Title: The effects of Synchro
Paring: Golden Pair, hint of KaidohMomo
Rating: K+
Warnings: MaleXMale, don't like don't read, also contains spoilers from the "National Tournament semi finals." (Yes, I am to lazy to check which chapter it happened in.) A bit of very stupid Eiji as well, it would be hard to make the plot go forward without it. Wait, which plot?
Summary: You should never underestimate the Synchronization. That rule applied to all their opponents and the Golden Pair itself. And most of all it applied to Oishi Shuichiro.
Disclaimer: I don't own Prince of Tennis or any of its characters, if I did the majority of them would be doing something completely different than playing tennis…..
A/N: Because I can't let inspiration like this go to waste. Seriously, there got to be something more with synchronisation than what we are able to see/read in the manga/anime. Why would you otherwise describe it as "they breath as one, move as one…" DUUUH! It's not really my thing to 'stupidify' characters, but I'll do it in this fic, srry…

The first time it happened it was a sheer accident, at least if you should believe whatever that was written in Inui's green notebook. As soon as the Golden Pair left the court the dark haired man had told them that according to his information Synchro was supposed to be impossible to enter before the pair had crossed a certain line, and he didn't have any data on that whatsoever when it came to the Golden Pair. Oishi Shuichiro was sure he could feel the uncertain glance from the data man trying to figure out how he could have missed such a scoop. He was trying his hardest to come up with anything to make the data man believe him when he told him that he and Eiji certainly hadn't passed such a line, but before anything could enter his brain he felt slender arms flung themselves around his shoulder and red hair tickling his check as Eiji entered the one-sided conversation.

"Eeeeh? What kind of line Inui? You should know by now that there are no lines for the golden Pair!" the redhead exclaimed happily and made a victory sign at the data man in front of them and yelled "Bui!" before he turned his attention to his doubles partner.

"More importantly, how's your wrist Oishi? Is it alright? We'll be able to play together soon again, right? Right?" Oishi was just about to tell his partner that he wasn't really helping, but before he was able to open his mouth Seigaku's brown haired prodigy entered the stage and placed a hand on Inui's shoulder.

"I wouldn't bother my mind about it if I was you Inui. They are practically married anyway" somehow his friends words was on a level that Eiji could understand because the redhead jumped off Oishi back and ran over to his friend, telling him all about that he and Oishi definitely wasn't married and so on. Oishi let out a small sight; somehow he had a feeling everything was going to solve itself. It always did.

But it didn't. Well, it did but the effects of the synchronization were lurking right behind the corner…

It started with their conversation… no it didn't. It started directly after they had ended the synchro, or did it happen while they both were synchronizing? Oishi didn't know, but one thing he knew for sure was that ever since he had left the court he had a strange feeling inside his stomach. A feeling of uneasiness, or rather he felt unsatisfied. He didn't know why though. He didn't feel down because they had lost the match, he wasn't angry or anything like that. It was just… just…he couldn't put his finger on and it and it made him restless. Maybe he just missed the feeling of being one together with Eiji on the court but he quickly shook that thought away. It was more like he was in a daze, like his body was waiting for something his brain didn't understand. He shrugged his shoulder and put it aside. The feeling would probably go away after awhile, and right now there was a match going on.

However it didn't. Instead the feeling just grew until his entire body was tingling with a feeling he couldn't name. Sitting on an abandoned bench together with the other half of the golden pair Seigaku's number one doubles team awaited the rest of the regulars who hadn't left the changing room yet. They were going to celebrate their victory as they usually did, by visiting Taka's Sushi restaurant. However, Oishi was still feeling uneasy and he knew through Eiji's body language that he was experiencing something familiar as he did.

"Ne Oishi?" The redhead asked slowly and glanced at him. "Do you feel… weird?" the acrobat asked and looked down on his feet which were just barely hanging above the ground and swung them forward and backwards, forward and backwards.

"Yeah I guess" Eiji's head rose quickly and big blue eyes looked directly at him and he felt the colour of his cheeks change slightly. "So it wasn't just me nya! You have been feeling it to haven't you? Since that synchro thing or whatever it's called I have felt strange and now I feel even stranger." Oishi nodded slowly.

"But it don't think 'stranger' is the world you're looking for Eiji" he smiled gently at his doubles partner who put his tongue out at him.

"Mooee, you understood what I was trying to say anyway Oishi!" the acrobat cried and pouted with his mouth, and Oishi could only chuckled in response. Yeah, he had understood, but that didn't mean he would let the chance to se Eiji's pouting face go to waste.

"What did you say?!!" the door to the changing room opened and angry voices were heard.

"I said you take to long in the shower Mamushi, seriously, you're just like a girl" giggling was heard before a loud 'smack' entered the Golden Pairs ears. Obviously the short tempered Kaidoh had given his rival a nice punch on the cheek, or in the stomach.. or another place on Momoshiro which the furious teen found suitable. "I walked out three seconds after you!" he hissed angrily.

"I'll get you back for that Mamushi!" Momo shouted and the sounds of punches and groans spread through the area. Oishi gave Eiji a quick glance before he stood up and walked away to the pair that had left the changing room and had started fighting around four meters outside the entrance.

"Anoo…" Oishi started uncertainly, those two could be really scary sometimes and he certainly didn't wish that their hate would turn towards him. However he was the fukobucho and had to do something!

"Hey, Momo, Kaidoh!" Eiji's happy voice merged into the mess of shouts as the acrobat flung himself on his partners shoulder. "Actually both you look like girls with your cheeks swollen like that" he grinned.

"WHAT?!" their voices cried in perfect unison as they turned their heads towards the Golden Pair at the same time. Oishi took a few steps back and offered an apologetic expression. Silently he just confirmed once again that Momo and Kaidoh indeed would make a good doubles couple thanks to their synchronization. He wondered if Inui possibly had missed it… but he highly doubted it.

"Silence or do you wish to run laps?" Tezuka walked out from the changing room with the rest of the regulars a few steps behind him. Inui who was currently writing something in his notebook and every now and then he would nod to himself. Fuji who looked at the scene behind Tezuka's shoulder with his usually unreadable smile and Kawamura that worn an expression close to Oishi's own… and of course Echizen whom… obviously thought that the few pebbles he had spotted on the ground was more interesting then two other regulars.

"NO!" the pair cried once again in unison and Tezuka nodded in satisfication.

"Yosh! Now when this is settle let's get going!" Kikumaru chirped happily and threw an arm into the air. Oishi on the other hand had a hard time concentrating. His partner was so close, so very close and he felt had the weird feeling and somehow it just seemed to grow even faster when Eiji was close.

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