You took my heart

Deceived me right from the start

-Within temptation.

Hate. The dictionary defines the word as an intense dislike. I don't really think that covers it. See I've lived with the emotion for 75 years now. And my hate is stronger then any petty dislike, however intense you might define it to be, my hate is a loathing. A consuming fire that takes over me. Consumes me.


A rather strong word when describing a person. But i still don't think it covers what i feel for him now. My hate.


Hate and his name now went hand in hand, with his name came the burning passion of emotion. The opposite to what i once felt for him. I once thought he loved me, i was wrong. My feeble human self could not see threw his deceitful lies. The web he spun for me.

Edward. Hate.

My vampire mind could see it clearly. The lies. He didn't love me. He loved my blood, that singing blood that tempted him so. But it was gone now. Never again would it tempt with its song. I was dead now in every scene of the word.


I would never fully live again. Never. I had lost my life the day it was sacrificed for my existence. My pitiful existence. I was a dead vampire, my emotions had been torn from me. All but one. Hate. And it was hate for him.

Edward Cullen.

I for 75 years had been living with this burning passion of hate. My new family, or associates, had become used to my sullen moods. Rarely would I show them the old Bella. And it was all because of him. What he did to me. What he didn't do. Him.

I hated Edward Cullen.