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He had the anti-midas touch

Temporary state of mind

But a chance to die enhances growth

Now I'm trembling all the time

Silverchair - The Man That Knew Too Much


The soft classical music could be heard wafting down every hallway and the sound of laughter and mindless small talk could be distinguished over the noise of the string quartet. People mingled, others worked, and reporters surrounded a select few, each one wanting a good story or a provocative quote they could use; probing and questioning until they had gotten the information they wanted. Then, they would move on to the next important person in a cycle that continued throughout each room.

Somehow, I managed to escape a swarm of ravenous reporters and was able to find my way into the banquet room, where I found a table in the darkest corner possible. I collapsed onto the plush booth, laying my head down and stretching my legs out across the seat. I threw my arms over my eyes, trying to subdue the dim light that was shining high above me. I sneered slightly, knowing the satisfaction of a much-awaited sleep would never take over me. I had been among the crowds for over an hour and had finally reached my breaking point.

Every few months the hospital holds a fundraiser and all doctors and their families are required to attend. Well, supposedly "required". Carlisle, Esme, Emmett and I were the only ones in attendance tonight. Alice, Jasper, and Rosalie had not been hunting in awhile and Alice had a vision that it would have been disastrous if they tried to attend in their hungry state, so they were off hunting while Emmett and I suffered.

I scowled as I recalled that particular conversation. Rosalie had been devastated to miss the banquet, but not Alice and Jasper. In fact, Alice had grinned devilishly when Carlisle had given them permission to skip the banquet to go hunt. It was then that I had read her mind and realized she had been plotting it for weeks. She had purposefully declined to go hunting with Emmett and I the weekend before so that she could get out of the fundraiser. The smirk on her face still taunted me as she had skipped out the door this morning, gleefully telling me she hoped I had a great time.

Irritating, pathological little freak.

I continued to lie on the booth, my eyes closed, hoping that nobody would bother me if they thought I was asleep. My mind was preoccupied, unsuccessfully trying to formulate a plan so that I could leave without hurting Carlisle and Esme's feelings. There was no point in me being here. I had made the rounds, spoken to my father's colleagues and smiled for the pictures. And, I had checked out every female body in the room – the only one I had found that was even mildly attractive belonged to a young nurse who I had already slept with months ago. And I refused to lower my standards and sleep with her again. I never slept with anyone more than once. It was for their own good, though they didn't know it; but I knew how dangerous it would be for someone to get too attached to me. This was the life I lead, some might call me an "incubus", but I just call it being an immortal seventeen-year-old man. Hormones and commitment issues, all of that good stuff that guys always claim when in reality they just want to sleep around.

My mind was elsewhere, but not so engrossed that I missed the approaching footsteps. I felt someone leaning over my body, and I silently cursed the person who had disturbed me.

"Go away, Emmett." I muttered, not bothering to open my eyes. He didn't respond and I could just imagine the shit-eating grin that was on his face. I silently waited a few more seconds, hoping he would just leave, but knew it was useless. I finally gave in and moved my arms from my face and slowly opened up my eyes, cringing not at the light, but at the fact that his face was a mere inch away from mine. I had been right, he did have a shit-eating grin on his face. I made a mental note to hurt him when we got back to the house.

"Hey, whatchya doin' Edward?" Emmett said while finally backing away from me, having noticed the scowl that had formed on my face. I just glared at him, hoping he'd get the picture and leave. He didn't.


"Well", I spat at him, "I was trying to be alone until someone just had to bother me." I glared at him again. "That would be you."

He just rolled his eyes and sat down across from me at the table. I sighed and sat up in the seat, realizing he wasn't going to leave me alone anytime soon.

"I'm surprised you're not crippled from boredom, Emmett. These stupid banquets always suck."

"I am bored, loser. So bored in fact that I had nothing better to do then come sit with you." He rolled his eyes again and picked up the silverware that was neatly placed in front of him. He started to drum the knife and fork against the table, refusing to look up at me, knowing the look I was throwing him was not a good one.

"If I'm so lame why don't you go and bother Carlisle and Esme then, huh?" Without skipping a beat with his new 'drumsticks' he snapped his head up at me, a look of pure horror on his face.

"No way! They're even more boring than you are, plus they're hanging around Rosalie! Wait, that didn't come out right. Don't you dare tell her I said that!"


"Yeah Edward, you know, my wife." He stated while looking around the room, still drumming away with the silverware, which was really starting to annoy me.

"No shit, Emmett, I know who she is." I snapped at him, getting really pissed off at everything he was doing. I lunged for the silverware he had in his hands and snatched them away from him, placing them on the table in front of me.

"Hey! Give them back, jackass!"

I just ignored him and went back to what I had been saying before. "I was just surprised to hear she was here."

"They got back early from the hunting trip. Anyway, you should know by now Edward! If there's a banquet, Rosalie finds a way to be there, especially if there will be photographers. Which is why I'm avoiding her, she's mobbed." Emmett said as he slid forward in the booth, trying to get his silverware back. I quickly picked them up and put them on the seat beside of me, out of his reach. He sighed and fell back into the seat, obviously having given up on getting his drumsticks back.

"Jasper and Alice are around here somewhere too."

I started crowing with laughter, thoroughly amused that even after all her scheming, Alice had still been forced to come. I quickly scanned the thoughts of the crowd, trying to find Alice's thoughts. I could just imagine how miserable she was. My laughter started to subside as I realized that I couldn't find her amongst the crowd. Aggravated, I turned my attention back to Emmett.

"I hear Jasper, but I don't hear Alice anywhere."

"Then I guess she left."

"Without Jasper?"

Emmett shrugged and I rolled my eyes at his complete lack of concern.

"Jasper was talking with a bunch of people, I bet she decided to escape while she could, with or without Jasper.

"Whatever happened to 'No man left behind,'" I mumbled, more annoyed that she hadn't taken me with her than about Jasper's well being.

"It's Alice."

I shook my head in disgust, "I swear, she's sadistic." I smiled to myself, thinking of how just moments earlier I had been excited to see her miserable.

So maybe I'm a little sadistic too.

Out of nowhere, a blur appeared and a figure sat down beside of Emmett. I shot my head up to see who had just joined us and grinned when I saw Jasper in front of me, who had his eyebrows raised and a smirk on his face. I matched his expression and smirked back.

"Jasper! I see Alice's scheming paid off, huh? You missed, what, one hour, before Rosalie forced you to come?" I exclaimed, happy that he was suffering with Emmett and me.

"Missing one hour is better than missing none." He drawled. "So, I heard you talking – Alice left to go to another party – a real party."

"A real party?" I asked, skeptical.

"Over at Mike Newton's house, his parents are out of town."

My eyes narrowed, I really hated that guy, and I knew he reciprocated the feeling. I couldn't really blame him though; I had slept with his last two girlfriends. But that wasn't the point. "Alice doesn't go to real parties." I was the only one who ever ventured out to parties, and that was only so I could find new girls to hook up with. I had been begging Carlisle to relocate soon, as my selection of available women was quickly dwindling. However, Carlisle didn't see that as a justifiable reason to move. I was still working on persuading him.

"She had a vision that she needed to be there." Jasper shrugged. "She told that to Carlisle and he excused her to go."

I felt my mouth drop open and anger broiled deep inside of me. I feral growl slipped through my lips.

"That manipulating, freak show of a sister –"

Jasper held up his hand and cut me off mid-sentence.

"She also told Carlisle that you and I needed to go as well."

"Hey! What about me?" Emmett bellowed.

"Sorry, bro, nothing about you. Carlisle even asked and she said that she saw you staying here."

Emmett's eyes burned and Jasper quickly added to soften the blow, "Rosalie would be upset if you left." Emmett quietly fumed to himself. His mind was full of thoughts of telling Rosalie off for keeping him there. I couldn't help but smirk; he was so whipped.

"So, anyway, we better get going then, Edward. I have no idea why she's at that party, but she's pretty adamant that we needed to get there soon."

I felt my smirk turn into a full on crooked smile. I was escaping. Maybe Alice wasn't so annoying after all.

I quickly stood up, gave Emmett a sympathetic smile, and darted for the exit behind Jasper. We left the building, moving through the people talking outside and over to my Volvo.

"Don't get me wrong, I'm glad for any reason to leave the banquet, but whatever Alice has planned at that party better be worth it, Jasper." I said as we got in the car. I turned on the ignition and floored the gas, speeding out of the parking lot.

"Don't worry, judging by the twinkle she had in her eye, it will be worth it." He said with a smile. I grinned back, excited to find out where my future was headed.