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Kari, namine, kairi and gatomon took crowmon's advice and went to the hall of heaven. The gallery was theme based on light. Seven moving angel statutes, each holding an instrument of some sort and playing moonlight Sedonda guarded the entryway. The four were surprised to see statutes that could move and play music. The music could be heard throughout the entire gallery. The walls were full of paintings and drawings of all sorts. Namine being a painter, enjoyed the fabulous detail of them all. Statues, busts, and even crystals were displayed on glass columns. In the heart of the hall of heaven was a large tree decorated with metals, glass and gemstones. A name plate said it was called "the tree of life". The three girls were examine the natural artwork, when gatomon was climbing the tree. "Get out of the tree, please." said a figure behind her. Gatomon turned to see who it was. "Wizardmon!" said a happy gatomon. Kari and the others heard the little cat digimon, and went to the part of the tree she was at. They saw the second digimon, kari was stunded to see wizardmon there. "Wizardmon?" "In the flesh, or data as I should say." Kari ran up to him and gatomon, to see if he was really there. He was, tears of joy were in the eyes of gatomon and kari. Kari then told kairi and namine wizardmon is a friend, who was destroyed by miotismon years ago. "Ah so you must be kairi and namine. Axel has said much about both of you." both girls were stunned to hear axel may be alive. "Axel's here... here in this castle?" asked namine. Wizardmon nooded. "And he spoke about us?" questioned kairi, wizardmon nodded again and said "when he and larxene aren't working on lord dracula's health." "LARXENE!" namine spoke loudly. "Yes she and axel were brought here from the void."

"Any way, lord Dracula is still a little weak from the trip for your world kari, so he'll be in his chambers till tomorrow morning." said wizardmon.

The gang just arrived at a Romanian town. As they entered the town all the locals pretty much avoided the group. "You must leave if you know whats good for you." spoke a guy in a black trench coat with a gold cross sketched onto the spot over his heart. Ken noticed he spoke in the same accent as 'vlad'. "Ha, your not going to scare us off like that you." tai said. Sorra got to tai's side to pull him away, when tk said "we're not leaving till after we get inside BRAN CASTLE!!" when he finished all the locals around dropped what they were doing very noticeably to the group. Window shutters were slammed shut, the door to the bakery shut as well, all shop keepers did the same as well as flip their closed sign up and children ran home screaming. In seconds the streets were empty as a ghost town. Even the gypsies were gone. But the only one who didn't vanish was the teen who told them to leave, only because they were blocking his only escape route. He was pale as you could be without being dead. "Your mad, on one in their right minds would go there!" "well we will be mad if someone doesn't take us there!" davis spoke out. "It's another way of saying your crazy, davis." said ken. Then cloud stepped in as davis was about to punch the guy in the face. "Whats wrong with going to Bran castle?" he asked the young man, who then said it is an cursed and unholy place. "I warn you don't go there, terrible things will happen." davis got a little scared. "Why are you acting like some kind of paranoid Transylvania villager?" "well it fits, with the fact Romania was once called Transylvania, and I was born here!" the entire group went stiff and quiet, till sorra broke the silence"wait, you mean to tell me we are in the the country dra.." the boy held his hand over her mouth "don't say his name.. not here, he is the span of the devil if not worse, theres only one person who will take you to the castle." he said as he let go of sorra. "Where can we find him?" asked roxas. "She... lives in a hut in the woods, east from town square. But be careful gaia, her guardian werewolf has the power to transform in the day as well as the night." "wait, don't werewolves only transform during a fullmoon and not exist?" asked a confused cody. "Actually.. most werewolves can change at will, it's wolfmen who are always bound to the lunar cycle." stated riku, who is an expert in mythology. (I really read that about werewolves in a book.) "that's right." said another guy, standing behind the group.

The new guy looked like he could be joe's age, probably a collage student himself. His coat was a little different for the younger boy's, it was white and the cross was silver and a medallion instead of a sketching. "Please excuse my brother's lies, but what he says about gaia is true as is what he said regarding bran castle." said the older one. "well can we trust you to give us the truth?" asked ken. "Yami has four huts placed in the directions of a compass from the town square, in the woods north, south, east and west. She also has a place near bran castle, but it's nearly impossible to know which one she's in for she changes her hut every day and a half." he said. "I guess we'll have to split up." said tai. Then the new guy spoke up "you'd need to know where town square is first then split into groups with at least one girl in each." "why do we need one girl in each group?" asked a curious izzy. "Gaia won't attack women, regardless of his form werewolf or man. Now when you meet yami or/and gaia tell them peter sent you. And present these to yami." he said as he gave tai, matt, davis and ken a silver cross with a ruby at the center. "They'll know where to take you, but will try too trick you. Do not be fooled. Gypsies of all kinds are tricksters in nature." Tai, matt, davis, andd ken nodded understandingly. "IVAN!" yelled peter. "go home, I'll deal with you later." Ivan, the younger boy left. Peter then lead the group to the town square and told them to stay the night. "why should we kar.." davis said till he was cut off by peter. "It's a full moon tonight. Gaia's strenght will be at it's peck. And normal wolves are out at this time as well." peter replied as he pointed to the inn.

The inn keeper saw ken, tai, matt and davis wearing the silver crosses and knew they were sent by peter. "I welcome you all." he said. "There are enough rooms for all... he paused to count everbody in the group... 13 of you." he said thinking the digimon were mere stuffed toys. Each of the guys shared a room with another guy, the girls got a room where all three could sleep in. the room pairings were davis and tai, matt with roxas, sora and cloud, tk and cody and ken with riku.


the girls were enjoying dinner, wizardmon was with them. "It's really great to have you back wizardmon." kari said to her and gatomon's old friend. "I'm glad you like this power of the castle." said a boy in a wheelchair, as he rolled onto the balcony. "DRACULA... your ok." said kari, then they noticed who was pushing the wheelchair. "DAD!?" said kairi and namine in unison. "Kairi, Namine ... look at you two, your defently your mother's kids." he sasid with a warm smile. "Daddy." both girls weeped as they ran up to their father and hugged him like they haven't in years, (which was true) he hugged them back and nesled both of his daughters in his arms.