. I can help you, if you let me.'

Alexa said nothing.

'It's up to you,' Buffy said, releasing the girl.

Alexa quickly got up off her knees and stormed away without a word, embarrassed and angry about it.

'What are you waiting for? Didn't I tell you to come at me already?' Buffy asked, turning her attention back to the other girls.

Satsu swallowed her nervousness and tried to take command. 'Come on, if we all attack at the same time, we can overpower her,' she said, speaking to the others.

'Are you crazy? She's way better than us,' Mackenzie argued.

'Individually, yes, but not if we attack together,' Satsu insisted. 'No one is that good.' Although she wasn't sure - she just wanted to impress Buffy.

'Let's do it,' one of the other girls said, getting pumped up.

'On three,' Satsu said, crouching low. 'One… two… three!'

It was over in less than a minute. Buffy moved faster than Satsu could even conceive, taking down girl after girl with hardly an effort. She attempted to take out her legs, but Buffy leapt nimbly up into the air and turned in mid air, attempting a kick. Satsu barely avoided it by throwing herself backwards. Flipping back to her feet, Satsu held back as the other girls attacked again, looking for an opening. She saw one, but Buffy was ready for her attack anyway, and she fell prone to a boot to the stomach.

Flat on her back, feeling like a freight train had smashed its way through her gut, Satsu watched as the rest of the newly activated Slayers fell one by one.

'You're all pretty rough around the edges,' Buffy said, 'but that's to be expected. I've been doing this for eight years now. I train every day and I'm still not as strong as I want to be. I expect the same from you guys. With time and training, you'll be as good as me. Maybe better. That is, if you decide to stick with us. The choice is yours. Giles will fill you in on the rest; I'm off for a shower. Good fight girls.'

And that was how Satsu met Buffy Summers.


The next time they met, Satsu had gotten a lot better. It was about a month later. The old castle in Scotland had been refurbished and fitted with state of the art equipment, and was now the headquarters for the new Slayer army.

Satsu and the rest of the girls had just moved in and were still trying to get used to the place when Buffy called them all for a joint training session. It went pretty much like the last one, except the new girls put up more of fight. Satsu even managed to land a hit.

Afterwards, nursing their many bruises, the girls listened as Buffy explained a few things about the world of the Slayer.

'We changed the world,' Buffy began. 'It started the first time I died. Another Slayer was called, even thought I was only dead for roughly a minute. That's all it took. The mystic forces surrounding the Slayer are just waiting for one of us to fall, it's inevitable, and so another was called right away. Her name was Kendra. She didn't even last a year. It wasn't because she was weak. It was because, despite all her Slayer skills, or maybe even because of them, she couldn't connect with anyone. She had no desire to live. She didn't care. She knew another would be called in her place.

'The foolish old men who ran the old Watchers council saw fit that all Slayers would have no connections, that they would just be weapons for them to use, because really, who cared if one died? Another will be called. So that's what happened. A girl was called and eventually she died.

'I changed that, I guess. I wanted more for myself. I wanted a life. Friends. So I tried, despite the fact… and I think that kept me alive. But eventually, even I started to feel it, that inevitable pull that all Slayers feel. Death. And so I died. Sacrificed myself. But again, my friends pulled me back. This time literally.

'When we changed the world, when we made all of you potentials into Slayers, we changed that tradition. Look around at your sisters. They are your connection. If you ever feel that way, like you can't continue, like no one understands, look around you. You're not alone. Not like I was. Not like all the others before me. You're a part of something huge. Never forget it.

'I'll see you girls up bright and earlier tomorrow, I've got a lot to teach you,' Buffy finished.

Satsu stood up with the rest of the girls, but she didn't get far. 'Oh, and Satsu, could you stay behind a moment?'

'Sure, Ma'am,' she replied, curious as to what her mentor wanted.

As the other girls trailed away, Buffy stretched a little, and Satsu watched her. Finally, when all of the other girls had left, Buffy spoke again, 'I'll get to the point. I didn't want to say this in front of the other girls. I don't want them to think I'm showing favouritism, but you have the most potential. I can see great things in your future. I'd like to train you privately, if you're up for it. It will be tough, but I know you can handle it. What do you think?'

Satsu nodded eagerly. 'That would be awesome Ma'am,' she said, 'I really want to learn from you. Everything you know. If I can be half the Slayer you are, I'll be happy.'

'You can be more than that,' Buffy said, smiling fondly, 'I'm serious. You're the most talented out of all the girls. I knew it even when we fought last month. Unlike the rest of the girls, you put thought into your attacks, and while they didn't pan out, it was more due to my skill far outmatching yours than anything else. You even showed good leadership skills, getting the girls focused on attacking me.'

'Thank you Ma'am,' Satsu said humbly, a little flustered at all the compliments.

'We'll have to keep it a secret,' Buffy said. 'I don't want the other girls feeling left out. It will have to be late night training. Can you handle that?'


'Your enthusiasm is noted,' Buffy said, smiling kindly.

Satsu blushed a little. 'Sorry,' she said, 'it's just… I'm really excited to be training under you… erm, I mean, you know.' Oh my God, I did not just say that! Mind out of the gutter, Satsu! Don't embarrass yourself! 'I mean, you're the Slayer. It's an honour to even meet you, let alone be your student.'

'You won't be saying that when I'm pushing you past your limits,' Buffy said.

'Whatever it takes,' Satsu said. 'I just want to do you proud.'

'Let's begin then, shall we?' Buffy took a defensive stance. 'Why don't you try and hit me again? Don't hold back.'

'Yes Ma'am!'

A/N: I'm going back to explore the early relationship between Buffy and Satsu. Will lead up to their first sexual encounter, then I'll get back to exploring their budding relationship. Might turn out to be more of a fic than I first suspected. Hope you all enjoyed. Oh, yeah, I'm trying to find some Buffy/Satsu fics to read, but I'm not having much luck. Anyone know of any good ones? Thanks.