Okay, so this is a joint story between me (Twilight101) and my friend Sam (DPobsessed101). I'm doing the first chapter, so yeah. Hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: We only own the plot

Also, Light Jak and Dark Jak are going to be their own people. Light Jak will be known as Blaze, Dark Jak as Shadow.

When Blaze speaks, it's in Italics.

When Shadow speaks, it's in bold.

When Jak thinks, it's going to be underlined.


Chapter One - Problems

Jak's POV

I breathed heavily, leaning against the wall.

"Who are these people?!" Daxter yelled.

"I'm not sure…" I panted, shaking my head.

'I sense an unknown eco flowing through them…'

'That's weird…'


'Ow… and no. I got this.'

"JAK! WE GOTTA MOVE!" Daxter shouted in my ear, bringing me back to reality.

I looked up and saw a group of four men in black armor coming at us. I shot at them with my blaster mod gun, but they became see through, and my bullets went right through them.

"Shit!" I yelled, dodging the green blasts from their guns.

"It looks a lot like Green Eco!" Daxter yelled, looking back as I ran.

'Blaze, is this unknown eco anything like green eco other then color?'

'Not that I can tell…'

I felt Shadow trying to get out, but I forced him back down, glancing back to see how close they were.

"Jak, an army has invaded Haven. We need you!" Ashlin's voice came over the communicator.

"I'm a little tied up right now Ashlin. An army has also invaded Spargus!" I yelled back.

"Jak, Kras is in trouble!" Rayn's voice suddenly came over the communicator, cutting Ashlin's line off.

"What kind of trouble?" I demanded.

"A seemingly invincible army!"

"Crap…" I growled.

"Jak, are you there?" A Hispanic voice called over the communicator.

"Pecker? What is it?" I asked.

"Onin's came up with a plan on how to fight these people. See if you can get here." He answered.

"Okay, I'll try." I said. Suddenly, a fierce burning hit my back. I gasped, stumbling.

"Buddy, are you okay?" Daxter asked. I nodded, gritting my teeth and starting to run again.

"Jak!" Someone suddenly yelled. I looked up and saw Sig flying a Freedom League Hell Cat. "Get in!"

So, I jumped in.

"I need to get to Haven." I said as Sig passed over a health pack.

"Okay." He said, flying off.


"Jak! You made it." Samos said as I walked into Onin's Tent.

"Yeah, well, it wasn't a walk in the park, let me tell you." Daxter said, jumping off of my shoulder and crossing his arms.

"So… what's this about?" I asked, looking at Onin and Pecker. Onin started making gestures.

"Onin says she's going to summon a hero that has powers that can match up to these guys." Pecker translated.

"Really…" I said, surprised.

"Yeah. And I hope he'll be a bit more competent that fuzzy here." Pecker said, poking Daxter in the chest.

"Hey! Watch it, Feather Butt!" Daxter exclaimed, making a fist in Pecker's direction.

"Oh yeah, Scrawny Fur?" Pecker said. "Bring it!"

"Oh, it's brought!" Daxter yelled, tackling the Monkaw.

"Guys! Cut it off!" I yelled, then turned back to Onin, who was in a trance.


And there's the first chapter! Yay!