Love Story

So this is a bit of a different story. I recently became obsessed with Taylor Swift's song Love Story. The Romeo and Juliet theme in it always makes me think about Edward and Bella. Oh and I couldn't really picture Edward in like old fashioned clothes, so he is wearing an old fashioned looking, simple tux. But it works.

You may want to listen to the song; it kind of helps explain what's going on.

Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer owns Twilight, Edward, and Bella. Taylor Swift owns the song "Love Story."



I sulked, pouted, and whined.

I still didn't get my way.

The stupid party my parents were throwing was the bane of my existence. I didn't want to go. Not at all.

It was all they could talk about for weeks and weeks. My mother insisted it would bring the Swan family to the top of the social ladder. Those were her exact words.

"We'll finally outshine the Cullens," she gushed to me as my maid Jessica did my hair. "This will be at least ten times better than Duchess Esme's last party."

I had never met any of the Cullens, but my mother and father complained enough about them for them to feel like family. They were our competition. The houses of Swan and Cullen were in constant competition for the best titles and estates. Fights between my cousin's Tyler and Michael and some of the Cullens were common. They were always muttering about that jackass Emmett or that idiot Jasper. I was always curious, but they never told me anything. Something about the need to preserve my youthful innocence. Then they would strut away all "manly." Cavemen.

Unfortunately enough, they were all invited tonight. My father had announced at dinner that they needed to rub their face in the humiliation. The rest of my family had simply cheered. I had always felt a little out of place amidst the huge Swan family. I was fond of them for sure, but they just felt different then me. I was content to read novels, like my favorite, the new Romeo and Juliet. Every birthday I begged them to let me go see the author's plays. However, my parents refused. They would rather go hunting or adventuring somewhere.

Another servant, Lauren, quietly entered the room. "Duchess Renee, they need you downstairs." My mother swept out of the room.

"Make sure you're ready on time, Isabella," she called behind her. Like I had a choice. Jessica would wrestle me into my gown if she had to.

I daydreamed while she finished my hair, staring out the window at the assembling decorations. The view out my balcony doors was the prettiest in the house. I could see past the forest to the picturesque lake I always dreamed of visiting with my Prince Charming. I could see the pretty cottage I played in as a child. The curtains suddenly snapped shut.

"Time to get dressed," Lauren announced. She pulled my dress out from the chest.

It was beautiful. It was deep blue silk, and it had a full skirt. The sleeves had a slight ruffle at their end near my elbows, and it had delicate beading on the bodice. As soon as it was fasted tightly, I looked in the mirror.

I looked older than my sixteen years, that was for sure. The dress was cut to hug my body lightly, and the color suited my pale, blushing skin perfectly. My hair was pulled back into an intricate bun, and a few dark brown curls had fallen out.

My door slammed open. "Good, you're ready," my father, Duke Charles, grumbled. "Isabella, pay attention." I bowed my head slightly. "If you see Jacob Black, make sure to say hello. His father, William, and I have been discussing a match for you two."

I internally sighed. Jacob seemed like a perfectly fine young man. But there was something about him that made it impossible to like him. I saw him more as a random, slightly creepy boy than a future husband. However, there was no way I could express that to my father. "Do you understand?" I nodded. He hurried out of the room.

I glanced at the clock. There were a few minutes before I had to go down to the party. I went out onto my balcony and sat down, resting my head against the stone dividers.

This life my parents had wasn't what I wanted. I wanted, as immature as it sounded, the fairy tale. But with my impending marriage to Jacob Black, I was sure that wouldn't happen.

"Please, let tonight mean something," I whispered, not even sure who I was asking.

As usual, a voice from within my room startled me. "Isabella! Go down to the party!"

I complied slowly. Stupid party.


Why? Did they hate me or something?

That was silly. I was pretty sure my parents loved me. But if they did, why in holy hell would they make me go to this stupid party? For one, it was hosted by the Swans. Our families had hated each other for generations.

Secondly, I hated parties. They knew that. I would much rather stay home and work on my compositions or read.

I sighed.

"Why so upset, darling?" My mother, Esme, called as she entered the room, her eyes sweeping around the room. "Are you still sulking about the party?" She laughed kindly.

"Yes," I replied sullenly. I knew it was stupid, pouting like a child. I just couldn't get over it. "Will the Denali's be there?"

"I believe so," Mother answered. "That reminds me, Tanya will want to see you tonight." I groaned.

The Denali's were another powerful family in our usual circle. Marques Eleazar and his wife Carmen were of Spanish descent with three gorgeous daughters. Irina and Kate were already married off, and Eleazar and my Father were discussing a match for Tanya and me. I didn't like Tanya at all. She was too, something. I couldn't put my finger on it. Maybe she was just too much. I preferred simplicity and quiet. Tanya thrived in the middle of a party. We were just too different, I mused.

What made it worse was that Tanya was completely besotted with me. Her constant flirting and advances were beyond annoying. They were slightly scary.

"Edward, don't be like that," Mother scolded. "Tanya is a perfectly lovely girl."

"I know, Mother. I apologize." She gave me a kiss on the cheek as I walked out of the room.

"Remember to go see Alice! She had her tailor make you something for tonight!" She called.

I headed down the hall to my brother Jasper's wing. Jasper and I were close. The two of us had always been able to tell what the other was thinking or feeling. He was only about two years older than me at nineteen, and had been married to Alice a year ago.

Oh, Alice. We had known her family, the Brandon's, for practically our whole lives. Alice was my second cousin. The tiny fairy and I had always been close, more like brothers and sisters than the cousins we were. She was incredibly kind and ravenously enthusiastic about life. Jasper was a lucky man. They had a bond that I couldn't describe. They were the ultimate definition of soul mates to me.

I knocked lightly, and Jasper opened the door. "Hey, Edward," he greeted and invited me in.

A bruise was fading on his jaw. "Holy hell, Jasper."

"Tyler Swan," he shrugged. It made no difference to him. The Swan boys, Tyler and Michael, were always picking fights with Jasper and my other brother Emmett. I stayed out of it, mostly because I didn't care.

"Hi Edward!" Alice chirped. "Come here, I have a suit for you."

Alice and I chatted for a few minutes, and then I left to go back to my room.

As usual, Emmett and his wife Rosalie were arguing in the hallway. Her French accented insults rolled down the hallway and she smacked him on the shoulder.

Rosalie was probably the most attractive girl I had ever seen. She was blond, with huge purpley eyes that could bend almost anyone to her will. Emmett and Rosalie argued all the time, but they were crazy about each other. They had been since she stepped off the ship her father, the King of France, had sent her over on.

It was a comical sight, seeing giant Emmett getting beat up by his wife. Emmett was undeniably huge, with muscles that looked intimidating to even the most skilled fighters. But underneath the bulk he was a sweetheart, in the words of my mother.

I skirted around them and escaped to my room.

Ugh, this stupid party.

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