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Oishi wasn't going to lie; the next day had started out kind of awkward. The cheerful conversation on the phone last night was forgotten when they met up in order to walk to school together. Eiji had uttered a shy "hi…" but other than that it seemed like the golden pair had lost their ability to speak properly and as a result they had walked together in silence, at least until Fuji had enough mercy to show up and start a conversation with the redhead.

For once during all those years he had known Eiji he had been at a completely loss of words. It wasn't possible for the surrounding people to not notice the tense air between the golden pair. But none uttered a single word about it. Not even Fuji dared.

There was no comment when the two of them changed into their training clothes, not daring to look at the other, or even talk in a strange belief that it would be taken the wrong way. Neither did this action cause any questions, even though Oishi was sure he saw a few raised eyebrows as he left the clubhouse without waiting on his partner. He needed to clear his brain, and even though he didn't want to admit it, yelling at the freshmen eased his pent up frustration.

It wasn't before the golden pair was assigned a double match against Inui and Kaidoh, that the awkwardness started to disappear. Little by little Oishi found himself fall back into the familiar position. Little by little with their rackets in hand they started to forget the reality around them. The only thing that existed was the ball that kept bouncing back at them, the net, their court and each other.

Oishi knew that even through the awkwardness they moved better than the day before, he was somehow able to react and catch on to Eiji's body language quicker than before, and he almost didn't need to order Eiji around, somehow the redhead knew exactly what he wanted him to do. It was scary but at the same time reassuring, being able to completely trust his partner to the fullest. It was like a weight had been lifted from his shoulders and he found himself enjoying the game more than usual, finding the time to really watch Eiji's flashy moves because he knew that Eiji would take care of the ball. One day ago he had moved to cover up that empty space on the court, just in case.

He was conscious during the entire game and he knew that Eiji was as well. They didn't enter synchro, but there was no need to do it either. That aside Oishi still wasn't completely sure about how it worked. Not that it mattered though, they had, after all, all time in the world to figure it out, or at least that was how it felt when the redhead smiled knowingly at him.


But it wasn't only the Golden Pair that seemed to have come to ease with each other, at least Inui noticed that the tension that had existed between the two loudest players on the team, finally seemed to fade away as Kaidoh finally seemed to put the entire act behind him and accept it.

For really, it wasn't really Kaidoh's fault that Fuji had dared him to kiss the sleeping Momo on the lips, and the poor guy just couldn't find the courage to tell the other exactly what had happened while the other was unconscious from passing out after drinking Inui's latest invention.

Maybe Seigaku would have another good doubles combo soon, that maybe in the future they also would be able to master the synchronization and everything that came with it.



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