High School Love Trouble

Chapter 1

Aznpride: yeah…

Ikuto: Shame…

Amu: another story?

Aznpride: yeah… I got the idea… and… I'm sorry! I put "I Hate you No. I Love you" as complete now…

Ikuto: WHY?!

Aznpride: because It already seems like the end so theres no point in continuing it! I mean she already trusts you and crap!

Ikuto: …good point…

Amu: So what's this story about?

Aznpride: okay heres the summary:

Amu and Ikuto have been friends since they were little, however, Ikuto is older and is a senior in High school. Amu has just finished Middle school and is now a Freshman in high school! Since they were little Ikuto would call Amu, Amu-koi, and Amu would call Ikuto, Ikuto-Koi. Will those names become real?

End of summary :D

Amu: ….k-koi?!

Ikuto: -smirk- me likey…

Aznpride: I knew you would! But…

Ikuto: BUT WHAT!??!

Aznpride: you might not get her first kiss! -Gasp-

Ikuto: -stares straight ahead-

Amu: I-Ikuto…?

Ikuto: -grabs Amus shoulders and kisses her- HA! I JUST DID!! YOU'LL NEVER GET HER!! -Holds Amu protectively-

Amu: -sweat drop-

Aznpride: I don't own shugo chara… enjoy… I'M IN THIS STORY TOO! :D


Amu: 14

Ikuto: 17

Kukai: 15

Tadagay--se (lol): 14 (-pukes-)

Rima: 14

Nagihiko: 15

Yaya: 14

Utau: 16

Aikimi/harmony (me!! Lol): 17 (wahaha!!)

Chapter 1!!!

Amus POV

I woke up to my cell phone ringing… uhg. I patted around my desk and finally found my phone. I flipped it open and answered:

"Hello?" I asked groggily

"Morning Amu-Koi! Get up! It's your first day of High school!"… Ikuto said.

"Morning Ikuto-Koi… 5 more minutes…" I said sleepily

"If you don't wake up now, I'll have to come over and wake you up!" he said threateningly

"Like you would…" I said yawning

And before I knew it…

BAM!! The door swung open to reveal Ikuto with his phone in hand.

"WAKE UP AMU-KOI!!!!" he shouted

"WAHH!!" I said falling off my bed and landing straight on my butt. "Ikuto-koi! That was mean…" I pouted.

He rushed to my side and lifted me off the floor. "Sorry Amu-Koi!" he said giving me a kiss on the cheek. I blushed, I never use to blush before when he kissed my cheek…

"Better?" he asked. I nodded and walked over to my closet.

"What should I wear today Ikuto-Koi?" I asked him

"Nothing to sexy, it'll make boys want to kiss you." he said

"What's wrong with that?" I asked teasingly

"Because only I kiss my Amu-Koi!" he said giving me a hug

I giggled "how about this?" I said while showing him a black mid-thigh skort (a skirt with shorts under), a black beater, a pair of black and white striped sleeves with holes for the thumb, and black and white converses.

"Hm… fine." he said

I changed into the clothes in my bathroom, I washed my face, brushed my teeth, and combed my shoulder length hair. When I stepped out ikuto wasn't there… "Ikuto-koi?" I asked scared he left me. I walked to the middle of the room.

"Boo!" he said popping out of no where!

"Ahh!" I fell backwards and he caught me in his arms, he slung me around his shoulder and grabbed my bag while carrying me out of the house. "IKUTO-KOI!!" I whined

"Yes Amu-Koi?" he asked with a smirk

"Put me down!!" I pleaded

"Hm… no." he said playfully

"Please!! I'll… I'll give you a kiss on the cheek!" I said. Ikuto always wanted me to kiss him on the cheek like he did to me but I always refused. He would surely put me down!

"Hm… okay." he said putting me down. He leaned down to my height level and faced his cheek towards my lips.

I leaned over and gave him a light kiss on the cheek, I had bright red lipstick on so it left a mark on his cheek. I giggled. "Nice kiss mark!" I giggled

"Nice isn't it?" he smirked

"Here, let me wipe it off for you" I said moving my hand towards his cheek.

"No. it looks good there" he smirked

I giggled and put on my Gucci glasses, the over sized ones that Rima said "Actresses wear when they don't want to be disturbed" they were black and had Sapphires on the side, ikuto had got me these on my birthday last year. I popped in a piece of strawberry gum and blew a big pink bubble. Ikuto then stopped and so did I. "Ikuto-Koi? What's wrong?" I asked him worriedly

He smiled down at me and handed me a box… "For you Amu-koi" he said sweetly

My eyes widened "F-For me? Wh-why?" I asked him. There was no special occasion for me…

"Because you're staring high school dummy! Now take it!" he said shoving the box lightly into my hands. I looked at the box then at him. He waved his hand for me to open it. I opened it and I jumped over to hug him. He had bought me a new Coach purse! I attacked him with a hug.

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU IKUTO-KOI!!!" I said giving him another kiss on the cheek.

He chuckled "haha, no problem Amu-Koi!" he said hugging me back

The purse was black and had diamond studs on the handle (picture in profile). I got off of Ikuto and slung the new purse around my arm, I held Ikutos hand and continued to walk to school.

Ikutos POV

Amu tackled me with a hug when she saw the new purse I had gotten her. She gave me another kiss on the cheek. I hugged her small petite body back, she observed the purse and soon got off of me. She slung her purse on her arm and we held hands as we walked to school. She was so cute… I've bought her a lot of things… but it doesn't matter, I have enough money because my parents are rich! I've known Amu-Koi since we were little, we've always called each other koi. I've always kissed her on the cheek too… but how come now… it feels… so different? Like… I want something more? I push this topic to the back of my head as we continue to walk. Then all of a sudden I feel someone hug me from behind. I turn around and there I see Aikimi!

"hey Aikimi!" I say

"Hey Ikuto!" Aikimi says with a smile.

Amus POV

I saw a girl hugging Ikuto-koi… she had long waist length black hair with red tips at the end. Eyes a little bit lighter then Ikuto-Koi's, she was wearing a black and white checkered mid-thigh skirt, and a black beater. She had a yin yang tattoo on her right arm… "Hi." I say nicely

"Ah! It's Amu-Chan!!" she says hugging me, how does she know me?

"uhh… how do you know me?" I ask her

"Ikuto has told me everything about you!! And you're right Ikuto! She is Cute!" she says, I blush.

"My Name is Aikimi Aika! But call me Harmony!" she says enthusiastically

"Uhh… okay…"

Then I notice that the yang part of the yin yang sign of her necklace changes back to a whole sign.

"um… s-sorry about that… that was yang…" she says shyly

"Harmony is actually really shy, Yin or Dark is her side that makes her takes more risks, and Yang… which you just saw now… is really enthusiastic just like Ran! And peace… well she doesn't come out often… she's actually a chara that is enthusiastic and takes a lot of risks. its yin and yang put together." Ikuto explains to me

"oh." I say

"me and Ikuto have been friends since our Freshmen year! He would always help me from bullies… because I use to wear… some… really… exposing clothes… it was part of my religion." Harmony told me

"I see…" I say looking down… why?! Why do I care?!

I feel Harmony pull me away from Ikuto and whisper in my ear "Don't worry, I USE to have a crush on Ikuto. But when I heard about you I'm over him! We're only friends so don't worry about it" she says smiling at me… creepy…

"H-How did you?" I ask her a bit scared

"I took a risk" she says pointing to the Yin part of her necklace. Oh… chara change.

"Oh…" I giggle


"Amu-Koi! There's the bell lets go!" ikuto says grabbing my arm and running off

"Bye Harmony!" me and Ikuto both shout behind us, she waves and runs off herself.

Little bit Later…

Ikutos POV

We picked up Amus schedule, she had a few classes with me… we had Math, English, and PE together, and she had Science, History, Theatre, and Art with out me. She first had Math… with me. We walked into our class room hand in hand. Everyone stared at us, me being the "Tough and Cool" kid… or the "most popular, hot looking guy" I sighed.

"This is Hinamori Amu." I say to the teacher

"Hello Himamori-San!" Nikaidou Sensei says

"It's HiNamori, Sensei." she says crossing her arms… uh oh… outer façade…

"Okay Himamori-San! You may take the seat next to Ikuto-kun!" he says cheerfully

Sweet! Amu gets to sit next to me! WAIT WHAT?! Whatever! Shake it off man! I lead her over to her seat and take my seat. Since it was the first day of school all he talked about was what we were going to do for the year… I watched Amu as he talked. We were mouthing each other things. She stuck her tongue out at me! I stuck my tongue out right back! The bell rang, she had history now… she blew me a kiss and walked out of the classroom… I made sure I got that kiss.

History Class…

Amus POV

As I walked inside the classroom I accidentally bumped into a girl with long blonde hair and amber eyes like mine. "Sorry!" I apologize immediately

"Huh? Oh, it's okay! I'm Mashiro Rima by the way!" she says putting her hand out

"Hinamori Amu, Call me Amu" I say shaking her hand, she smiles.

We end up sitting next to each other and talk the whole class due to the teacher not caring. And soon enough… the bell rang. Time for English with Ikuto!

I walked into the classroom and I was again assigned a seat next to Ikuto! As I take my seat Ikuto passes me a note…

Hi Amu-Koi! Enjoying your first day as a freshman?

Ikuto-Koi x3

I smile and quickly respond, I pass the note back to him.

Ikutos POV

Amu-Koi passed the note back to me…

Hi Ikuto-Koi!! It's okay, I met a girl and her name is Rima!

We became friends in History Class!



She got a new friend already? Wow… I wrote on the paper again and passed it to her once more.

Amus POV

He passed me the note back and it read:

That's good! But I'm still you're bestestestsestes friend right?



I giggle and write back and pass it to him.

Ikutos POV (omg so much switching!)

I read the note and At first I frown but then I smile, it said:

No. you're my Ikuto-Koi! No one can ever replace you!


Amu-Koi x3

I nod to her and we stop passing notes. We were only talking about what we'd do anyways… all the classes would be like this. One kid raises his hand and asks "Can we listen to our Ipods and Talk?" the teacher looks around the class and notices no one's listening or paying attention. She sighs and nods. I look towards Amu and see her pull her ipod out. I move over to her seat, pick her up, sit down, and place her on my lap. I see her smile and put one of her ipod headphones in my ear and the other in hers.

All I Do (B5)

How you doin?
I've been seeing you from across the room
And you know, I just need your attention for a few minutes
Is that cool with you?
Yeah? Ight
Check it

I can't wait to get to school each day
And wait for you to pass my way
And bell starts to ring
An angel starts to say "hey that's the girl for you
So what are you gonna do"
Hey little girl
I love you so
(whoa whoa)

All I do is think of you
Day and Night (that's all I do)
I can't get you out my mind
Think about (all the time)
All the time

Hurry can't you take the long way home
Just so I can be alone
To think about to say
That my heart is here to stay
Hey I'm in love with you
I think the world of you
So won't you please, please be mine
I want...

All I do is think of you (baby)
Day and night (all the time every night and day)
I can't get you out my mind (my mind)
Think about (think about you all the time)
All the time

(Uh)You know what girl?
I'm in love
I can say it, yea I ain't scared I,I,I'm in love
People say im too young to be in love
I know what I'm feeling
And this is real
I dont know what it is
But I cant stop thinking about you

I think about you all the time
All I do is think of you (baby)
Day and night (day and night baby ohh)
I can't get you out my mind (I can't get you out, I dont want you out, I just want you in my life..)
Think about
All I do is think of you (All I do is think, about you day and night I can't even sleep)
Day and night (without you in my life)
I can't get you out my mind
Think about (all the time)
All the time

All I do is think of you
Day and night
I can't get you off my mind (I can't get you out... my mind)
All I do is think of you (ohhh)
Day and night
I can't get you out my mind (I don't want to)
Think about (everything in my life)
All the time...

As the song plays I play with her pink hair. One arm wrapped around her waist and the other tangled in her soft hair. One of her hands rests in the one that is around her waist and the other is holding her ipod. Her head is gently resting against my chest and my chin is resting on top of her head. Her eyes are closed and she's listening to the soft words, I smile at her and kiss her hair. Her eyes flutter open and look up at me. Are fingers entwine and our eyes are locked… her golden eyes are beautiful. When the song ends the bell rings… damn. She gets up and turns her ipod off, I sigh and get up as well. We grab our things and walk out hand in hand to PE. Our fingers still entwined and our steps matching. When we get to the gym I see the gymnastics mat out… crap.

"Good Afternoon Class! Today we'll be doing Gymnastics! If not you can run! I'm Ms. Fuji!" she says. "Please choose which activity you'll be doing and go over to your places!" she says while walking over to the gymnastics mat.

I look down at Amu "what are you going to do Amu-Koi?" I ask her.

"Maybe Gymnastics… but I don't want to leave you…" she says looking up at me

"It's okay Amu-Koi. Just do your Gymnastics. I'll be running around the Gym so I'll be watching! Just keep your eyes on me kay?" I say to her.

She nods and walks over to the gymnastics mat while I jog over to the running track. As I run I see Amu doing gymnastics… DAMN SHES FLEXIBLE!!

"WOW Hinamori-San! You're really flexible! Have you ever though about joining the cheerleading squad?" Fuji sensei asks.

Amu looks over to me and smiles, she looks back over to the teacher and shakes her head no. Amu does a Round off, back handspring, split. My eyes almost pop out! I see her do a handstand into a bridge and walkover. (I can actually do all these things! Except the back handspring.. Lol) she looks at me the whole time and I look at her the whole time. Before we knew it, it was time for lunch. I walked over to Amu and hugged her "you're really flexible Amu-koi!"

"Thank you Ikuto-Koi! Now lets go to lunch! I'm hungry!!" she says grabbing my hand and walking towards the cafeteria. (Ikuto gave her a tour before so she knows where it is.

Amus POV

As I walked into the cafeteria I spot Rima! "Rima!" I shout to her, she turns her head and looks over to me. She smiles and waves. "Hey Amu! Come over here!" she says waving me over to her. I look up at Ikuto with a sad face, he looks back down at me and smiles.

"What? Go with your friends Amu-koi, you don't have to spend every second with me!" he chuckles. I smile and let go of his hand and walk over to Rima. I look back at Ikuto and see him walking over to his other guy friends. Me and Rima get in the lunch line, I look over at the other lunch line on the opposite side and see Ikuto talking to a boy with chocolate brown hair that went in different directions, emerald green eyes, and earrings on both ears. He points to me and Ikuto looks over to me. He winks and I blush.

Ikutos POV

I was talking to kukai when he turns his head and points to a girl "you know her or something? She's staring at us." I look over to where he's pointing and see Amu. I smirk, I wink at her and I see her blush. "yeah, her name's Amu." I tell him. "She's cute." he says, I snap my head to look at him. "Amu huh?" he says staring at Amu… I feel a little angry… maybe a lot angry… why?! When we get our lunch I see Amu talking to her new friend Rima.

"Hey Amu-Koi, there's a party at my house, are you going to come?" I ask her

"um… sure Ikuto-koi" she says flashing me a dazzling smile. WAIT DAZZLING?!

"Hey! Amu right?" kukai butts in…

"uh… yeah, who are you?" she asks raising an eyebrow

"Kukai Souma! Nice to meetcha!" he says putting an arm around her shoulder… he's only just met her and he's getting all touchy!! WHY AM I SO MAD?! I see her blush…

"N-Nice too meet you too Kukai…" she said

"Well! See you at the party! Lets go Ikuto!" he says walking away

I give Amu a kiss on the cheek and hear "NOO! OUR PRECIOUS IKUTO!!" from a bunch of girls, I roll my eyes and walk away.

At the party…

Still Ikutos POV

The party was pumped! People were on the dance floor jumping up and down as Number 1 by Big Bang played. Just as the words "Girl you're so fine, you're so fine" Amu walked in… wow. She was wearing a pair of black short shorts, a black tang top, black and white Nikes, and black and white striped sleeves.

"Hey Amu-koi!" I shouted due to the loud music while walking over to her.

"Hey Ikuto-koi!" she said holding my hand so she wouldn't get lost in the crowd. I led her to the dance floor.

"JUMP, JUMP, JUMP TO THE CEILING!!" the song said

Everyone began to jump and point up to the ceiling, as me and Amu jumped we just held each others hands, smiling at one another, and our fingers entwining.

"Crazy, hot, mad party, shorty drop it low for me, you can keep me company, your love, sweet, smell like honey" the song said

I turned Amu around and wrapped my arms around her waist as she swayed her hips. We began to grind, her body against mine and mine against hers. Until… Kukai came over and asked Amu if she wanted to dance…

"Um… I-I was kind of dancing with Ikuto… maybe later Kukai…" she said grabbing my hand. I glared at Kukai and he nodded while walking away.

"Thanks Ikuto-koi" she said while giving me another kiss on the cheek.

We continued to grind and laugh and have fun. I left Amu for a bit to go talk to other people when I heard a scream… AMU! I run over to where I last saw her and saw 2 guys pinning her against he wall.

"S-Stop!" she pleaded

"Aw C'mon baby! Lets have fun!" one of the guys say, the other one touches her face… that's it. I push everyone away and make my way over to the two guys with my hands balled in fists. I tap them both on the shoulder, they turn around and I punch both of them in the face.

"Don't you dare touch her!" I spat at them. I walk over to Amu and hug her.

"Are you okay? I'm so sorry…" I ask her worriedly

"I'm okay Ikuto-koi, thank you… but I don't want to cause any trouble… I think I should go now." she says getting out of my embrace and walking towards the door. Before I can stop her Kukai comes out of no where! He grabs her arm and dips her, and the next thing you know… his lips are on hers.

End of Chapter!

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Amu: Ikuto-koi, if you promise not to kill Aikimi-Chan then I'll give you a kiss.


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