Two miscreants crept -
one green and the other red,
up the stairs and around the hut,
"Gee, do I want to kick his but."

Daxter had said it with a malicious grin,
Only to have Jak smack him in the chin.
Mute though he was, his face clearly stated;
that that much chaos should not be created.

Up to the small island house,
they continued to creep,
to come to face an old man,
with a big wooden stick.

"Get out, out of my house!"
he raved, pointing his stick,
"Neither can make yourselves useful;
so at least could you be quick?!"

The two – the partners in crime,
were thrown out literally by force.
However not without a snide remark,
from Daxter, of course.

After being so rudely cast out,
into the warm summer's day...
The two suddenly thought; "Hey, there's a boat.
And the Fisherman's away..."

Jak and Daxter are owned by Naughty Dog, not me.

Author's Note
Just a little something I decided to do after playing through Daxter. It's by no-means perfect, but I hope someone is amused by this.