Chapter 26-- Toys R Us


I rubbed my eyes, and began to yawn. God, I was so tired. I had only had a few hours asleep. It had been about three in the morning when I finally fell asleep and it was seven now. And it didn't help that Bella was sleeping in the same bed.

Don't get me wrong, I love having this woman in my bed...but...I had been awful tense all night. I had to keep my distance from her, so I wasn't pressing my hard-on against her. That would be a terribly awkward conversation.

I had work that day, so I rolled out of bed and nearly ran to the shower to give myself relief.

Once I was dressed, I stared at Bella's sleeping form in my bed. The sun peaked through my window and shone across her cheek. Her hair lay askew on the pillow that her head lay on. Her chest slowly rising and falling with each breath...

I needed to get out of there.

But before I made a run to it, I decided I'd leave her a note. So I did. I rushed into Juliet's room, kissed her on the cheek, and ran for my car. I drove quickly.

And I was still late to work.



"Edward." I mumbled and threw my arm on the pillow that he'd been sleeping on that night before, but it was empty. I lifted my head and lowered my eyes to the pillow. He was gone. His strong scent was still there and it filled me. I breathed it in. "Edward?" I whispered harshly in the air. But no answer came. Glancing at the clock on the side-table drawer, it said: 8:15.

I lay back against the bed with a groan, thank God there was no work today. I reached over to grab my phone but was met with a piece of paper.

My eyes were still hazy with sleep; I quickly rubbed it away and began reading.


I'm sorry I had to leave you, but I have work. Eh. I left some money; go shopping. Take Jules with you. Spoil yourselves.

Okay, maybe you can't go crazy with fifty dollars, but hey, have fun. And be safe. I'll see you later tonight, around five.


Wow, I missed that man. He's perfect.

And, we were definitely going shopping.

But I left the fifty dollars on the side-table drawer, and grabbed my purse.


Juliet was awake by the time I'd gotten showered and ready. She had obviously dressed herself. She wore a hot pink skirt with a yellow stripped shirt and little Mary Jane black shoes. Her socks were pocka-dotted and went up to her knees. She had greeted me with a smile and told me to "be quiet" because The Backyardigns were on. I laughed and did as she said. Once it was over, she complemented me on my outfit and I told her I found it in the guest room. She then proceeded to tell me that they were Auntie Alice's - apparently Auntie Alice had left them for me when they left earlier that morning. Such a sweetheart. I owe her a drink.

Juliet told me that we needed to go to Toys R Us because Edward had left her a twenty dollar bill. Apparently he does that when he leaves in the morning and Alice (or Nana Esme) takes Juliet to the store.

What a spoiled little thing.

What a cute little thing.

And now, we were at Toys R Us. She was in the Barbie isle, of course.

"Bella, who do you think has cuter clothes?" She held up two dolls. "This one--" she gestured to the one with a black dress-- "or, this one?" the second one wore a yellow dress.

"Hmm..." I rubbed my chin, pretending to be deep in thought. She sighed, tapping her foot on the floor with a small grin. "I think the yellow one definitely."

She smiled. "That's what I was thinking!" She placed the other doll on the shelf and clutched her new doll. "Um, do you think we can look at the board games?"

I reached for her hand. "Of course, Doll."

We looked at board games for about fifteen minutes, before she held up Operation. "I played this one with Nana Esme! Can we get it?! I wanna play it with you and Daddy tonight because it will be really fun, I love this game. Have you ever played it? It's great, huh? Yeah, okay, I want to get this one--" She was talking at a speed I thought only Alice could achieve.

"Whoa," I raised my hands up, with a smile and she grinned back. Her blue eyes wide and shining with excitement. "We'll get it, Jules." I laughed when she looked down bashfully. "Are you ready? I think we can get some food, and then be home by the time your dad is there?"

She nodded eagerly.

We headed to the check-out line and I paid for it with my own money, because I certainly didn't need Edward's money. As much as he'd argue with me about it, I was still going to pay, so I did. I'd deal with his hissy-fit when he got home.


I secretly hoped he'd let me stay another night. But, I knew I couldn't intrude.

Once it was all paid for, I turned to Juliet who was facing the other way. "You ready?" I brushed her dark hair with my fingers and she turned to me.

"Where's my mommy?"

My heart sank, my limbs froze.

She pointed to a beautiful woman with an infant in her arms. The woman's blonde hair sprayed across her face and the baby's face as she kissed the child's head. She must've sensed Juliet's and my gaze because she snapped her blue eyes to our faces. She stared at Juliet for a moment and her eyes were wide. Jules stared back with her own wide blue eyes. The woman slipped her eyes to my face and scrutinized me. I stared back innocently.

I cleared my throat, "come on, Jules, let's go. I'm hungry." My voice was quiet. Juliet had a thoughtful look on her face and she looked at me for a moment before nodding and gripped my hand.

We picked up food for Edward, too at Baker's on the way home from Toys R Us.

Juliet sat quietly in her car seat and stared out the window. She had asked me to turn up the radio once and we listened to the sounds of mainstream pop music the whole way back to Edward's house.

I unloaded her bag of toys - the Barbie doll and Operation - and then set the food on the table. She began eating and got more and more talkative.

She didn't ask that question again.

And I was thankful I got to avoid the topic. I breathed out a sigh of relief and ate my own food, smiling and laughing along with her.

"Where's Daddy's girl?" a voice full of love, smooth as silk, and deep, floated through the kitchen. Jules dropped her fries and ran over to Edward.

"Right here, Daddy!" She giggled when Edward picked her up held her in his arms. I observed them with a smile the whole time. When he looked up and caught my gaze, he winked.

I melted right there.

I picked myself up and took a sip of my drink. "Uhm--" I cleared my throat and blushed lightly with embarrassment. "we picked you up some food. We didn't know if you'd be hungry..."

"I am." He walked over to me, Juliet still in his hands. "Thank you." He kissed my forehead.

"Awh." Juliet cooed and smiled. "Let's play a lovegame, play a lovegame!" Juliet sang that ridiculous Lady GaGa song that we had just listened to on the radio.

I buried my face in my hands as I felt the blush creep to my cheeks. Edward laughed.

"I love the music you have her listening to." Edward said sarcastically.

I raised my head. "No! I didn't -"

Edward's laugh cut me off and I couldn't help but smile along. "Did you go shopping?"

"Yes!" Juliet answered him. He placed her in her chair and sat down, and began to eat. "I got a Barbie and we got this's really cool! I played it with Nana Esme." She grinned and shoved a fry in her mouth.

I stared at Edward as he took a sip of his soda. He licked his lips. I mirrored his motions. "What did you get Bella?"

I jumped and looked around at anything but him. "We just went to Toys R Us. Juliet deserved some toys, so we went there first, but didn't make it anywhere else." I looked at Juliet. "Because someone couldn't make up her mind." I accused teasingly and laughed when she looked down and played with her food. I brushed a hair off of her face. "I'm just teasing you, Doll."

She smiled and continued eating. I noticed Edward had watched the whole time. "I'm glad you two had a good day." His lopsided grin was in play. God, he was so gorgeous, I just wanted to lick him all over. Whoa, I needed to calm down.

After dinner, we broke out Operation and played a few rounds before Juliet turned to Edward with an innocent expression. "So, can Bella stay the night again?"

He looked at me with an arched brow. "It's up to her." He turned away and I could see he was blushing, I just wasn't sure why.

"Well, sure, if that's okay. I just have to go to work tomorrow around noon. So, it's up to your dad." I shrugged.

"It's up to you."

"Well, you want me to..."

"Yes." Edward said abruptly. I laughed at his eagerness and he just continued to blush. I couldn't help but stare at the red coloring. He was so intriguing.

If I just leaned a little closer...I would be able to--

"It's settled, Bella you stay the night. But you're sleeping in my room!" Juliet smiled and started another round of the game. I smiled back at her.

"Sounds like a plan!" I high-fived her.

"Well, you could always stay with me again, if you wanted." Edward quietly said and stared at his feet.

"No, she'll be with me." Juliet told him firmly, he narrowed his eyes at her.

It was going to be a long night.

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