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"Sh! Filch will only be gone for a minute or so, so we've gotta knick what we can, alright, Fred?"

"Too right you are, George." A small boy with red-hair grinned to his twin as they quietly entered the Caretaker's office.

Once inside, the two first years looked about and decidedly chose a target of search. "Filing Cabinet." They both agreed.

It two seconds to jimmy the muggle lock (Having a muggle obsessed Dad made one rather adept at lock picking) and open the filing cabinet.

"Whoa!" Fred cried, reaching in and pulling out something, a small folded piece of parchment. The paper was blank, but somehow looked important. "What do you reckon this is?"

"Who cares? If it's in Filche's office under lock and key, pocket it!" George said excitedly.

They continued pulling out odd little objects, one by one and pocketing them. Suddenly, George went through the files and pulled out one in particular. This specific file was set apart from the others by the fact that it was the thickest, the most colorful (For some reason it was decorated with drawings of fireworks) and screamed 'Do not Touch' in the strictest sense. That made it all the more inviting.

The red-heads opened the document to the first page and looked at it eagerly.

"The Infamous Hogwarts Prankwar of 1977." Fred read aloud, his grin growing with each new word read. "Written by the Marauders and the Marauderesses."

"Who the bloody hell were the Marauders and the Maraudereses?" George asked excitedly, skimming through the many pages of the book.

"I can't believe we weren't there for that prankwar." Fred whined. "It sounds bloody fantastic."

A sudden bang, feline yowling and shouted curse caught the Weasleytwins' attention. George made to shove the document in his book bag but with all the other stuff he had put in there it didn't fit.

"We'll come back for it," Fred promised, "Tomorrow, same time."

They stuck the document back in the cabinet with its brothers and sisters and made sure the lock was reinstated. The two red-heads slipped out of the office, retreating from the nearing wheezing and shuffling that announced Filch's arrival.

"Who do you think actually wrote that thing?" George asked his brother as they ran back to the common room. "I mean these Marauders and Marauderesses sound top notch."

"Not to mention brilliant." Fred added. "But don't worry, we'll find out."

Unfortunately, they never did. The next day Filch had Professor Flitwick come into the office and install a set of security charms that only let him in, as well as Ms. Norris.

The story of the Infamous Hogwarts Prankwar of 1977 remained undiscovered for many years.

But, as James Sirius Potter soon discovered with several of his third year mates, every security charm has a loophole.

And every story (Even the seemingly nonexistent ones lurking in the bottoms of filing cabinets) has a right to be told.

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