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Summary: Love is in the air…literally. The Uchiha, a cold, stuck up billionaire who gets anything he wants. The flight attendant, who caught his eye and defies his morals of having things his way. The brother and best friend have the same interest as him. What will become of this shifting love between the skies? Main Pairing: SasuHina Side Pairings: ItaHina, GaaHina, NaruSaku, etc.

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First Terminal

I woke up to a fresh start feeling much energized as I did my daily routine of grooming. The only time I would actually care about my appearance is for one thing, my job. I love my job. The best thing about it is the traveling around the world. I also love the feeling of being in the air like a bird and how beautiful it is. It makes me feel of a bigger part of the world when I am in the sky as I look down at the ground where I was feeling achieving of my job. It makes me feel free and has helped me from being awfully shy. Though I am still a bit shy, due to bad habits, but being at my job has started to awoken my confidence. I have been working for three months already and the outcome? No stuttering, fainting, blushing, or being afraid; most of the time.

Hello, I am Hyuuga, Hinata. I am 20 years old; I have long black with a tint of blue hair that reaches to my mid-back. I always have a light blush on my face, or so I have been told. I have lavender almost white eyes and about 5 feet tall. Oh, and my job is a flight attendant ever since I was disowned.

"Hey Hinata-Sama, we'll be late for work."

"I'll be right there" I replied.

I stumbled down the stairs already dressed in my uniform; a navy blue vest with a name tag and bronze badge over a white blouse and a matching navy blue skirt that is an inch above my knees while I wore light stockings. I had a small blue hat and white gloves to add to the uniform. My clothes were a bit big which I was happy for being able to breathe and conceal my figure.

I sped down the stairs crashing into the wall when I tried to slow down. My cousin looked amused when I fell to the floor making me disheveled.

"Heh…Nice one." I huffed when I saw him smirk at me as I was fixing my attire.

"It's not my fault. I am never good in high heels." I retorted hoping to make him stop making fun of me.

"They are only one inch high." I saw him scoff at that feeling angrier.

"Here." He held my hat that was on the floor when I fell and placed it on my head.

I knew I was blushing, so I lowered my head and mumbled. "Umm…Thank you…"

Hyuuga, Neji, my cousin or to me my brother; he is 22 years old, and has long brown hair about the same length as mine tied in a very low ponytail. His eyes are also the same as mine, since we are related. He is my "protector" even if he doesn't have to be. He is cold and stern; he decided to stay with me even when I was disowned. My friend tells me that he is very handsome, though I would never look at my cousin like that, so I took her word for it. Actually he is very popular seeing that there is always star struck girl around him. I feel like he will always be calling me 'Hinata-Sama' for the rest of my life.

"Hinata-Sama. Come on, we're going to be late." He was holding the taxi up.

I locked the door and ran to meet him. We entered the taxi and told the driver to go to Konoha Airport. I glanced over at my cousin since he was messing around with his uniform collar. He was trying to loosen the hold on his neck looking very uncomfortable. I covered my mouth to stifle a laugh and saw as Neji looked startled at me and then blushed a bit of embarrassment. I heard him mutter a 'Be quiet' and tried to hold my laughter in more.

Neji is wearing a dark navy blue jacket with a name tag and silver badge over a white collar shirt and wearing a matching set of dark navy blue pants. He wore a tie inside his jacket and had nice shiny black shoes. His policemen-like hat was under his arm since he hates wearing it.

We arrived at the airport and paid the driver his money. Walking to the 'Employees Only' door I was then collided into two figures. Once my head had stopped spinning, I opened my eyes to see two bright smiling faces.

"HINATA-CHAN! It's so good to see you!" I was hugged by my co-worker and best friend, TenTen. I started blushing from the contact. I released a small sigh of relief when she released me, but that didn't last long, since another pair of arms wrapped around me knocking the wind out of me.

TenTen is 21 years old and is very Chinese style. Her supposedly long brown hair is always put into two buns. Her brown eyes show strength and analyze things around her. Her family is the owner of a Weapons Store in China though she has decided to stay in Japan. She is a spirited and tough person which I admired when I was little. She is the head female attendant who is wearing the same attire as me with the difference instead of a vest; she has a navy blue jacket with a name tag and silver badge.

"OH HINATA-SAN! It IS good to see you! I hope we do an excellent job today as well!" My other co-worker, Lee said with enthusiasm. He continued to hug me tightly until my cousin removed him forcibly looking annoyed with his overdramatic friend who had tears waterfalling, looking hurt from Neji's coldness.

Rock, Lee is 22 years old and is a very awkward person which I never understand. He has black bowl-shaped hair, since for some reason he decided to keep. Neji was the one who gave him the haircut first when he was in middle school. Neji was annoyed when Lee kept asking for a haircut, so he decided to make the cut exactly like their weird teacher, Gai. Surprisingly Lee liked it and has never changed the style since. Besides his hair that stands out, are his thick eyebrows that many make fun of. It never affects him, so he seems to ignore the insult. He is the head male attendant wearing a white collar shirt under his buttoned up navy blue jacket with a name tag and silver badge. He has navy blue pants, a black tie on, nice black shoes, and has a policeman-like hat fewer details from Neji's.

TenTen and Lee have known Neji since middle school. They were the three no one would get near and were always a team in anything. TenTen is known for her violent behavior in grade school, Lee is known for his strength and theatrical expressions, and Neji is known for his cold beauty and ignorance to people below him. It is because of TenTen and Lee that Neji was not ravaged by fan girls in his school life.

I smiled at the normal display of Lee's funny hurt expression as Neji ignored him and TenTen hitting and yelling at Lee for being embarrassing. I scanned around for two familiar beings that I've known since grade school. I spotted them and strolled my way towards them smiling brightly at them. They were my 'team' in every single event in my life.

"Good Morning Kiba-Kun, Shino-Kun."

"Morning' Hinata!" Kiba smiled cheekily. I smiled back and looked Shino who nodded in response.

Aburame, Shino is 20 years old and has black hair that seems to puff upwards a bit and always wears sunglasses. He has a cool composure and does not let things bother him. He is pilot, the same as Neji, and he wears the same uniform.

Inuzuka, Kiba is 20 years old and has messy brown hair and red marking tattoos on his cheeks. He is my co-worker and sort of a rebel who would sometimes bring his dog, Akamaru, on a flight. He made a fuss about the uniform we had and the boss let him improvise with the outfit. He wears his collar shirt opened a bit and his jacket is not buttoned with a name tag and bronze badge. He has the same navy blue pants and black shoes, but no tie.

The door opened to reveal our seniors, Gai, Asuma, Kurenai, and Kakashi. Gai, Asuma, and Kakashi's job was to transport cargo and luggage to and from the plane. Kurenai's job was the leader of the crew on the plane; she helps around with the jobs and maintains the workers. Although they are having common jobs if things are in jeopardy they could do any of the jobs on the plane.

Might, Gai is wearing green commando clothes with a name tag and gold badge. He was TenTen, Lee, and Neji's sensei ever since they met each other. Gai is also Lee's adoptive father and has the same spirit as Lee, but more dramatic.

Sarutobi, Asuma has a bit spiked up black hair, sideburns reaching to his small beard, and he has a very strong build. He is constantly smoking except on flight. He is wearing the same outfit as Gai's, but darker.

Hatake, Kakashi is a cool composed character; he has gray spiked-up hair, a mask covering his mouth, and has droopy eyes of no interest. He is always reading an orange book, which I heard it was inappropriate for me to know. The uniform for his is the same as Asuma's and he has this very cool cosplaying headband covering his left eye.

(A/N: All three of the guys are wearing like their jounin outfit. That makes it easier to understand…)

Yuuhi, Kurenai, my sensei, is a beautiful wavy black haired woman with unique red eyes. She is wearing the same uniform as TenTen's, but with a gold badge.

"Alright! Everyone's here! The rest are on board already! So LET'S GO!!" Gai jumped up on the table and did an overdramatic pose as everyone looked annoyed except for Lee who seemed to be burning with 'youth'? I smiled nervously at him as we all left to board the plane. I saw the empty areas on the chairs and I brightened as I walked in the aisle stumbling a bit in these horrid heels. We all got ready for the flight; Neji and Shino went to the control room to check on maintenance, Gai went to bring the luggage in, and we went to check the seats and supplies if anything is needed.

I went into the kitchen to see if the chef needed any supplies before we depart. I walked to the back of the plane and saw Chouji already checking on the supplies.

Akimichi, Chouji is 21 years old, and has big messy hair which is always split in half with a bandana he always wears. He is wearing a simple white chef's attire with a name tag and bronze badge and an apron around his waist. He is the best and fastest chef I know, so there are only a few people in the kitchen. His father is also working with him as head chef who was now at the backroom eating salami.

"Hello Chouji-San. Are there any supplies needed?" I looked as he went around frantic finding something. He looked up at me. "Hi Hinata! Umm…I need some white pepper, parmesan, and some garlic. We're running out." I nodded at him and went off board to retrieve the items. I returned to see Chouji sitting with a sleeping Shikamaru on a bench eating shrimp chips. I gave Chouji the food supplies as he thanked me and went to meet his father in the back room. I looked over a Shikamaru smiling at his usual behavior.

Nara, Shikamaru is 21 years old and has shoulder-length hair put up in a high spiked ponytail. He is a very drowsy person, but exceptionally smart. He is wearing the same outfit as Neji and Shino's, but with a bronze badge instead of a silver badge. His hat was covering his eyes as he slept. Shikamaru is the back up pilot and expertise in case anything goes wrong. Since he is always tired, he also has a special bunk in the front to sleep in. Like me Shikamaru loves his job although he mostly falls asleep, but during the time he is awake he looks out the window at the clouds passing by.

I called out his name as I shook him to awaken. He stole a glance at me to see who disturbed his slumber. I apologized and told him that we are about to depart soon, so he should get ready. I saw him yawn and stretch getting up walking to the front of the plane. I said goodbye to the two Akimichis and followed Shikamaru out the door. I saw everyone about finished with their tasks and some were already resting on the passenger seats. There was nothing unusual here. It is almost time for the flight to commence as I went to Kurenai-Sensei if anyone else needed any help.

After all was done, as some of the attendants went to the front to greet the passengers of first and middle class while some of the other attendants showed them their seats. The male attendants helped anyone who needed help putting their carry-on luggage. When that was done all of the attendants except for Lee and TenTen went to the back. Lee and TenTen began demonstrating the emergencies and showing how to put on the lifejacket and air mask. That being done we were set to take off as we felt the plane stroll down the ground and lift upwards into the sky.

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