Grell Sutcliffe watched with as much stealthiness as he could muster as Sebastian Michaelis, the impossibly handsome and skilled butler of the Phantomhive estate, went about collecting items from the outhouse store. Grell himself was lying in the hayloft, as inconspicuous as someone can be when lying in a pile of hay. Sebastian, however, had yet to notice the other butler's presence.

At least, so Grell thought.

From the moment he had stepped into the outhouse, Sebastian had noticed Madam Red's butler and his position in the rafters. He had to admit, it was taking all of his self-control not to laugh at the impossibly amusing sight of the glasses-wearing butler with strands of hay sticking out of his hair.

Instead, Sebastian managed to only let a small sigh, and continued his task of collecting and mixing the spices for tonight's dinner. Why the young master forbade the spices to be kept in the kitchen, Sebastian would never know. He was just glad that there was no chance of them becoming extra fuel for one of Bard's explosions.

Grell continued to watch through the slats of the hayloft's floor as Sebastian went about crushing various peppercorns and other seeds. The smell that was being produced was absolutely mouth-watering, and Grell couldn't help but drool at the thought of tasting whatever meat the spices were going to be put on.

As soon as he had the thought, a waft of extremely strong pepper entered his nostrils, and he tried in vain to keep back a sneeze. As it was, he ended up sneezing in a very undignified manner, even going so far as to fall out of the hayloft and land in a rumpled heap at Sebastian's feet.

Said butler merely looked up from the pestle and mortar with a raised eyebrow.

"Mr. Sutcliffe? May ask just what you were doing in our hayloft?"

Grell rubbed the back of his head nervously.

"Oh. Well, that is..." He spotted the hay that he had brought with him on his fall, and began rolling around. "I like rolling in hay!"

Sebastian just raised his eyebrow further and went back to crushing peppercorns.

AN: Another random one-shot that produced much laughter when we came up with the idea. Roofy had lots of other ideas when the prompt 'Grell - The One Who Likes To Roll Around In Hay' came out of our prompt generator, but I snatched it from her and came up with this. Sadly, Grell probably would make an excuse like this... Oh Grell...