50 sentences

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1. Crisis

Kurama knew that a new, dangerous situation had risen when Hiei broke into his house with a dying Botan cradled in his arms.

2. Peony

She was named after a flower, but Hiei was certain that she was a simple weed.

3. Influence

Friends and comrades are influenced by one another, but even Kurama did a double-take when Hiei smirked, saying, "Bingo."

4. Cops

Botan thought of the game where they toyed with the police, but it was Hiei's idea to test their radar against her oar and his legs.

5. Authority

Love was a mysterious beast... so when Hiei mated with Botan, even Koenma could not object.

6. Tired

As Botan flew Hiei home, she couldn't help but smile as he leaned on her shoulder, snoring softly.

7. Smile

It was only when Botan smiled that Hiei knew that the kiss was okay.

8. Bubbles

Hiei would have dropped down on his knees and thanked Enma for bath bubbles if Botan wasn't throwing shampoo bottles at him.

9. God

He may see all, but He did seem awfully surprised at the union of the ferry girl and fire demon.

10. Omen

"You must understand, Botan, it was written long ago: When sinner falls for saint, the end is nigh."

11. Peace

Despite the madness in the Worlds around them, the tranquility of sleeping together was enough for Hiei and Botan.

12. Chaos

For as long as he could remember, Hiei viewed humans as savage and disgusting, but when he met the many-faced ferry girl... he thought that there was a slight chance that he was mistaken.

13. Stain

Ask Hiei how to get blood out of cloth and we would tell you to use cold water and hydrogen peroxide, but ask him how to rid Botan from the mind and he would be silent.

14. Purple

Botan was crying, holding Hiei close when he realized that her eyes were not pink... but the lightest shade of purple.

15. Breathe

"If you don't start breathing, onna," Hiei slammed their lips together, forcing oxygen through her, "then I swear I'll kill you."

16. Glasses

Hiei was convinced that Botan needed glasses because there was nothing good that he saw in himself, but she did.

17. Devil

Electric tingles ran down her body, and Botan cursed Hiei when she felt him smirk against her breast, his evil fingers crawling up her inner thigh.

18. Bounce

She may have been the most optimistic member of the Rekai Tentei, but when she stared down at her broken leg, she began to doubt that she'd be able to bounce back from this one.

19. Ink

Tattoos were pointless because their meaning and color faded over time, but the mark on the side of her neck was permanent.

20. Water

He was sinking into the darkness of his soul, cold, wet, and alone, when a warm and loving hand pulled him out and into the light.

21. Nervous

The first time he kissed her, Botan had jumped with surprise and it took her two weeks to convince Hiei that he hadn't hurt her.

22. Pajamas

Though he may never admit it, Hiei loved seeing her in baggy pajamas.

23. Logic

Nature's logic was never flawed, especially its law of Opposites Attract.

24. Game

Botan loved games, and she introduced Hiei to the game of "questions" only to quickly regret it when he asked the question that she had to answer: "Do you love me?"

25. Fun

The meaning of the word fun changes over the years, Hiei getting his first taste when Yusuke elbowed him, snickering, "So have you two had any... fun yet?"

26. Hopeless

"It's hopeless," Hiei spoke through his fingers to his best and closest companion, "I can't stop thinking about her."

27. Dance

He avoided her like she was poison, but the more they kept sliding past each other, it seemed as if they were enjoying their game of cat and mouse.

28. Frozen

Fire blazed, and the young Hiei saw the Angel of Death, frozen in time with blood on her hands and a sad smile gracing her beautiful face.

29. Study

Hiei found out that Botan had a sharp memory when one night she proved to him that she had memorized everything that made him gasp, shiver, and moan.

30. Teacher

Little by little, Hiei smiled more.

31. Artist

Even being a warrior is an art, his perfectly toned muscles that were subtle and lean to the soft spots in his heart.

32. Memory

Botan was no angel, and Hiei's presence only reminded her of her past occupation as the Angel of Death.

33. Understanding

Sometimes Botan would wake up in the middle of the night, scrubbing her hands raw, and she could never appreciate Hiei enough for understanding her haunting past.

34. Harmony

Hiei learned at a young age to treasure the peaceful times, even if Botan still had to giggle at everything.

35. Song

Tears ran down Hiei's face as Botan's frail body shook with pain from childbirth, and she smiled as she died, whispering, "It's okay, make sure to play with her, okay?"

36. Infected

Water ran down her body as Botan stepped in the shower, her thoughts plagued with the fire demon that Yusuke defeated earlier in the day.

37. Traveler

Gazing into the depths of his mate's eyes as she gave in to pleasure, Hiei couldn't imagine wanting to be anywhere else.

38. Comedy

Everyone turned at Hiei's dark laughter when Botan tripped and fell into a puddle of mud.

39. Drama

Botan bit her lip, hating all the soap operas that made such a big deal out of telling a man that a woman was pregnant, but even the ridiculousness of television didn't ease the ferry girl's anxiety.

40. Acting

Hiei dreaded being a father, thinking that he would have to pretend to love his child, but just seeing his newborn son sent a new rush of love through him that washed away all of his doubts.

41. Tongue

As a child, Hiei had approached Death as she breathed heavily, still recovering from the thrill of murder... and her pink eyes spoke in a silent language that was universal... the language of pain.

42. Elbow

In the drowsy moments after sex, Botan propped herself up on her elbow and nibbed on her lower lip and smiled, "Well, who would have guessed that this would have happened?"

43. Concern

He'd never forget her feeding him bitter greens and asking him if the guards were being too rough.

44. Desperate

Yusuke felt like he was made of ice as Hiei lost it, losing all grace and precision in his movements when he saw Botan's broken body.

45. Please

Botan knew that pleading with Enma was worthless, but she had to try as she held her mate in her arms, squeezing his bloody hand.

46. Awkward

Koenma's eyes burned when he saw his best friend topless and Hiei quickly unbuckling his belt when he walked into Botan's apartment.

47. Judge

When Koenma asked why Botan wanted to be demoted to a mere ferry girl, she said, "Because today a little boy came up to me and looked at me in awe, Koenma, as if he aspired to be like me."

48. Reincarnation

Hiei sat on a bench by the lake, his three children playing, when he saw a dove flutter to the empty spot next to him, cooing softly.

49. Death

"Lots of people fear Death," Botan said as she twisted a blue curl around her index finger, "be grateful, Hiei, that you know what happens after life."

50. Love

It was the morning, and Hiei woke to see his mate brushing her teeth, humming an old song he used to sing when he was with the bandits, and that was when he knew for sure that they were soul mates.


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