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30 kisses, Chris and Winia, Part 1 01-05

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Winia stood outside the gate of the Bailaha mansion with Leo at her side. He heart was pounding; was it nervousness? Or something more. She watched as the carriage drew up and a young man stepped out. He was of a short demeanour, with a hansom face and soft chestnut hair. He was dressed differently from their first meeting, a reflection of his recent change of lifestyle, his clothes reflecting his new life of aristocracy. She watched as he walked briskly past her, brushing against her as lightly as a kiss, but showing no sign of having noticed her.

Christopher watched from inside the carriage, watched her figure grow closer as they approached his new home. He saw, from the corner of his eye, her face light up, and felt a warmth he couldn't explain fill him. He felt the spark, as they brushed together lightly, and the little tug upon his heart for every step he took away. He reached the gate and stopped.

She watched, as he turned slowly to face her, he saw, as their eyes met. And then, the moment was gone. Because all they could do was look.

2. News; letter.

The postman stopped for a moment outside the Bailaha estate, and smiled down at the gently sleeping form, sitting with his knees up against his chest and a cloak wrapped around him. His smile broadened as his pale grey eyes alighted upon a lithe figure dressed in green waiting to ambush him as he walked up the drive. He looked down at the sleeping boy again and said;

"Mornin' Christopher, didn't think you'd be up this early!" Christopher woke with a start, and was on his feet in a second, looking around wildly as he took in his surroundings. Within a second he had composed him self, and unwilling revealed his intentions with a glance over his shoulder to where his comrade and subordinate Fafel would no doubt be waiting.

"Yes, I was just wondering, did I get any mail perchance?" He tried to look casual as he said it, but the man noticed the slightly eager inflection in his voice. He decided to play with him.

"Ah, now, I think there was something. From somewhere up near Tourus I believe. But I'm sure you can wait and let the baroness see it fir-"

"No!" Chris looked positively panicked now, and his eyes once again flickered over his shoulder. "I mean," he continued, regaining his composure, "I'll just take it now, if it's alright with you."

"Oh, but I'm sure the-"

"Now, if you please." His eyes had gone suddenly dark, and the man knew he was pushing his luck. He gave Chris the letter without a fight, and watched him jog around the outer wall of the estate, possibly hoping to avoid any conflict. He himself was resigned to his usual dosage of assault/interrogation from the female members of the Obstinate Arrow.

When he returned home to his wife later in the day, and she startled at his bruised body and muddy clothes, he would kiss her.


"A staring contest."


"To decide who has to stay here and help clean up camp."

Christopher smiled.


They knelt down facing one and other, golden eyes locked onto cold blue ones (A.N. Chris's eyes are described as blue in the light novels). Chris sat perfectly still and balanced, smirking when Winia became uncomfortable and fidgety, but she still never broke his gaze. After a minuet or two his eyes had begun to water, but hers were still unnaturally clear. Now she was smirking. Chris was on no account a good loser, and would go to almost any lengths to win, even if it required using some very cheap tricks…

Chris moved so fast that Winia had no time to react, pressing his lips against hers and pulling away just as quickly. Winia fell back, startled, blinking furiously, and caught her opponents gaze. He was grinning, and it had begun to dawn on her what he had been planning all along.

"You, you, you…" By the time she had come up with a decent description of his actions, Chris was long gone.

4. Our distance, and that boy.

Winia watched from a distance as the man that she loved clung to another, panic in his eyes as he watched the life drain from his best friend. Forsyth lay in Chris's arms, stirring slightly, as Pacifica awakened also. She saw the relief, the pure love that Chris felt expressed in his eyes, as Forsyth opened his and took a deep ragged breath. Leo, Shannon and Raquel encircled Pacifica, as Chris helped his loved one to his feet, and she could watch no more.

She ran from the temple, just as the rain began, pale droplets kissing her boy as tears began to stream down her face. Never before had she felt so alone.

5. "Hey, you know…"

Winia sat with Pacifica, peeling potatoes for that days lunch. They sat in silence for a moment, when Pacifica turned to her friend and tried to begin a conversation. Winia was mostly unresponsive. She could tell by the expression of her friends face exactly what the conversation was going to be about, and she wasn't in the mood to talk about him just now. Pacifica sighed and had begun to let her eyes wonder around the camp when she noticed a figure standing in the shadows, watching the girl next to her out of the corner of his blue eyes. She gave him a meaningful glance, and blew him a kiss, before turning to her friend.

"Hey, you know…I think he really likes you." She watched with satisfaction as her friend turned red.

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