First of all, Happy New Year! And secondly, for the Chinese, Happy Chinese New Year! Below this fiction is my first Chinese New Year traditional story about a huge celebration in the Valley of Peace, and it also a duty for the Furious Six to hold a little party for the orphans. But something was really funny, the orphans didn't want to and it's up for our heroes to fix and bring these orphans back on track!

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Oh! And also, I add a new song in it, but the lyrics I wrote them, melody is from the new album from Jacky Cheung, "Finding Fortune" I translated instead. And the new HK Disneyland song, "It's a Small World", although it has four different languages in it, so hope you don't mind that surf it on YouTube, YouTube is a lifesaver :)

--Chinese New Year Special Edition--

Brace the New Dawn

By Arceus. Conberma


Everything was doing as usual, except for our heroes who were seem preparing something. Tigress and Viper both has a white lily flower clipped on the side of their head and wore a black clothes, the male masters, except Tai Lung, each wore a black jacket. They were almost like going on a funeral.

Meanwhile, the in-training Dragon Warriors have been noticing that their parents and the others' have been acting this strangely since they were a cub, they were also curious enough that they could ask them the whole day.

And for Tai Lung, he knew that his friends were up to something, after all, they have done this strange acting once a year! Even when he asked their reasons, their lips were sealed.

Finally, just when the six members of the Furious Seven were about to leave, Crane looked back and offered, "Tai Lung, can you look after the kids while we're out?" his eyes were colourless, with no emotion within.

It took a few seconds for Tai Lung to reply, "Sure, no problem." He answered.

Crane nodded and then they left, leaving the snow leopard and the young warriors behind. They waited until they were gone.


The door of the bunkhouse has shut, and so the warriors have sighed of relief and shouted out their feelings. "I don't get it! What kind of universe reasons that could make them have to act like that once a year? Especially before the Chinese New Year!?" Hannah groaned.

"Beats me, they don't even spill it out." Tai Lung added.

"Well, one thing we know for sure, that there is something fishy about them." Jade said, with a finger rubbing against his chin.

"Did you ever ask Grandfather about this?" Azure innocently asked.

Tai Lung snorted, "Him!? Please, if his students can keep their secrets so seal, then their old-red-panda-master can be the toughest one." He said.

"I can be WHAT!?" shouted a voice behind them.

"WHHOAAA!!" Master Shifu had been eavesdropping their conversation after the six masters were gone, the youngsters and the snow leopard were too focus on their chatting, forgotten the existence of their elder master.

"Grandfather, when…how did you-" Lilly was stammered.

Shifu helped her as he spoke, "I have been overhearing your talk, you want to know why your parents and the others doing like this once a year?" as he predicted, they wanted to know, the truth.

"Grandfather, please, tell us. They have seemed kept it as a secret, avoiding let us know. Please, Grandfather, please, I'm so worry about them." Hannah pleaded, as the kids have tears in their eyes already.

Shifu stared at Tai Lung first, who he also wanted to know too, he sighed, "Very well, then. We'll talk inside the Hall of Heroes." With those words, it gave them a smile with glee and they followed the red panda to the Jade Palace.

Moon Pool

"Sit." Shifu requested and they did, sitting next to the Sacred Moon Pool.

He took a deep breath and said, "Tai Lung, Hannah, Jade, Lilly, Azure. I promised your parents and the rest of not to tell anyone or mention about this. But I think you have the rights to know it, if you promise me don't tell them that I told you this story." He declared.

"Of course." Lilly and Azure answered in unison.

"Yea, have we ever let you down?" Hannah asked with a smirk, full of confidence.

"Constantly." Shifu quickly replied with his eyes stared at the white tigress, who was blushing in embarrassment.

Jade cleared his throat, wished to back on topic, "You were saying?" he asked.

"When your parents were young, they were the Furious Six back there, so you wasn't there, my son," he said to Tai Lung, understood, and then he continued, "It was a week before the Chinese New Year, it was winter season……"

And so the story began…

To be continued…

This is it, my whole new Chinese New Year Special, well, there maybe a little tragic during this, but hope you'll like it. And remember, Read and Review!!!