All throughout the day, Harry had been nervous, and Ginny noticed. She kept giving him strange looks or putting a hand on his arm and asking him what he was so tense about. Each time he shrugged it off, not knowing how to respond without giving himself away. He already had a ring, but he kept it at Grimmauld Place so as to make sure she didn't find it.

At five o'clock, he announced that he had forgotten something at home, and had to go and get it. Ginny offered to go with him, but Mrs. Weasley came to Harry's rescue and told her that Ginny should help her in the kitchen instead. She looked disappointed, and Harry just gave her a sympathetic look before stepping into the fire. The last thing he saw was Hermione's suspicious look.

He arrived at Grimmauld Place a minute later, and brushed the soot off his clothes.

"Master Harry, welcome home," Harry heard Kreacher say as he bowed low to the ground. "May I make you something to eat?" Harry politely declined, and made his way up the stairs. He thought he heard something downstairs, but he just shrugged it off. The time for paranoia was past.

Rummaging through his bureau, Harry found the ring and pocketed it. He turned around and jumped as he saw Hermione leaning against the doorframe. There was an immensely satisfied look on her face, and she smirked.

"So… why didn't you tell me?" Hermione asked, looking slightly offended.

"You followed me here?" Harry avoided her question.

"I couldn't help it. You know floo powder doesn't exactly promote good security anyway. And the look on your face when you said you 'forgot' something. You don't have to be a genius to know you were up to something! But I am so excited! Marrying Ginny? You've finally wised up!"

Harry ignored her jibe. "Well, I haven't asked her yet. And I told everyone else this morning at breakfast, but you were out with her. And you two are always together… she would definitely notice something if you knew!"

Hermione shrugged. "I guess you're right. But I am so happy for you!" She did a little dance and jumped up and down.

"Like I said, I haven't asked her yet. She could still say no," Harry said, hoping that he was wrong.

"Oh please! I know she won't," Hermione waved her hand like it was no big deal. Harry hoped she was right. They went back to the Burrow together, and Harry went back to wrap the ring and put it under the tree. Then he went into the kitchen to help Ginny and Mrs. Weasley with dinner.

The food was delicious, of course, but Harry couldn't enjoy it as much as he could the first night, he was so nervous. After dinner, the big family all retreated into the living room, so everyone could open one present before Christmas morning.

Though Ginny, being the youngest, typically opened her present first, it was unspoken that tonight she opened it last. She didn't mind, though, and just laughed as everyone opened silly presents. Ron bought Hermione a collector's edition of Hogwarts, A History, and she laughed as she wrapped her arms around him. Harry and Ginny both stifled laughter at the smug look on Ron's face when Hermione kissed his cheek. Finally, after everyone else had opened their gifts, all faces turned to Ginny. She blushed.

"What?" she asked, confused.

"Here, Gin, open this one," Harry handed her the small box.

"Is this from you, Harry?" she asked.

"Yes," he swallowed. He had some things to say, but he decided to just let her open the box first, as his tongue didn't work properly.

She did, and promptly snapped it close. Harry's heart skipped a beat. She opened the box again and then let out a strange mix between a gasp, a laugh, and a sob.

"Yes, Harry!"

At first he didn't believe his ears… he didn't even have to ask her! He did anyway, just to make sure.

"You'll marry me, Ginny?"

"Yes, of course, Harry." She leaned forward and threw her arms around him, and he kissed her on the lips.

To his extreme embarrassment, he heard clapping. Ginny broke of the kiss as she started laughing.

"Stop it!" she said, though everyone could tell she was enjoying everything about this moment. Harry took the box from her hand and slipped the ring onto her finger, where it fit perfectly.

"Turns out Sirius had found my mother's ring after she died, and he had put it in Grimmauld Place before he was arrested. And it fits you perfectly," he told her. This was the true surprise; no one knew this but himself.

He heard Hermione gasp behind him, and Mrs. Weasley ("Oh Harry!"). But Ginny just smiled and kissed him again.

They spent the remainder of the holiday side by side, and had quite a sad goodbye when Ginny had to head back to Hogwarts. Harry promised to spend the weekend there in a few days, and Ginny left. Overall, Harry would definitely categorize this as the Merriest Christmas he had ever had.

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