Alec shifted his itching leg a little, feeling the warmth of Magnus' ankle pressed against his own. There was nothing at all comfortable about this situation, really – certainly not the bed, fit for a king and so soft he thought it wouldn't be strange to wake up one time drowned in a pile of feathers or something; not the heat of another human – or humanoid, at least – body wrapped around his own; and certainly not the fact that he was slowly getting used to the way he actually loved the blue-haired warlock.

There was only one thing comfortable, actually. It was enough to drive him sane, something that Alec couldn't be sure he liked. He stretched surreptitiously, enough to slowly ease himself out of the bed. Part of the brocaded overblanket fell away from his body and he wrinkled his nose a little at the cool breeze that touched his naked skin, trying not to disturb his lover in his slumber.

Creeping out of the bed, he slipped over to the window. An old-fashioned window it was, with a heavy wooden frame and one several large panels of glass, and no screen. He supposed Magnus Bane wouldn't have use for such unsophisticated methods of burglary prevention. The window was open, just a little, but it had been enough for him to feel the cool breeze that penetrated the room. The small whistle the wind made as it slipped in hadn't been audible until Magnus' breathing had slowed into the gentle pattern of sleep, until Alec had become alone in his mind once again.

"Close it, if you'd like."

He glanced back; Magnus was leaning on one sleekly muscled arm, eyes heavily lidded with drowsiness and hair matted slightly and flattened in parts. Alec wondered for a minute how the man could sleep with the spikes still in – didn't it hurt? He looked into the other man's eyes for a moment, then shrugged. "Did you want me to?"

A small chuckle escaped from the warlock's throat, and Alec's mind went somewhat blank. It was one thing to hear a sarcastic laugh when Magnus was in business mode, off somewhere pissing off Jace or something – it was quite enough to hear it come from the man with no hint of mockery whatsoever, especially when he was stretched out naked in a bed they had shared. "It's not what I want, Alec. Close it."

Alec automatically did as he was told, and it was only on his way back to the bed that he realised that Magnus had just given him and order, and he'd taken it, like a follower, like he was with Jace. He was halfway into a frown when he looked at the man's tenderly smiling face, and saw that he'd done it because he wanted to, because Magnus had voiced exactly what he had wanted and he'd accepted that.


"Come on, into bed." Magnus held up the corner of the blanket that Alec had abandoned, and Alec climbed in once again. Against all his instincts, he snuggled – yes, snuggled, loathe though he was to admit it – against the older man's side, relaxing into the warmth again with a bared hushed sigh. If this was insanity, it certainly felt pleasant enough.

Umm? To be honest, I think I have far too many scenes like this between these two. It's just the image I get from them; one of the few times Alec really relaxes, being with the older guy and not having to worry constantly or anything. Um. Yes. Don't know. But the image of Alec frowning whenever he tries to work out a problem? Love.

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