Title: The Factions of Karakura High

Author: Moi Fah

Genre: General/ Romance?/ Humor/ Action

Crossover: Sailor Moon (slight AU) and Bleach (slight AU)

Version: Anime and Manga (respectively)

Rating: T (for future violence, language, perverted nature, and anything else)

Chapter One: Goodbye Ochi-sensei, Hello New Girl!

"Oh, Setsuna-mama, do I really have to go to school today?" came the lamented voice of the Soldier of Ruin as she slowly buttoned up the blouse of her uniform. She was once again attending another school to give the odd and newly appeared family the look of normalcy. In other words, it was the perfect way for the senshi to work on their missions in secrecy.

"Yes, Hotaru!" called a voice from downstairs, "We had an agreement!" The Plutonian reminded her daughter figure as said girl grimaced upstairs. The Outers had promised her this would be the last time moving around like this, but Hotaru hadn't believed a word of it. But all in all, they were her parents, and she'd decided to go to this new school...on one condition: That her powers would not be needed or used for quite sometime. And Hotaru was determined to make sure they kept that promise...you could only repeat the same grade so many times.

After finishing up what would become her daily morning routine, the Saturnian princess trudged downstairs to eat a light breakfast with her family. Taking her seat at the table, Hotaru noticed that Haruka was wearing one of her (Hotaru's) favorite outfits. The blond woman wore a purple button-up shirt, with a red scarf tied around her right arm, and black pants to finish off the attire. It matched her 'papa' quite well, she decided, sheepishly picking at her own white button-up shirt and matching gray skirt.

"Don't worry Hotaru, I can drop you off at school this morning on the motorcycle." Haruka spoke up after downing her coffee. Hotaru nodded in acceptance, but her face held the look of 'do-you-really-think-that's-going-to-help?'. After devouring her own small meal, she and her papa headed off for the first-layer of Hell a.k.a. school.

"Good morning class," greeted Misato Ochi, walking calmly into her classroom as she did every morning. Normally, she would have been humming a tune or singing a silly ditty to show her mood, but today was different, and these 10th graders were about to find out why. When she reached her desk, a few of the students returned her greeting, "I'd like to welcome you back from your Christmas holidays...hopefully everyone finished their assignments." Misato sang in a devilish tone, slightly liking the round of groans that flew up.

"That aside," she started again, surprising the class by placing her books and yard stick back on the desk, "I've got some news for you all. Good news and bad, I suppose."

"Ochi-sensei, spit it out." came a voice from the crowd. She nodded and kept her temper, "Well, we have a new student joining us this morning...let me go and get her." With that, Misato floated towards the doorway, poked her head out, and made a motioning gesture with her hand to come inside. Looking a bit reluctant, Misato practically pushed the small, frail girl into the classroom.

"This is Hotaru...uh...which name would you prefer, dear?" Misato asked, remembering quite clearly that the girl had listed 4 last names behind her initial one.

"T-Tomoe would be fine." she answered quietly, her gaze kept at the ground in embarrassment. Misato nodded and turned back to the class, re-introducing the girl all over again. "She transferred from the Azabu Juuban district in the east (AN: I'm not quite sure where its located. Karakura is supposedly located in western Japan), so please make her feel welcome after such a long trip here. Please Tomoe-san, feel free take the seat in the front." Moving much like a zombie would, Hotaru took the only empty seat on the first row, presuming that it had been set up for her anyway, and listened onward for the rest of Ochi-sensei's announcement. Strangely, Hotaru didn't have the feeling of eyes on her back like she thought she would...maybe they were just used to new students?

"And this brings us to the bad news," Misato continued, leaning against her desk with an evil glint in her eyes, "As you all know, rumors about the nature of the school have been going around. I can now tell that these are true, and to top it off, I'm retiring!" she stated with a huge smile. A girl with long, orangish brown hair raised her hand, "Yes, Inoue-san?"

"But Ochi-sensei, why? You're such a good teacher! Did you get fired?" the somewhat ditzy girl inquired. Misato shook her head in a negative fashion, "No, no, I just don't agree with what the 'guys upstairs' have done. As such, the number of teachers will more than likely be declining as well." Or that's what Misato would liked to have thought.

"But sensei, you still haven't told us what's happening." spoke Michiru Ogawa, her shyness and quiet nature enough to rival even Hotaru's.

"Sorry for beating around the bush guys, but I want to savor these last few moments as a teacher at this school. Anyway, according to the upper higher-ups, the school is going to split in factions!"

"Factions?" came a round of confused voices.

"Factions, academies, groups, clubs...whatever you want to call them." Misato offered unhelpfully with a shrug of her shoulders, "Nothing is going to change today, but after school, there'll be an announcement for a rally or something. You're all going to have to sign up for a faction."

"Ochi-sensei, what the hell kinda purpose does this serve anyway?" asked Ichigo Kurosaki, leaning back in his seat from boredom. Dammit, this crap would have to happen the first day they were back.

Misato shrugged again, "They haven't told me everything, but splitting the school into factions is supposed to help the school target areas in which students are having problems. There was also something about helping kids in their job areas or something. Whatever, that rally thing will explain it all. Now, kiddies, you know I love ya, but Ochi-sensei has to jet! See ya whenever!" she happily exclaimed with a wave, gathering up all the stuff she had brought into the classroom, "Remember, be nice to Hotaru! It's a shame I didn't get to teach you anything, sweetie!" And with, Misato Ochi had disappeared through the classroom door, never to be seen or heard from again that day, leaving behind a classroom of confused and bewildered 15-year-olds.

"What...the hell? What are we supposed to do all day then?" Ichigo asked no one in particular.

"Hm, she didn't mention anything about a substitute either, so I really haven't an idea." Rukia Kuchiki pondered beside the orange-haired boy, whom immediately vacated his seat after her statement. "Well, I know where I'm going." At that moment, Tatsuki Arisawa's foot shot out and tripped the boy, causing him to land flat on his face, "Don't even think about it Ichigo!"

"Well, what the hell are we supposed to do?" Ichigo yelled from his position on the ground, "Just wait here all day?" Tatsuki was silent, unlike the dull roar that surrounded them, and was unable to offer an answer.

"Hi, I'm Orihime Inoue." at the sound of the voice, Tatsuki looked up as well as Ichigo. Their well-endowed friend was currently holding her hand out to the new exchange student with a bright happy grin on her face. "Well, she doesn't seem bored. It wouldn't hurt you to go and make some new friends yourself." Tatsuki finally answered, removing the foot she'd placed on his back to allow him room to sit up. "Heh, no thanks." Ichigo muttered under his breath so only he and Tatsuki could hear, and with that, he trudged back to his desk.

"Oh...h-hi...my name is Hotaru Tomoe." Hotaru stuttered lamely, unable to get over the shyness that followed her wherever she went. "It's nice to meet you." she nodded her black locks and sent them bobbing.

"Do you like Karakura Town, Tomoe-san? Maybe, after school, you could come with Tatsuki and me to go shopping!" Hotaru was a bit overwhelmed...she'd never seen anyone this friendly, save for Usagi and Chibi-Usa...possibly Mina. "I...guess so." she answered lamely once again. Hey, her inner self decided, at least it wasn't hard to make friends this time around.

After listening to the short conversation, Tatsuki left her own seat to stand on the opposite of Hotaru's desk, "Hey there, Hotaru-san. I'm the Tatsuki Orihime was talking about."

"Hello...nice to meet you too." Hotaru gave a mini-bow of respect from her seat.

"So Hotaru," Tatsuki smirked widely, a little thankful that the girl was like Michiru, "you do any karate?" Hotaru returned the smile, much to her surprise, "Not really. I know a little martial arts taught to me by my father."

"That's cool, maybe I'll take you on sometime!" the girl offered and Hotaru laughed.

"Hey, you guys, come on!" Tatsuki grimaced, she knew the sound Chizuru Honso's voice anywhere. Normally, the voice came accompanied with a body and groping hands, but when they failed to surface, Tatsuki's looked behind her. "What is it?" Tatsuki and Orihime questioned simultaneously. Chizuru spoke in a hurried voice, "Keigo surprisingly had a good idea! We're gonna go search the school for those factions sign-up sheets or whatever, and be the first ones! Come on!" And with that, she rushed out of the door in pursuit of the other classmates. Strange, the trio hadn't even noticed that the classroom was now empty.

"Whelp, we might as well go!" Orihime said cheerfully, grabbing onto Hotaru and Tatsuki's wrist and pulling them outside.

'I definitely don't think I'll be bored...' Hotaru decided, a little curious as to exactly where they were headed.

Oh, I'm so tired. Here's another (in my opinion) boring pilot chapter. It was fun to write, hell, this whole story has been fun to write. I've always wanted to do a high school fic. The only reason for the AU is the fact that the senshi will be going to Karakura high, and the other Bleach people (arrancar/espada, vizards, etc.) will be going to the school as well. There are senshi and shinigami and everything else; the only difference is that they aren't already at war with each other.

Anybody want pairings? The other senshi will show up later, so will the other shinigami, etc. The factions/clubs will hopefully be introduced in the next chapter. Fans of Real Bout High will enjoy this fic I think.