-Chapter One-

Alright, so I am very proud to present my second Palletshipping story. Full credit for this one goes to Girl Number One, who gave me this fantastic idea. Essentially, this is going to be the first Pokémon movie, but with Palletshipping included. I know a lot of people, including myself, were very disappointed that Gary was present for a whopping total of three seconds in the first movie, and so I've taken the liberty of adding him in. First, I watched the movie and paused every few seconds, writing down exactly what was being said and done. Then, I added in some extra bits of information to make the text easier to read. Finally, I went through the entire story and twisted it around to add the Ash/Gary relationship.

I'll be able to update this with about a chapter a week, though at some points that might be stretched to a chapter every two weeks. This is difficult to write, because I want to preserve the movie's style and dialogue while making it a good story, and simply watching the movie and typing everything that happens is a long process in itself. So please be patient, and I'll try my best to write as quickly as I can.

This story is rated M for sexual scenes in later chapters. If you're uncomfortable with the idea of two males in this sort of situation, please don't read any further. Of course, I don't own Pokémon, and I don't in any way own any of the original plot ideas, dialogue, or characters from the first movie. I'm merely borrowing and adapting them for my own personal entertainment, and hopefully, for yours as well. Enjoy!

Life. The great miracle...and the great mystery. Since the beginning of time, humans and Pokémon alike have searched for its meaning. Many strange and wondrous legends have evolved from the pursuit of life's mysteries, but none is stranger than this tale of the most powerful Pokémon of all...


Though his eyes were shut, a red light was pulsing through his eyelids, beckoning him to take a peek. His limbs were weightless, and he felt as though he was floating in space. The thoughts in his mind processed slowly, seeming to squeeze themselves through a thin tube. As he continued to take deep breaths, his chest rising and falling, the thoughts became clearer. He was gaining consciousness, and his curiosity forced him to open his eyes.

'Where...am I?'

He soon realised that he was indeed floating, though it wasn't in mid-air as he had originally suspected. Rather, he was stuck in some sort of red, bubbly liquid. From behind the glass that contained him, he saw creatures staring back. Though he wasn't sure how, he knew that they were humans. Scientists. He failed to recall how he had learned this, nor was he sure of why he was stuck in a glass cylinder, and this troubled him deeply.

'This...this is not the same. Was everything before just a dream?' He shut his eyes again. The life was being sucked out of him, and before he could fully process what was occurring, he felt himself drift off. 'Why...'

He wanted to hang on, to continue to ponder this dilemma, when he heard movement from outside of his container. People were speaking.

"Doctor, look at this," a female voice said sharply.


"Its brainwaves. They're surging!"

"Let me see." A moment's silence, and then, "She's right!"

Several voices broke out at once.


"Let's run another scan!"

"Its mind is racing!"

He cracked his eyes open again, and his vision was blurrier than before. All he could hear was the babble of loud voices. Strange images were racing through his mind. He saw himself swimming through clear, blue water. His body was lithe, supple, and quite small...

'Those voices,' he thought, forcing the images from his head. They confused him, and he had to concentrate on what was taking place around him. 'They're outside...where I must be.'

The urge to escape overwhelming, he felt his body shake and his eyes burn. The glass surrounding him began to crack, and a siren went off in the distance. Finally, as the humans began to turn their heads, the glass shattered, releasing the red liquid. He sat cross-legged as it pooled to the floor, and he took in his first breath of sharp air. It stung his nose, but it filled his chest and allowed his thoughts to become sharper, clearer. He observed the people around him; he was frightened of them, though he knew not why. The air was chilly, and so he drew his legs closer to his body.

"Radio Giovanni's helicopter, tell him what—"

"Quiet!" a man's voice rang out. "Let us hear its psychic powers."

The humans gathered around him, and he was capable of making out their faces. The man who had just spoken had brown, wavy hair, rectangular glasses, and a grin plastered across his face. Each of the humans was dressed in a trench coat, and other than the man who seemed to be in charge, they were all eyeing him with apprehension.

"Psychic powers?" he asked softly. He wasn't sure what this meant, and he thought back to how he had just escaped. Was that a demonstration of these 'powers'?

"For years we've struggled to clone a Pokémon to prove our theories," the man explained, "but you're the first specimen to survive."

He motioned with a sweep of his arm to the wall opposite them, where a strange portrait hung. It seemed to be very old. It was inscribed with runes, and at its center was a creature with a large head and tail. "That is Mew, the rarest of all Pokémon. From its DNA we created you, Mewtwo.

'Mewtwo...' he muttered, reflecting on his name. It disgusted him. "Am I only a copy? Nothing but Mew's shadow?"

"You are far greater than Mew," the man assured him. "You have been improved through the power of human ingenuity. We used the most advanced techniques to develop your awesome psychic powers."

"So I am simply the end result of your experiment," Mewtwo spat, his voice shaking with rage. "What becomes of me now that your experiment is over?"

"Oh, our experiment isn't over yet—it's just beginning! Now the serious testing begins."

Mewtwo curled into a tighter ball, glaring at them furiously. His mind was besieged with the hate that he felt, and he could think of nothing else. He didn't want to know how he had been created, or how he had learned to speak. He didn't want to know more about Mew, or these scientists, or any of this.

'These humans, they care nothing for me.'

The scientists around him began to shake one another's hands, applauding their colleagues for their efforts. They were smiling and laughing, rambling on about the work they had done and what they had achieved. His eyes narrowed at this display, and he looked down at his hands. Pushing his three digits together, he listened to their self-congratulations, and strange images began to appear in his head again. He was floating through the clouds, light as a feather, heading over to a mountain...he was wonderfully free...

Instead of brushing away the images like last time, he embraced them, allowing each one to fuel his anger. 'Is that my purpose? Am I just an experiment? A laboratory specimen?'

He wanted to be liberated, and to drift about peacefully, high in the sky. He had no intentions of being trapped in a laboratory like a rat.

He sat up straighter, and felt the energy pulsing through his body once again. 'This cannot be my destiny!'

Glass containers around the laboratory were beginning to crack, and as the energy flowing through him grew stronger, he felt his body levitate into the air. Before the humans could react, he spread his arms out wide, and all those around him instantly flew back, yelling in surprise. His psychic energy, taking the shape of a blue orb that surrounded him, let loose a current of raw power, and several machines in the room caught fire. A group of metal claws reached down, attempting to hold him in place, but with no more than a flick of his hand he smashed them all into pieces.

He snapped his head to the left and the right, each time causing the walls in both directions to crumble. The humans were crying out in horror now, unsure of what to do, and he revelled in their panic. He scanned the crowd in order to find the man in charge, and before long he spotted him through a sheet of flames. Breaking through the latter with ease, he stared down at the panting scientist.

"We dreamed of creating the strongest Pokémon," the man breathed, "and we succeeded."

Fury welling up inside of him like an unstoppable force, Mewtwo let all of his energy rush out of his body, and watched as a beam of burning light burst through the ceiling of the laboratory. There was one colossal detonation, which shook the very core of his being, and then smoke began to drift all around him.

"Behold my powers," he exclaimed savagely. "I am the strongest Pokémon in the world—stronger even than Mew."

He was standing in the rubble of the laboratory, and the stench of burning metal reached his nose. Disgusted, he began to walk away from the building, satisfied by the destruction he had caused. What had once been a powerful, luxurious facility was now reduced to nothing.

He swung his head back as he heard a loud, unfamiliar noise, and watched as a helicopter descended nearby. He was wary and uncertain. Were more humans about to arrive? Would he have to destroy another one of these people?

The helicopter touched down smoothly, and he had to squint through the smoke in order to see a broad-shouldered man step out of its confines. He watched as the stranger began to walk towards him, and he tensed his arms, ready to attack.

"Those fools thought you were a science experiment," the man said in a deep voice, approaching slowly. "But I...I see you as a valuable partner. "

"Partner?" he asked, weighing the word in his mind. It pleased him, and his anger began to dissipate.

The man nodded, smiling. "With your psychic powers and my resources, together we could control the world."

"I don't need your help for that, human."

"A wildfire destroys everything in its path," the man replied. "It will be the same with your powers unless you learn to control them. I can help you do that."

Mewtwo regarded him for a moment, and then asked, "How?"

"Trust me, and I'll show you a way to focus your powers that will make you invincible."

He stared at the ruined laboratory, watching as smoke began to drift out into the sky. He hesitated, and then gave a curt nod of his head.

"Show me."


Mechanic arms attached plates of metal to Mewtwo's ankles, arms, chest and torso. His head was covered by a helmet. The entirety of the machinery was attached to heavy cables, which were plugged into a large device at the other end of the room. It seemed to weigh him down, and he felt as though it was harder than ever to summon his psychic powers.

"You say this armour protects my body," he said. "But it suppresses my powers."

"Your powers are not being suppressed," Giovanni explained, "they're being focused. Learn to use them to accomplish your purpose."

"What is that?" he asked, desperate for an answer.

"Patience, my friend. Your purpose will become clear."

Mewtwo was silent, reflecting on this. The man who had introduced himself as Giovanni seemed to be knowledgeable about his powers, and he couldn't help but wonder if he knew more than that. Could this Giovanni perhaps know what was his purpose in life? His destiny? His reason for living?

He was not meant to be an experiment. Of that much, he was certain. But if that was the case, where did his purpose lay? Was it hidden somewhere in this enormous building Giovanni had brought him to? It was more than he could hope for.

Giovanni left the room, and Mewtwo waited patiently to see what was to happen next. He was eager to try out his new armour, and to prove how powerful he really was.

A door began to rise in front of him, light flooding into the small room where he stood. A growl reached his ears, and he saw an enormous Onyx at the other end of a wide battle field. Giovanni, who was seated in a section high above them with his Persian, took a moment to watch the combatants. He then snapped his fingers, and Mewtwo stepped out into the light.

He filled himself with power, allowing the force of it to flow through his veins, and immediately he felt it being focused. He could control it, and shape it as he liked, and this delighted him.

His eyes snapped up to lock with his opponent's, and he slowly lifted a hand into the air. Twisting his fingers ever so slightly, he focused on his adversary's body, and within seconds, the Onyx was surrounded by an aura of blue light. It writhed in pain as it was lifted off of the ground, eyes wide in shock. Before its trainer had the chance to react, it flew backwards and hit the wall with a cry.

"So this is my power," Mewtwo muttered, watching his foe slide down to the ground.


He began to master his technique, learning new ways to force the energy into his hands, where he could then manipulate it with ease. He was brought to distant valleys to stand before rampaging Taurus, all of which were heavy and powerful Pokémon. Mewtwo had no trouble with using his psychic powers to have them lifted off the ground, hovering in midair, howling in pain, so that Team Rocket could throw their Poké Balls and capture them.

He was in control now.

He would smirk as he battled trainer after trainer, taking on each of their Pokémon. Be it an Alakazam, a Magneton, or even the combined attacks of the fierce Nidoking and Arcanine belonging to a trainer from Pallet Town, he crushed them all in a matter of minutes.

But why was he here? He could not find an answer to that haunting question.

Alone one day in the room where Giovanni had first brought him, head bowed to the ground, he let the truth sink in. It was cold and bitter, but he had to accept it. This battling, this controlling of his strength, it was satisfying, but it was an empty happiness if he had nothing to fight for.

He had killed his creators, and so he could not seek answers from them. When he interrogated Giovanni, he received nothing but the same, infuriating reply: to be patient. How much longer was he expected to wait? Living like this, without a meaning, was wearisome. He felt aimless, lost, and he longed to know how those who had been born, not created, lived their lives. How did they feel, waking up every morning, knowing that they were headed somewhere? That they had a goal to achieve?

"Now I fully perceive my power," he said to himself. "But what is my purpose?"

"To serve your master." Mewtwo started as Giovanni stepped into the room. He wasn't aware that his partner had been listening. "You were created to fight for me. That is your purpose."

"That cannot be," he retorted, feeling some of his old anger return. "You said we were partners. We stood as equals."

"You were created by humans to obey humans," Giovanni snapped. "You could never be our equal."

"Humans may have created me," Mewtwo said in a low voice, "but they will never enslave me. This cannot be my destiny!"

This could not be. It was too much. Was Giovanni, the one who had funded his creation, about to turn on him, as well? In a heartbeat, he ripped his armour out of its cables, ignoring the sparks that jumped around him.

"Stop this now!" Giovanni yelled, taking a few steps backwards.

"I was not born a Pokémon, I was created," Mewtwo said, ignoring the order. "And my creators have used and betrayed me, so I stand alone!"

An enormous wave of power blasted out of his body, and he heard Giovanni's roars as the walls began to collapse around them. There was an earth-shattering explosion, and before he could observe the full effects, Mewtwo flew out of the building. He shot through the sky, and made his way towards the sea as his blood boiled. Why had that human betrayed him? His purpose was not to be enslaved by his own creators. Had they no understanding of his powers? Did no one know his destiny?

He arrived at the small island where the laboratory had once stood. Its remains were still there, and he quickly took off his armour and tossed it into the debris. He walked to the shore, the salty tang of the water filling his nose, and sighed.

"Who am I?" he asked, staring at the waves. "What is my true reason for being?" He curled his hands into fists. "I will find my own purpose. I will purge this planet all of those who oppose me, human and Pokémon alike. The world will heed my warning. The reign of Mewtwo will soon begin."