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--Chinese New Year Special Edition--

Brace the New Dawn

By Arceus. Conberma

Chapter 5

A week in the Jade Palace

"Wow! Does that mean we used to have brothers and sisters?" Azure exclaimed asked.

Shifu nodded, and thinking back the week they spent in the Jade Palace, there were bad, happy and memorable. "Maybe you don't know this, but they were just like you when they were the same age as you four." He added with a smirk.

"Really? Like what?"

Then the red panda gave them each a frown, "Like the times you did pranks on us." He stated. And the little warriors were felt ashamed a bit by their grandfather, plus a master's straight speech.

Tai Lung used chuckles to tease them, "Maybe they're your relatives." He teased.

"You're also a sample of them." Shifu quickly added.

And the four Dragon Warriors tried to hold their laughs in their tails or paws, even Shifu couldn't resist it as he did the same as his grandchildren. Tai Lung, on the other hand, was not amused and yet his face was furiously blushing.

"Look! Could we back on topic, please?" he irritated said.

Shifu chuckled and said, "Very well then, now let's see. Where was I…Ah yes, I was shocked at first back there…" he then continued.

Back when the Furious Six showed Shifu the Prick Six, although Shifu was kinda surprised that the orphans were actually the same species as his students, that situation was rare…or rather awkward. He silenced a moment and finally he said, "Students, may I talk with you privately?" he asked and they nodded as they entered the Jade Palace, they told the Prick Six stayed still while they were having a conversation.

And they obeyed as they nodded. When the Furious Six sat beside the Moon Pool with Shifu, and there was an awkward of silence, his mouth moved, "Students, what is the meaning of this?" he asked, slightly demanding.

They didn't reply instead of staring at each other, eyeing contact of 'You tell him!' or 'No, you tell him!' these connect. At the end, Crane ad to brace himself the worst, he was the Mother Hen though, "Well you see, Master. I mean, they need to learn the real tradition of Chinese New Year and also need some comfort of home. And after the celebration, we'll send them back to the An Xiang orphanage, we promise." He assured.

Shifu thought a while and saw hope and desperate in his students' eyes. At last, he let out a sigh, "Fine," in a second, they yelped with glee and excited like a girl, "But, they can stay if you promise do the extra training courses and double-practice of the celebration." He offered.

The Furious Six hesitated for a moment, after all they needed to pay a huge cost for their little companies, but then they said, "Deal…I mean, sure, no problem!" Po replied and the others followed.

"Good, now go and prepare the-"

Monkey and Mantis have both cut Shifu's speech, "Dinner, okay, you heard him, Po!" they said as they went off, quickly out of Shifu's sight.

The red panda was sweat-dropped of awed, slowly he chuckled lightly, 'This would be an interesting Chinese New Year.' He thought, and he went back to meditating.

When the Furious Six were about told the Prick Six the good news, they had to deal with another new problem, "Where's J?" they demanded.

"He's just taking a talk, that's all." Luca said, apparently they won't spill the beans.

"I'll handle this." Mantis said as he hopped onto Luca's shoulder and stared at Hui, who was sweating nervously already. "I figure out you know something, now spill it." He said.

"Nothing you do would make me tells." Hui replied.

Mantis frowned and slowly his eyes slipped to Hui's pants, "Nice pants-"

"Hewenttoeastbutwedon'twherehewasheadingtopleasedon'tpullmypants!" Hui quickly spilt it out, knowing that Mantis would do something that he would regret he didn't say it, and the Praying Mantis smirked. (A/N: Try to space out those words above.)

The rest members of the Prick Six glared at him, awestricken, except Kui. "Traitor!" they murmured.

"I've got issue!" Hui defended.

Then Crane soared into the hallway, and the rest of the Six glared at the Prick Six, which had lost their leader for then, they would have a special thing for them to do. The adults crossed their arms without their movement of glaring.

"I've got a bad feeling about this…" Ren whispered.

After he had flown over the kitchen, the Training Hall, the courtyard and the Jade Palace, there was still no sign of J. When he was about to head back to the bunkhouse, suddenly he heard someone was singing. It came from the back of the courtyard, which it was a few distance between the bunkhouse.

He followed it and ended up a small garage, he silently opened the door and saw the little red-crowned crane was playing the Chinese harp and singing at the same time. (A/N: I've forgotten what the Chinese called that instrument, in spite of I'm a Chinese. Oh, and also, this is the song from Sister Act 2, you may be known it or not.)

J: Why should I feel discouraged

And why should the shadows come

Why should my heart feel lonely

And long for heaven and home

When Buddha is my portion

A constant friend is He

His eye is on the sparrow

And I know He watches over me

Despite of he was singing in concentration, he could feel someone was behind as he shouted, "Who's there?" he shouted as he quickly stopped playing the instrument.

"No, no, no, it's me. I was looking all over for you, and then I heard your singing, which it was good. So here I am, hope you could continue it." Crane modestly said.

J was hesitated a while, and finally asked, "Are you mocking me?" he coldly stared at him.

"Ha, ha, ha, very funny. No, that is my answer." Crane cheerfully replied and crossed his wings, "But do please, continue. I'll catch up with you somehow."

Although, the little crane didn't said anything. But he continued his playing on the harp and sang.

J: When Buddha is my portion

A constant friend is He

His eye is on the sparrow

And I know He watches over me

J: I sing

J and Crane: Because

Surprisingly, J was amused of him as he smiled at him while he was singing. And together, they sang till the end.

J:I'm happy

I sing

J and Crane: Because

J:I'm free

His eye is on the sparrow

And I know He watches me (Crane: He watches me)

His eye is on the sparrow

And I know He watches (Crane: I know he watches)

I know,

He watches me

J and Crane: I sing

Because I'm happy

I sing

Because I'm free

His eye is on the sparrow

Crane: And I know he watches me (J: He watches me)

J and Crane: His eye is on the sparrow

And I know He watches me

J: He watches me

Crane: He watches me

J: I know

J and Crane: He watches me

When the song ended, they remained silence for a while. Crane slowly eyed on J, who was eyeing on the harp. It took him a minute to speak, "I don't remember my parents, not even their faces, their voices and their touch. Just only this song..." he muttered.

"That song was the song from the capital of Red-Crowned Crane Wing Valley. Maybe you are born from there after all." Crane replied.

"Maybe...But who cares? I'm an outcast, nothing else." J softly, sadly said.

"WRONG!!" that had frightened J, as he turned and looked at the angry Crane.

"No one is an outcast, including your friends! The people just don't know how special you are!" Crane claimed.

"You, you really think so?" J hopefully asked.

"Of course," he smiled and keep on, "To be honest, me and my friends, including Po. We were orphans and used to be called as 'freaks', 'jerks' or 'weirdos', bad words like that. As we are the only different animal around here..." he paused a moment and then his warm eyes stared at him and continued, "But until we met you and your friends... we were thrilled. We wanted to make you as our kids." Crane said as he hugged the little crane who was shocked. But slowly, he responded him.

In a few minutes, they slowly broke up the hug. Crane smiled softly and said, "Come on, the others are waiting for us." Then he leaned out his wing, J was hesitated a while, but he smiled at Crane and took his wing. They walked together under the colour of sunset.

While they were walking, an old red panda had witnessed everything. He smiled and chuckled softly, as he walked back to the Jade Palace.

"Wow…" the children were awed of surprises.

"I know, your parents are sure a kind-hearted…" Hannah interrupted Shifu's speech.

"No! I mean, what happened that week? The Prick Six changed good or what?"

"Patience is a virtue. You should know this, Hannah." Shifu replied.

"Right, sorry…" she lowered her head.

"Idiot." Jade murmured.

"What was THAT!?" Hannah quickly changed her attitude and glared at her little panda brother.

"Enough already!" Tai Lung scolded the sister and the brother, who were both lowered their ears and heads. Shifu rolled his eyes and just ignored it. He continued…

Since it was an unusual day for the Furious Six, including Shifu, they needed to teach their new companies some rules and the training they needed to learn. Instinctively, they had developed easily as they had nearly reached up to the master level as the Furious Five. Shifu was kind of surprise of the results.

During a week, the adults have treated the Prick Six liked their own children, even Shifu couldn't help but joined with his students. They also talked the details of the Chinese New Year celebration and the activities. At the end, they had chosen to sing a song that was suitable for the Chinese New Year for the opening ceremony.

"So, what do you think?" Monkey firstly asked.

"I think," J responded, "THIS IS THE WORST PLAN IN THE HISTORY OF PLANS! Why do I have to sing? On stage!? With this guy!!?" he burst out furiously as he pointed at Crane, who was stunning about this plan.

"Okay," Po explained, and trying to calm them down, "We all know that you sing that, that good! I mean, you all know what I mean!" he said as he turned at the rest of the Furious Six and the Prick Six, who were agreeing.

"Yea, Brother J We all know how good you sing." Kui encouraged.

J glared at her, in spite of she couldn't see at all. "And I thought the squirrel were nuts, but you guys are worse than them!!" he claimed.

"Come on," Monkey interjected, "we're one family, aren't we?" he asked.

Suddenly, the Prick Six were shocked and surprised by him. "A family?" Ren repeated uncertainly. "You have been treating us like a part of a family?" surprisingly, she gently asked, for the first time.

"Of course, what else do we suppose treat you?" Tigress said as she gracefully picked Ren up into her warm arms.

"Wow," Hui was totally surprised, "And we all thought we are going to live and be treated like a monster." He confessed.

"Nonsense! That's what those selfish people's thought!! You guys are amazing and incredible!" Po blurted out, and held up Hon and put him onto his left shoulder.

"So what do you say?" Mantis asked the crowd.

Then, Monkey leaned out his palm, "For family." And Luca placed his on top of Monkey's.

"For family." Mantis and Hui added.

"For family." Tigress and Ren placed their paws on.

"For family." Po and Hon said.

"For family." Viper and Kui said.

They then all stared at Crane and J, who were confused a little bit. But Crane stood firmly and bravely placed his wing on top of his friends, "For family." He said firmly.

And he looked at J, he gave him a smile again. J didn't like being in a big crowd playing family-game, he blushed in embarrassment as he pulled down his straw hat to hide his scarlet face. "Ah, who am I kidding?" he said.

Finally, he placed his wing on top of the others, and murmured, "For family." That was all they asked of.

To be continued…

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