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Fifth Terminal

Making their way towards the direction of the walkway in Terminal 4, most of them were excited at what their working space is going to be like. The airport was huge and extremely clean that the tiles on the floor glazed back as a reflection. The clicking of the high heel shoes and squeaks of the brand new leather shoes followed the group.

Entering the walkway and into the airplane, they gawked at the interior design. Many were impressed with their workspace. Everyone separated and started wandering around the unfamiliar environment. The plane was huge; there were only a couple of seats, but mostly couches along the windows. The aisles were wide, especially with the lack of seats there. There were plasma televisions, game stations, and more devices that normal airplanes should not have. Near the front of the cabin there was a bar that had exquisite and expensive wine. Near the back of the plane, there were a couple of average size bedrooms. The kitchen, also near the back, was big and spacious. It had many kitchen utensils and a great amount of high quality food. The cockpit had more space to move around in and their equipment was new and top class.

Neji and Shino looked at the cockpit. Shikamaru went to accompany Chouji with his admiration of the great supply of food. Kiba played around with the bar, Lee ran down the aisles with Gai following him. TenTen and Kurenai sat in the seats admiring the work on the place. Asuma and Kakashi went to the see their work space. Hinata stood near the entrance, overwhelmed with the overload put on her and a bit uncomfortable with her different surroundings.

Hinata stood there stiffly until an arm draped over her shoulder. She jumped and yelped a bit causing everyone in the cabin to look her way and those not in the cabin to see what was the commotion. A grinning Jiraya was behind her. Kiba quickly forced Hinata away from the man.

"How do you like it?" His smile was unwavering even from the hostile atmosphere coming from Kiba.

Gai spoke up first. "It is amazing! There are so many things! Everything is so YOUTHFUL!" His eyes were still sparkling with admiration.

"Haha…in sane words, the place is great," Kakashi said coming from behind Jiraya with Asuma behind him.

"Good. Oh and I should inform you on your job." He scanned at the confused looks on the crew, probably thinking 'What is he talking about. We are just supposed to fly executives to where they want to go.'

Jiraya continued, "This job is a year long expedition for you all. The people you are flying will be staying with you all year long. Also, they are very important people, so they need expert protection. That is why I have hired you, Kakashi has told me of your skills and I took the initiative. Right now, I would like you all to meet one of your passengers. He wants to see if you are right for the job."

Jiraya walked out of the airplane and Kakashi signaled everyone to follow. They had gone back into the airport and were led into an office. There was a man sitting on one of the leather seats facing the desk, he got up to the intruders.

"Aah...Sasuke, this is the crew." Jiraya made a hand gesture towards them, as if presenting a prize. "Everyone, this is Uchiha, Sasuke."

Most of them knew who he was, but the few who did not knew of his last name. Uchiha.

Sasuke's attention was first caught by the women's attire and smirked a little. "I like the uniform." His eyes on Kurenai. All the ladies blushed and lowered their heads.

Jiraya patted Sasuke on the back and laughed. "Me too! I chose it."

Then Sasuke seriously scanned each one of them until his eyes landed upon Kakashi. Jiraya saw Sasuke stop his gaze on Kakashi. "See someone you know?" His tone was playful.

They were interrupted by a knock on the door and the opening of the door without the owner's consent of entering. It revealed to be Uchiha, Itachi. "I am sorry for entering so hastily, but I heard my younger brother was meeting with the crew. If I may, can I join you?"

Jiraya was surprised by the older Uchiha, but hid that away. "Of course Itachi. We were just in the middle of it."

"Thank you." Itachi closed the door and stood a small distance next to Sasuke. Having the two Uchihas' eyes on the crew made most of them more nervous.

Itachi frowned. "What are they wearing?" He was obviously directing it to the women attire. "Can they not wear something less…distractive? My corporate partners will definitely be distracted, that they will not be able to work."

Jiraya held a cheeky smile. "You are supposed to be on a break. Enjoy your--"

"I am not on 'break'. I have a company to run." Itachi's cold glare made the older man freeze.

Jiraya did not want to give in and went to Sasuke. "Come on. You are going to ruin Sasuke's break then. Right?"

"No. I do not want any unnecessary things that will disturb me from my work." Sasuke had understood Itachi since he is being put under the position President. He, himself, should not laze around while his brother would do everything.

Jiraya sighed and gave in. "Fine. I will get the skirts longer and the shirts looser." Kurenai, TenTen, and Hinata were very happy on the inside.

"All right, besides that, are you sure? Would you mind giving their experiences?" Sasuke went back to the crew professionally.

"Okay. Kakashi had recommended me this team." Jiraya said proudly, as if he was the one who founded the crew. He introduced each and every one of them. "Sarutobi, Asuma was once a great boxer. Yuuhi, Kurenai is a master of disguise. Might, Gai is a martial artist. Hatake, Kakashi is whom you two probably know. Akimichi, Chouji was once a champion sumo wrestler. Nara, Shikamaru is a genius strategist. Inuzuka, Kiba is specialized in finding danger. Aburame is a capable of finding people. Hyuuga Hinata and Hyuuga Neji are skilled in the art of Gentle Fist. Miss TenTen here has the ability to use any weapon. Rock, Lee is Gai's star pupil, able to take on many." Jiraya looked at the Uchihas taking the information in. "Are you satisfied with the crew Mr. Uchihas?"

Sasuke spoke up. "Are you sure about her?" He was pointing at Hinata, who looked shocked. "I mean she is pretty short for a flight attendant." Hinata was blushing out of embarrassment.

"Well, sure she is short, but she seems to be growing. She is also growing in the right places too." Jiraya's lecherous face was clear to what he meant.

Neji clenched his fists, Kiba was being held down by Asuma and Shino was silently seething. Hinata was did not know Jiraya's thoughts, but she was still in shame of her height.

"It does not matter if someone is short, only if they can do their job properly." Itachi informed. Hinata was happy seeing her height did not affect someone else. Her small smile was enough to show Itachi her appreciation, but he disregarded it.

"Well, if you two are all satisfied, there should be no more problems?" Jiraya searched for an answer from the brothers.

"I am fine, if there is no more I will take my leave now." Itachi made his way out the door.

"I have no complaints with this, though can I speak with Mr. Hatake alone?" Sasuke said.

Kakashi nodded and went with Sasuke out the door.

Jiraya gave a huge sigh and turned to the crew; giving a victory sign. "Congratulations! You have gained their approval."

Everyone also let out a breath of relief. Neji, Shino, and Kiba still held a silent grudge against their employer.

Sasuke was walking with Kakashi. The silence was broken by Kakashi. "So, how are you Sasuke? It has been a while since we met. The last time we were involved with each other, you still called me 'sensei'."

"Yeah. It is probably around ten years ago." Sasuke felt uncomfortable reminiscing of the past and got to the point. "Kakashi, are you sure those people are trustworthy? With that many skills in one crew, they could take over the flight with ease."

"Yes, I am sure. I have known them for a great four years. Their backgrounds are clean, and they are capable to protect. There is nothing to worry about. We are on your side." Kakashi reassured him, knowing Sasuke's lack of trust in people.

"All right, I trust you," Sasuke said sincerely. His lips formed into his known vampire smirk. "This will surely be an interesting trip…"

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