Meanwhile, back at the Port Court, Tom and Sarah were talking about their lives outside of Chaotic. Sarah has broached the subject when asking how Tom and Kaz met.

"Well, we met in kindergarten, believe it or not. This big bully, Rick Thompson, was trying to bury Kaz in the sandbox. I threw a dodge ball at his head, and got Kaz away from him before he got back up. He figured out it was us, and, well…we ended up in a tree for an hour or two."

Sarah chuckled at the image of Tom and Kaz as youngsters stuck in a tree, a bully yelling at them from the ground. The rest of the story was interrupted as a waiter-bot arrived with their pizza and drinks. A Staluk smoothie for her, and a Glacier-Planes Guzzler for him. Tom smiled at her across the table as he placed three slices of pizza onto his plate.

"So, what about you? What's your life in the real world like?" Tom asked with genuine interest. He'd always wondered what kind of home could produce someone as unique as Sarah.

"I'm from New York, actually. I live with my dad and little brother down the street from a pet shop. They sell all kinds of insects there, and it's how I got into them in the first place. I got into Chaotic around four years ago."

"Huh, guess that explains why you love the Danians. Me, I got into OverWorlders at first…well, because I thought they looked cool." Tom admitted with a sheepish grin.

"But, also because they were like the heroes of Perim, you know? Always protecting others." Sarah actually smiled and shook her head.

"Tom, you have such a hero complex. If we gave you a cape, you'd be running around Chaotic, keeping Klay away from everyone else and pouring glue in Krystella's nachos."

"…Yeah, I probably would." Both Tom and Sarah laughed at the image, both genuinely enjoying the other's company. Nearby, their laughter was noted with concern.

"See, Payton, look at them! If we don't do something, we are going to get 'third-wheeled' right out of our friendship!" Kaz whisper-screamed at Peyton, who was next to him as they observed their friends. Peyton rolled his eyes as he sipped a soda in his chair

"Kazzy, I think you may be going overboard with this, dude."

"C'mon, Peyton, why would you think that?" Kaz retorted.

"Dude…you're hiding in a plant." Peyton pointed out. Kaz poked his head out from between the fronds of a fern and snorted in demission.

"I am simply taking steps to avoid detection, Peyton." Kaz replied in a calm, no-nonsense tone.

" Steps into Crazy-ville, bro, with a side trip to Loco-berg."

However, Peyton and Kaz were not the only one's to observe the two lovebirds. Deep within Chaotic, below the Port Court and battle-dromes, an image of Tom and Sarah was shown on a view-screen. It was shown on top of a table; around which the seven Code Masters of Chaotic were gathered.

"So, what precisely is the problem with the boy?" Code Master Oron asked the group.

"The boy's scanner seems to have a malfunction, or corrupted data." Imthor said as the picture shifted to Tom being shocked earlier that day. Oron seemed unimpressed.

"So? Let the kid buy himself a new scanner or give him one. A glitch piece of tech is hardly a matter that calls for our attention." He said dismissively. Oron shook his head.

" No, it's more than that. The boy's code in of itself has become corrupted."

"A simple fix, my friends," Hotekk replied. " Just delete the boy's code and he'll be fine. A little miffed from being kicked from Chaotic, but oh well."

"We can't just delete him, it could badly harm his mental well being, and he has done nothing to deserve banishment." Code Master Crellen interjected. Hotekk scoffed at his statement.

" Oh, please, Crellen. You only care because you fancy the boy is a unique player. He's simply a common Chaotic novice that you allowed to defeat you." Instead of being angered, Code Master Crellen smirked beneath his mask.

" Oh, really? I seem to remember him being unique enough to defeat you." Hotekk snarled in annoyance at his colleague.

" The boy won by sheer luck and a half-baked strategy! If I faced him again, I would crush him in moments!"

"Enough!" Code Master Amzen shouted as he slammed his fist onto the table. " You two will not use this argument to continue with your childish feud with one another."

The other two Code Masters looked across the table at one another, a stony glare on both their faces before both quietly agreed. Amzen nodded, leaned back in his chair.

"But, what of the boy? Shall we warn him?" Oron questioned to the others. There were a few moments of muted discussion, and then Code Master Imthor spoke.

" Then, we will monitor the boy and see if something develops. Though, I fear this does not bode well for us. Not at all."