"Oh yeah, go major T!!" Payton shouted as Tom coded his opponents. He had fired a power pulse, knocking Crawsectus off a cliff onto sharp, spiky rocks. Tom punched the air in excitement, waiting a moment to be ported back to the Drome. However, he waited….and waited…and waited. "What the- why aren't I porting back?" Tom asked himself in Maxxor's deep voice. Then, he felt a deep tug in his gut, as if something about his surroundings was calling to him. He shook it off. "Why should the River Lands feel like home?" He thought to himself. Then, he felt the familiar rush of cold as the code swiped over him, and he was back in the Drome. Again, it took a few extra moments for him to change back to himself, but he ignored it. "Must have been a glitch in the program." He assured himself, grabbing his scanner and walking out of the Drome. He was greeted by a clap on the back by Kaz, who was smiling hugely.

"Way to go, Tom! You smoked that guy!" Kaz congratulated, and Payton laughed. "Yeah, he was all "aghhhh!" and you were all "eat this, monkey butt!" and then he was all "Oh, snap!"!" Payton finished, while Tom and Kaz just stared at him for a minute. "There's something wrong with you." Kaz commented, and Payton frowned for a moment. "Hey, Tom, what happened in the Drome, anyway? You didn't change back for a minute." Kaz asked, then Payton focused, interested in the answer. Tom shrugged. "I don't know, but it felt almost as if Maxxor…didn't want to go." Kaz and Payton looked at each other. "Whatta ya mean?" Payton asked, clearly confused. "I can't really explain it. It's like Maxxor's mind, his memories…they were trying to pull me back." Payton shrugged. "It's probably just your imagination bro." Payton said, tapping his fist on his head for empathize. Tom nodded.

"Yeah. You're probably right." He said, but looked down when his scanner started beeping. He looked down, and saw that the screen was flashing red and black. "What the?" Tom muttered as he pressed the Chaotic button on his scanner. Suddenly, electricity pulsed through his arm and into his body, shocking him and making his hair stand on end. He cried out in pain, then fell over, knocking Kaz into Payton as he landed on the ground, twitching slightly when the shocks stopped. His vision grew blurry, and he saw a hazy Kaz lean over him. "Tom! Tom, wake up!" Kaz yelled, and he dimly heard Payton yelled, "Dude! Someone get a medic!" Then, the entire world faded into blackness.

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