INTUITIVE ALTERNATE ENDING (this was written for my friends on the Fox Forum who wanted a happy ending. However, it does not work with the sequel, Betazed. So when you read Betazed, you have to assume that this did not occur.)

I see the first date going very well. There's a lot of date for several months...but in six months you have feelings for someone else..."Teagan sat up, looked incredibly shocked and pulled her hand away as fast as she could. House saw a drop of blood come from her nose which fell on the white tablecloth.

"Teagan, are you ok?" He asked her. She looked at him with shock and hurt. "What is it?"

She looked at everyone's horrified face. "It's nothing, I just couldn't get a fix on your future and I went blank, it's never happened before. Sorry I can't give you more."

"Well at least I'll have some fun." Margie said.

"Yes." Teagan agreed.

Teagan was quiet the rest of the evening and very distracted. She kept looking at House and finally he caught her. "What's wrong?"

"I just have a bad headache."

"Why didn't you say something, we can go."

"You seemed to be enjoying yourself."

"I'm fine with leaving, let's get out of here."

"We're going, Teagan has a headache. Merry Christmas everyone." House got up and helped Teagan to her feet. They got in the car and started to drive the few blocks back to the townhouse.

"Ok, what did you really see?"

"I don't want to talk about it. Can we just get home and go to bed."

"No. You are obviously upset and I want to know why. Don't give me the silent treatment."

They were home and Teagan jumped out of the car and went inside. They gave Tara $30 even though they only owed her $18 and she went happily out to her car and drove off. House took off his tux coat and bow tie and then started on the french cuffs.

"Teagan, please don't give me the silent treatment. I won't let you go to bed upset."

"You don't want to know this. Please don't make me tell you." She was going towards the bathroom to take off her makeup and brush her teeth. He blocked her way.

"We can't start a marriage with secrets. Please?"

The air went out of her; she went back to the bed and sat down in her bra and panties. "I saw her making love with Wilson. He had broken up with Jennifer."

"Gee, that would have been awkward at the table. Ok, but things like that happen, especially to Wilson. So he's going to dump Jennifer and sleep with Margie Tarkington?"

"Jennifer dumps him for an old boyfriend who comes back. apparently she never stopped loving him so she dumps Wilson." Teagan looked at him sideways, "You don't seem upset?"

"Did you see Margie Tarkington? She's hot. I'm supposed to feel sorry because Wilson's nailing her in six months? You seem to have me confused with Cameron."

"Gosh, I thought you might feel bad about your friend going through the pain of losing Jennifer."

"Teagan, let's cross that bridge when we get there. We don't know yet how upset he is when it happens? Right?"

"I could find out if you like..."

"NO, just let this happen, stay out of it."

"Ok, but if I leave it alone, you promise NOT to tease him about it."

"Mmmm, that's kind of tough...I promise not to tease him until she actually dumps him."

"You are so cruel. You know, you better not treat me like that...I can mess with your head if I want to...insert my thoughts when I want to..."

"Ok, ok, I won't let him know that she's going to break his heart."

"Good, let's get to bed."

On Monday House and Foreman were looking at the MRI slices of Teagan's kidney and brain.

Foreman looked at the wall of images, "Well this looks like your area. You're the nephrologist."

House was sucking on a See's sucker his mother had sent him, "Ok, Pheochromocytoma, but no involvement in the liver, lungs, or brain. Looks localized and benign. It's confined to the right adrenal gland. We should be able to do a complete surgical resection and a partial adrenalectomy. She's lucky. The adrenalectomy and post operative hypotension has to be controlled with the right amount of diuretics. After a week or more following surgery, we'll repeat the biochemical assays for catecholamines and metabolites to confirm that all of the functioning pheochromocytoma has been removed. That should cure her blood pressure spikes, tremors, headaches and palpitations."

House was actually pleased with the diagnosis. If the surgery went well, the bleeding would stop and her blood pressure would come down. Now he had to pick the best surgeon to do the job. House went back and ran stats on all the surgeons who had done kidney operations including the number of post-op infections and repeat surgeries. He decided that Dr. Wish was the man for the job.

House grabbed the MRI cuts and went in search of Dr. Wish, he found him in his office. "Jacob, I have a patient for you."

"You're referring a patient to me personally? Why not just go the normal route and write up the referral and run it through the channels."

"The patient is my wife."

He looked at him like he had just told him that he was Martha Stewart. "Wife?" He contorted his face in disbelief, "When did you get married? Actually, more important, WHO would marry you?"

"Had you gone to the Christmas party you would have met her. Her name is Teagan Furey."

"Teagan? You married Teags?" He was shocked beyond belief.

"You know my wife?"

"My family is from Fresno and I have a cabin in Fish Camp. I used to spend my summers working in Yosemite. We used to see each other all the time when we were both going to college and working at Camp Curry. She and I used to make sure we got the same bunkhouse. Do you know about your wife's special talents?"

"You mean the telepathic, clairvoyant, healer wrapped in a skinny blonde with a proclivity for blackberries? By the way, we can pay you in blackberry jam."

"I was thinking more in the line of her pole dancing talent."

House shook his head like he hadn't heard correctly.

Jacob laughed, "No, I'm joking, I meant the psychic stuff; she used to drive me nuts putting thoughts in my head when I pissed her off. We could exchange thoughts and sometimes it would freak me out. I couldn't look at another woman without her knowing I was checking her out.

House, how did you manage to get Teag out of the mountains? You know I tried to pry her out of there years ago. But it took her parents dying and the FBI coming after her for her to go to the big city. Is she still working for the FBI?"

"No, she's home with our son."

Now his face went pale, "She had your baby?"

"Unless you think she's been taking the money I give her for baby clothes and buying crack? Hey man, she showed me a baby with blue eyes and said it was mine. What's a guy to do?"

"Excuse me if I have a hard time getting my mind wrapped around the fact that the woman I loved for most my adult life married Gregory House and had his baby. This is a lot to absorb at once."

"Oh were in love with my wife? That's perfect, just absolutely Fucking perfect."

"What do you mean?"

"Now I know I want you to do the surgery. Who better than someone who actually gives a damn whether she gets well or not."

"What's wrong with her?"

"Pheochromocytoma." House put up the main cuts for him, showing the kidney with the adrenal gland and the tumor.

"How's her blood pressure?"

"Over the roof."

"Bring her in, I'll take care of her."

"Thanks." House got up from the chair and shook his hand.

"Damn House, you are one lucky son of a b!tch."

"I'm finding that out." House went back to his office.

He looked up and watched his very pretty wife and son, awake in his stroller, wrestle with his office door. As she was trying to get through he heard her cussing and had to laugh. "I can hear you laughing...why don't you come over and help?"

"And miss this show? Besides you'll be in before I could get up." He did twirl around so that she could roll the baby up to him. "Gumby, what's up dude?" Gregory smiled at his dad and stretched his arms out and opened and closed his fists.

"Ok Gumby, I'll spring you from your cell." House reached over and picked up Gregory from the stroller. Gregory reached out and grab his Dad's nose and House shook his head making Gregory laugh. House looked at Teagan who was sitting in the corner on his soft chair. "I have good news."

"I knew that..."

"Do you know what it is?"

"No, do I have to read your mind or are you going to use your voice?" Teagan asked.

"You have Pheochromocytoma. It looks like it is benign but we need to remove it if we want to get your blood pressure to come down. You're at 230/140 and that's stroke country. It can cause a feeling of doom, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, headaches. If we manage to do it right, you should see these symptoms go away or ease up. I picked the best surgeon to do the surgery and he'll be down soon to talk with you. In fact, there he is."

Teagan looked up and saw Jacob Wish and just about fainted. She started to stand up and hug him. He pulled her up and gave her a long hug and then kissed her on her cheek. "You look beautiful. Is that your son?" He started to cross the office to hold Gregory. House didn't want to hand Gregory over to him for some reason. but he did. He could see that Teagan was very proud of Gregory and wanted to show him off.

Jacob started tickling Gregory and laughing with him. He was a natural with children and House felt envious. He enjoyed his son but in doses..the older Gregory got the more House enjoyed him.

Jacob Wish explained the disease and the surgery to Teagan. House was a little miffed at how he completely captivated Teagan's attention and after he was done they talked about Yosemite. Teagan was playing with her hair, pushing it behind her ears and smiling at Jacob. When Jacob finally left House sat back and looked at her. She lifted up her blouse and started to feed the baby. She looked over at House who had a smirk on his face.

She could feel he was jealous. But she didn't say anything. "He's a great guy. We spent a lot time together in our twenties." He kept looking at her with a smug little smile.

"You're not telling me the whole story. You two were lovers weren't you?"

She stammered, "Uh, uh...well, uh..yes at one time we were dating."

"He told me that he was in love with you."

"Now? IN Love with me now?" She couldn't believe that.

"No, he loved you back in your twenties...I don't know, maybe he does still love you. You're the psychic, you tell me."

"He wanted me to marry him, I didn't. I married you."

"You married my health insurance."

Teagan was pissed. "That's a really crappy thing to say." Gregory was asleep so she put him in his stroller. "I may have married the health insurance, but I can divorce you."

He started laughing.

"Why do you always laugh when I get mad?"

He crossed the office and put his arms around her. She wrestled to try and get out from his arms. "Let me go, I've got a date with Dr. Wish."

"Yeah you wish."

"Is this surgery dangerous?"

"Yes. It has to be done just right to avoid taking too much of the adrenal gland. You will also probably get hypotension unless we handle the postoperative care just right."

She started to relax in his arms, "Will you be there?"

"I'll be in the observatory."

"Can't you be in the operating theater?"

"No. You're my wife; it's not really ethical for me to be cutting on you."

"If you keep acting up, I'll be doing the cutting on you."

He started kissing her ear and her neck and he slipped his hand up under her blouse. She was getting excited and so was he. The office door opened and he nonchalantly took his hand out of her blouse and lifted up to see who it was. It was Cuddy.

"You two can screw all you want when you get home." She looked directly at House, "You try and keep your hands to yourself here at work." She said.

House looked at Cuddy and raised his eyebrows to indicate he was curious as to why she was there. He didn't dare back up or she'd see just how much he was enjoying touching his wife.

"I just wanted to know if everything is fine with Teagan."

"I've got it taken care of. She'll have the operation on December 26th. Jacob Wish is going to do it."

"That's great. He's very good Teagan, well good luck you two. See you on Christmas."

***Christmas morning Teagan woke up to House sitting in bed in a Santa's hat and nothing else. She laughed, pulled him down to her and then he pulled her t-shirt over her head. He looked down and thought how sweet her breasts looked; he reached down and kissed them. She reached down and stroked between his legs as he continued to play with her breasts. He wanted her and she wanted him. She opened her legs to take him and he hesitated. He wanted to look at her, her body ready to be taken. She was so sexy, so beautiful. He entered her and then slowly let the rhythm pick up until they were both in sync and making the sounds of two people working hard at what they were doing. He came first and then brought her to orgasm. When it was over they were quiet. He loved this, the intimate moments when they had met each other's most basic needs and then fell into each other's arms.

Gregory woke up and they took him into the living room to the Christmas tree and proceeded to open gifts with him. He delighted them with sounds of happiness when he saw the toys. She handed House his gifts. There were books on Jazz artists and a three CD set of his favorite guitarists, socks, candy, a scarf that she had crocheted and his favorite gift, a framed photo taken the day they hiked Carrion Falls. He looked at it and realized that even in that photo they looked like they were in love.

He gave her his gifts, bought weeks ago. There were cashmere sweaters, speakers for her IPOD , diamond earrings and a box that contained a key. She felt the key and knew what it was. She started crying like a baby. Gregory started crying too. They went outside and there she was, her Mustang. She opened the door and got in.

Between the tears she asked him, "How did you get her back?"

I followed the title and told the guy your story, why you sold her and why we needed her back. I had to pay an extra two thousand, but she's yours.

"Thank you honey. Thank you. It's good to see her again."

They spent Christmas afternoon at Lisa's. Teagan brought a carrot dish and a pumpkin pie. Wilson and Jennifer brought a vegetable dish too. They all had a great time and when it was time to go home Teagan took Lisa aside and told her how grateful she was for this day. Lisa warned her that the surgery she was having was not a walk in the park and that the tumor could prove to be cancerous. Teagan was surprised because neither House nor Jacob had told her this, but she kept her surprise from Lisa.

That night Teagan insisted that Gregory sleep with them. She wanted to have both of her boys with her. They both watched Gregory sleeping between them and smiled. He looked so angelic when he was asleep. House reached over and brushed Teagan's cheek. They each reached across Gregory and kissed each other, "I love you." he said.

"I love you too." she kept her hand on his cheek.

He got up and went over to her and kissed her.

The next day she checked into the hospital at 6:00a.m. and got into the "lovely" hospital gown. Cameron was watching Gregory for them and Cuddy had insisted that the best nurses be placed in the theater. House watched from up above with Wilson and Cuddy. They also had a perfect upsclose view on the television screen in the observation tower. They could see the actual tumor resection up close. House was very pleased with the surgery. Now they just had to wait until the biopsy came back.

After the surgery was over House went to Jacob Wish. Jacob was getting undressed in the locker area. House reached out and shook his hand while House stared deep into his eyes. House didn't say anything but Jacob knew that House was extremely grateful by the grip of his hand and the relief in his eyes.

The biopsy came back negative and they wrestled with Teagan's blood pressure which was now very low. They finally got her on the right dose of diuretics which she would be on for the rest of her life. Teagan had a headache but it was a completely different type, the type you get from the anesthesia.

House was sitting in a chair in recovery when she came to. He was holding a sleeping Gregory. She was in some pain but looked at House and her son and tried to smile. He said quietly, "They found some pocket change and an old gum wrapper next to your kidney, I told them I could use the change but didn't need the wrapper."

"Funny. Was it benign?"

"Yes it was. You're going to live to grow old with me."

"Now that's a scary thought."

When she was better they had visitors from the FBI. They wanted to hire Teagan again to teach profiling at the Academy. She would give a six week course on psychics and profiling twice a year and they would pay her $82,000 to do it. This would also mean that during those six weeks she would use her psychic skills to assist in capturing murderers. Teagan was amazed at how much better she felt without the tumor. The blood pressure, the sense of doom, the anxiety, the massive headaches were all gone. When she pushed to see something there was no more bleeding, no racing pulse or blood pressure. It was like a new lease on life. She felt like she could handle her gift now.

House was also amazed at the difference. Teagan didn't feel the need to run back to the mountains every five minutes. He knew that she had finally committed to him and to the marriage when she decided that Molly needed to join the family in Princeton. On the day that Molly arrived at the airport, Teagan let her out of the cage and opened the Mustang's passenger door. When House saw the two of them drive up in the summer sun, soft-top down and Molly riding shotgun, he and Gregory had a good laugh.

The End