If anyone could have observed the Time Lord known as the Doctor at this particular moment in time, then they would have noticed that he was in an extraordinarily bad mood.

It was Peri's fault, really. She didn't trust him, didn't like him. Didn't think he was worth anything, not as good as his predecessor.

He knew that he was abrasive, arrogant – but he had a right to be, didn't he? Then he smiled. Yes, the best thing to do, he reasoned, was remind her why she travelled. So he began a plan of action.


When Peri walked into the console room, dressed in her usual blouse and jeans, the Doctor had made his final alteration. He wearing the same sort of patterned waistcoat he always did, but his top button was undone and he was tieless, and his coat was replaced by a black frock coat, of about the same length and style of his predecessors. His trousers were also black, and he wore a pair of smart shoes as well.

"Madam," he said.

"What's the occasion?" she asked him, slightly acerbic. "Celebrating the birth of your dress sense?"

"A tour," the Doctor smiled, "of some of the most pleasant places this galaxy has to offer."

"Oh?" Peri asked, her interest piqued.

"Starting with a lovely little restaurant..." the Doctor smiled.


Six hours later, relatively, after a few more trips, the Doctor and Peri walked back into the TARDIS. The Doctors' coat was gone, his waistcoat missing three buttons and his shoes were scuffed. Peri's clothes were dusty, but apart from that, she was fine.

The Doctor leaned dejectedly on the console, and flicked a switch. It hadn't gone well. The restaurant was fine, but the next trip had been to Paris where the Doctor had been forced to fight a rather unpleasant fellow in a mask at the Opera house. Then a trip to Gendron had been at the unfortunate time when it was invaded by Daleks, and the Doctor had been forced to deal with that as well.

"Oh," he moaned.

"Well that could have gone better," Peri commented.

"That is the biggest understatement made since your ancestors first developed a more complicated language than 'ug'," the Doctor snapped. "And I had it all planned out..."

"What was so important about all these trips, anyway?" Peri asked.

"Well, I wanted to... oh it doesn't matter," the Doctor sighed.

"No, tell me," Peri urged him.

"I wanted you to be happy," the Doctor shrugged. "A few nice trips. A reason for you to stay. Since my regeneration, you've hardly been the most chipper of individuals."

Peri stared at him for a moment, understanding, then she walked up to him and hugged him.

"You big idiot," she smiled. "If I didn't like travelling with you, I wouldn't! You didn't have to go to all this trouble."

The Doctor looked down at her, then smiled.

"So you don't hate me?" he asked.

"No," she grinned. "You're great. I even like that stupid coat."

The Doctor kept smiling, and flicked a switch on the console.

"My dear, I shall take you somewhere truly fascinating," he told her.

She let go, and walked towards the wardrobe.

"What, are you not interested in where we're going?" he asked, his smile faltering. She popped her head back through the door.

"Wherever it is, Doctor, it'll be somewhere where there's loadsa monsters, loadsa villains, and somewhere for you to declaim your brilliance."

He smiled as she left.

"Well," he said, pulling a lever. "With any luck."