Kari was fast asleep not a single nightmare. Dracula was personally caring her to a room for her to stay in; he asked crowmon to open the door. Dracula lead gatomon and crowmon into the beautiful pink and white room. Statues of angels were all around the room; one was even the stand for a nightstand next to a large bed with pink sheets, which had pictures of angels on them. Gatomon was too worried about Kari to care for the angels. The three walked/flew to the large, pink, angel encrusted, and canopied bed. Crowmon pulled back the covers and then Dracula gently placed the sleeping girl on the bed, caringly draped the covers on top of her, and then motioned for gatomon to get on the bed as well. The cat digimon did so, and carefully crept to her human. Dracula felt the urge to stroke the girl's hair, but held back as he then felt the weakening strikes in his body he gets when traveling between worlds and just left the room to get to his room down the hall. Crowmon soon followed the boy, but before he did he placed a set of cards and a note on the nightstand. 'Could she be the one?' crowmon thought to himself.

It's morning gatomon and kari slept soundly through out the whole night. They were gently woken up by the sunlight when a maid opened the curtains. "Good morning love." said the woman. Kari was very surprised to see all of this in the room. "Um… Where am I… And how did I get here… Who are you?" she asked in a panicked voice. "Now, now I'm sure you have many questions to ask dear, but rest assured lord Dracula will answer them all, and you can call me Mrs. Potts." "Ok, Mrs. Potts." Kari said as she and gatomon got off the bed. "Hey kari." Spoke gatomon "maybe there's some answers in that note crowmon left us last night." She said pointing towards the note on the nightstand. Kari picked up the letter and cards, one looked some sort of cardkey for hotel rooms and the other had a picture of dracula's crest of trust. Kari began to read crowmon's letter. It read

Dear kari and gatomon.

I apologize for dracula's rational attack on your friends yesterday. Please don't take being here torment, for Dracula would rather die than see someone unhappy in his castle.

Kari paused when she read 'his castle'. That's probably what Mrs. Potts meant when she said LORD Dracula. She thought to herself and then continued.

We have many things to offer you comfort like our numerous art galleries. After you two have some breakfast I recommend seeing the hall of heaven. Now as for the cards, one is an access key for your rooms if you need a replacement just see Mrs. Potts. The other is a projection map of the castle. Again please don't hate Dracula for bringing you here, and if you need anything at all talk to me, Mrs. Potts, Cogs worth, Lumiere, or even Dracula and we'll see to it.

Signed, crowmon.

P.S. Please don't hate Dracula or PANTERRA.

In another room two girls were reading a similar letter. "Panterra?" asked the blond girl. "Must be the name of this world namine." Answered a red head. "Well wherever we are I'm sure sora, roxas and riku will find us kairi." "So let's go see this lord Dracula, though I hope he isn't the vampire." Namine said to get kairi out of the room. Kairi then examined the map to see where breakfast was.

The girls followed the map till they came to the place the map told them breakfast was served. It was a large balcony facing what looked to be a bush maze. Animal topiaries were all around the place neatly decorating the elaborate design. A massive table was on the balcony with food galore upon it. And for some reason there was fish of four kinds. Seven chairs surrounded the table the one at the head of the table had dracula's crest engraved on it. Both girls stood in awe of gorgeous throne like chairs. "Gatomon wait for me!" called a voice from the hallway. Both kairi and namine turned to see what all the commotion was about. When they did this they saw a cat-like creature standing on her hind legs and wearing green gloves. Soon after a light brown haired girl holding a identical map card came out the door. All three girls knew who the others by name, but namine was the first to say something about it. "Kari?" "Namine, Kairi?" said kari and namine.

The four (kari, namine, kairi and gatomon) became better acquainted during the meal. Kairi was very fond of the mangoes and other assortments of fruits, namie particularly liked the way the scrambled eggs were seasoned, gatomon well being a cat type digimon went at the fish and dairy (big surprise), kari liked all the food there.

Meanwhile in dracula's room. Matters are getting a whole lot more confusing. Dracula was laying in a bed framed in obsidian (thats volcanic glass, formed from the rapid cooling o f lava). The room itself was decorated in a medieval/twilight fashion. Simular to kari's room but along side the angels there where gargoyles, four of which acted as bed posts, the angel working as the stand for the nightstand was still present. Both types of figures had tall statutes holding mirrors in geometric angles to reflect light in and out of the room thought holes in the wall to create the perfect balance of light and shadow. A steady beeping could be heard, coming from a heart beat monitor connected to the weary boy. Then a man with spiky red hair came in with a blond woman with him. Both were here to check up on the young castle lord's condition. "I told you, your weren't ready to travel between worlds yet." said the woman. "You know larxene, I told you so has a brother, his name is shut the hell up!" dracula stated. The red haired man then changed the morphine bag to help ease the pain for the young lord. "How much longer do I need to stay here Axel?" said draula. "Not too much." axel answered to the young man. Crowmon came in with some food for the lord of the castle. "Is he going to be alright larxene?" asked the concerned talking bird. Then larxene, who nodded. "crowmon." spoke dracula as he tired to sit up. "How.. is... kari doing?" he asked his digimon, wincing in pain. "I believe she's comfortable, now that she has met kairi and namine." Axel was surprised to hear this.

Cloud asked the digidestineds about demon to see how he could bet his brother to the verge of death. But only ken knew him, but his memory of their interactions was blurred. Sora walked over to tk to see if he knew what kari meant from when she said she seen him and roxas in her dreams. Tk stood up and stared at sora angrily and pushed sora back. "Hay man whats your problem?!" spoke roxas, as he helped his brother off the floor. "You two are the reason kari was taken away for me! Thats my problem!" shouted tk. Both roxas and sora were shocked to hear it. "Tk thats not fair to blame them for that." stated cody. When cody finished sorra slapped tk across the face. "For all you know that guy in the park could have kidnapped the girls they love, not to mention that mite be why vlads' not here tk!". His angry expression turned to on an expression of sorrow when he turned and saw roxas' and sora's sad faces, he then realized what sorra said was true. "I'm afraid she's right.." yuffie spoke up "there names are kairi and namine." finished riku. The phone rang moments later. Tai answered it "Ken it's for you." ken went up to tai, who handed him the phone. "Hello" said ken. "Ken, it's me." said a voice very familiar to ken. "SAM!!" yelled ken.

Everyone in the room was shocked, excluding cloud, sora, roxas, riku and yuffie, who had no idea sam is ken's long died brother. "Ken I need you to calm down so you can help kari, kairi, namine and vlad." ken found it hard to do this especially when he heard sam knew about vlad and the girls. "Use imperaldramon to get to the ruins of bran castle(other wise known as dracula's castle ( the real dracula)) inside there is a doorway that leads to the world they are in. Oh and ken.." Ken listened carefully. "I am sorry for yelling at you when we found your digivise. And it wasn't your fault I died." "Sam." ken said as he wept a little. "See ya when I see ya." the line went silent. Ken hung up the reserver, turned and saw yolie in front of him. "Sam called me." ken said crying a bit. Yolie was then pulling him into a hug. They later went into the living room where everybody else was and ken told them what sam said. Everyone prepared themselves, then went to the park so cloud, roxas, sora, yuffie and riku could get somethings for inter-world travel. As soon as the five came out, exveemon and stingmon were already DNA-digivolved. "So this is imperaldramon?" asked riku. "He'll do, I guess." said cloud. Davis stood drop jawed to what cloud just said. "What do mean 'he'll do, I guess'!!" shouted davis. All of our heroes entered the large dragon-like digimon and flew off to Romaina.