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Chapter 1- Taking animal rights to a whole new level!

Johnny walked down the street, his hands in his pockets. It was a wonderful January afternoon, and he was in a good mood. Nobody had bothered him yet today and he was off to buy a cherry freezy at the 24-7 Mart. He ran a hand through his jet black hair and breathed in the cool winter air and put his hand back into his coat pocket for warmth. He stopped for a moment and looked into the park. "I'm not on a set schedule," he thought to himself, "maybe I could just sit down in the park for a little while. It's been a good day, hopefully nobody will bother me."

He slowly walked into the park, looking up and admiring the frost that had clung to the branches of the trees above him. He even noticed the little sparrows and squirrels scurrying and hopping about around him. It really was a beautiful day for winter. He sat down on a nearby bench, not minding how cold it was. Cold never really bothered him much, nor did heat. He was just about to close his eyes for a moment of peace when a sound came to his ears, shattering the silence of the frozen air. It was the shriek of an animal in pain, then the sound of laughter. Moronic laughter. Johnny let out a low growl from deep inside of himself and made his way over towards the sound, his fists balled with rage.

When he got to the source of the sound he found a bunch of jock-like men in a circle kicking something around. Johnny couldn't see what exactly they were kicking, but he knew it was an animal of some kind, and he knew that wasn't right. He made his way closer to the assholes, his boots clacking on the ground and causing them to turn around. "Hey, lookit the freak boys," one of the jocks called to his friends behind him. Another one chimed in, "yeah Cliff, he sure is an ugly little freak!" All of them laughed. Johnny grimaced and ground his teeth, "you shouldn't terrorize defenseless animals you know. There are rules against that sort of thing." They just laughed again. "Oh and what are you gonna do about it ya little skinny dipshit?" The man dubbed Cliff by his friends said as he put his fist into his hand, "you gonna fight me or somethin'?" This remark sparked something inside of Johnny. He crouched down and fingered the dagger he had carefully tucked into his boot. "Come get some freak!" Johnny grinned, "gladly." With that he slipped the dagger out and lunged at Cliff, lodging the object into the man's eyes then throat before landing. Seeing their leader fall the others soon took off, shrieking like little girls.

Johnny sighed and walked over to their former target. It was a little kitten. It seemed to be a little calico, mostly black with white paws, a white belly which went all the way up to its nose and a little orange on the tips of its ears, on its nose and around one eye. Johnny carefully put his hand on the kitten's side. It was still breathing, but barely. It looked up with him with big blue eyes and let out a small, pained mew. Johnny sighed again and stood up and began to walk away. The kitten put its head back down, probably realizing its fate as soon as Johnny walked away. He stopped walking for a moment and looked up at the sky. The news said it was going to snow and freeze tonight. He looked back towards the small dying figure lying not to far from him. "poor little thing," he thought, "it didn't do anything wrong." He walked over to the little creature and gently picked it up. "Come on little one. You can come home with me. I'll take care of you." The kitten looked up at him once more with its big, blue orbs and let out another pained mew. "Shh, don't strain yourself. Those jackasses hit you pretty hard." He held the calico close to his chest for warmth.

Once Johnny arrived back at his home he looked down at the kitten which was now shivering up a storm. He frowned and quickly brought it inside. Johnny sighed as he closed the door and looked around the house's upper level. "Well it's not much," he looked down again at the small creature, "but you can stay here for a little while I suppose." The kitten responded by licking Johnny's hand. What an uncomfortable thing, a cat's tongue. Johnny shuddered at the feeling, but he knew his efforts were being appreciated. "I guess I'll care for you the best I can. That I can do for now at least, but as soon as you're well again you have to leave alright?" He spoke to the small figure in his hands as if it were some kind of person that he actually might like, or at least not feel pure hatred for. He made his way over to the couch and sat down. Down below on one of the lower levels someone had begun screaming. "You dick! Come down here and let me out fucker!" Johnny couldn't help but laugh a little, but there were more important things to do right now. Things like saving the life of an innocent little kitty! He poked at the kitten gently to check where its injuries were, he didn't want to make anything worse after all. He reached its front leg and the kitten let out a hiss then growled a bit at him. "Would you stop that? I'm trying to help you!" He then stopped, "I'm sorry. Old habit, I'm not used to being social so," he shrugged then thought to himself out loud, "well seems like a broken leg. Hey you're pretty lucky; you just got a broken leg and some bruises from what I can see. Now, what can I use to fix this?" He then got an idea, placed the kitten down on the couch, and headed off to the kitchen, then to his desk in another room. He returned triumphant with two popsicles and two rubber bands. Huzzah! His plan was coming along nicely. Plus he got to eat two popsicles for it! For a moment, the world was good. He ate the popsicles quickly, but not too quickly so he could avoid a major brain freeze. He even let the kitten lick off that little piece that usually clings on at the end when you eat popsicles. After the popsicle eating had ceased, he took the sticks and put it on either sides of the kitten's broken leg, then carefully wrapped the rubber bands around it. "There! It's a kitty sling," the kitten looked up at him with curiosity, "don't give me that look. I was making do with what I had." The little kitty just yawned and put its head down onto the couch. Johnny walked off and pulled a blanket out of a closet somewhere. He picked up the little kitty and wrapped it in the blanket and put it back down on the couch. "You stay here; I've got some work to do." The kitty didn't even lift its head; it had already drifted off into sleep. Johnny got up and disappeared somewhere into the lower levels on the house to do his "job" for the rest of the night.


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