"Vodka on the rocks," a scruffy grayed haired man ordered as he plopped heavily on the barstool. Harry smile and poured the new comers drink over ice. He placed it in front of the man and walked down to the end of the bar to bullshit with his co-worker and friend.

"Alex, shouldn't you be heading home?" he asked refilling her rum and coke.

"Probably," she muttered downing a third of her newly filled glass. She set the glass down ad Harry took her hands into his.

"Go talk to him," he said gently. "Take it from the man who knows what it feels like to lose someone because they're too stubborn for their own good. Talk with him, you'll regret it if you don't." Alex smiled at Harry.

"When did you get so good at relationships? I thought you didn't date," she said and took another swig of her drink. Harry gave her a small smile.

"I've been there before, that's all," he said sadly. Alex nodded.

It had been five years, but she had finally got Harry to admit that he had a past pain that stopped him from dating anyone. Because the full five years Alex had known Harry he had never dated anyone, man or woman, not even a one-night stand. And it wasn't because Harry didn't get any offers; Harry was a handsome young man in his mid-twenties. No, it was because Harry was uninterested in everyone who walked through the door of the Winchester. Harry would politely decline every drink that was bought for him, every offer got and ignored all flirting. As far as Alex knew Harry Potter was asexual and ever since she met him she wanted to know why. And tonight she made a breakthrough.

"You didn't go after her, eh?" she said watching Harry closely.

"Something like that." Alex watched as Harry's eyes glossed over and a dazed looked crossed his face and she knew that Harry was in another time completely. She let the moment continue as she stood and dug around her pocket looking for some extra change to pay Harry's tip. As she reached for her glass Harry came back to their moment in time, noticeably melancholy.

"Joe may seem like an arse right now, but work it out with him if you think he's the one. If he is and you let him go, you'll never find another to fill the gap," Alex nodded.

"Alright, goodnight Harry, I'll see you tomorrow," Alex said pulling on her coat.

"Bye Alex and good luck!"

Harry Potter slowly wiped off the bar. The scruffy man was still the only one in the place and only talked to Harry when he needed a refill and that suited Harry just fine. He didn't mind daydreaming as he worked.

Five years ago he had ran away to the muggle world. He got a muggle flat and a job at a muggle pub to pay the bills. He mostly ate out so he didn't spend much on groceries; most of his muggle money went into a muggle bank. He left everything but his wand in the wizarding world, even his heart.

He kept up with the wizarding world's news every now and them, owling Hermione and Ron a few times a year. When he first left though, Harry kept and eye on the Daily Prophet, reading about his disappearance. After a few months though it died off, people close to him like Ron and Hermione telling the press to leave him alone and eventually they did.

He had made friends with the owner of the Winchester his first night alone. She had felt sorry for him, not having any money or a place to stay. She gave him the small room in the back at first and gave him a job, paying him under the table.

Once Harry had saved up enough he got his own place, a small one room flat, with a bathroom and small kitchenette. It was all he needed for himself, just a place to crash and stash his books. Harry was shaken from his musings when the door opened and the bitter wintery air flowed through the small bar. A tall young guy walked in.

He ambled up the bar, unwrapping his scarf. Just like the scruffy man at the end of the bar, he was a new comer. He had light sandy hair and bright eyes. He flashed a wide smile showing two rows of white straight teeth. The stranger sat down carefully staring at Harry who smiled politely.

"Hey cutie, the names Mic," he said resting his elbows on the counter. "What do you recommend?" Harry inwardly sighed, wondering how he could still give off a gay guy vibe.

"The brew here is award winning," Harry said ignoring the guy's flirty smiles, Mic frowned slightly.

"I was thinking something fruitier, possibly an appletini?" he asked with a giggle. Harry raised an eyebrow,

"Sorry, fresh out of apples," Harry said. He heard the man at the end of the bar give a snort of amusement. Mic looked a bit flustered.

"Well then, do you have just a regular Martini?"

"Damn, we just ran out of Vodka last night," Harry said trying not to laugh. Again the guy at the end of the bar snorted into his drink.

"Do you have any scotch?" Mic fumed. Harry smiled.

"We might have a smidge left," Harry said turning away from Mic and went about pouring the man his drink. He placed in front of the guy and began to walk away, but Mic called Harry back.

"I didn't catch your name," Mic said his flirtatious voice back. Harry tied not to smile.

"That's because I didn't say it," Mic waited for Harry to tell him. Harry simply went about his business.

"Aren't you going to tell me?" Mic finally snapped. Harry looked up from the glass he was cleaning and stared at Mic for several seconds with dull green eyes.

"Harry," he finally mumbled. Mic smiled.

"Well nice to meet you, Harry," he had tried to purr it, but it came out nasally. Harry snorted.

"I'm sure," he murmured as went to refill his glass of water. Mic watched his every move, something Harry found nerve-wracking.

"What no special cocktail or brew?" Mic asked motioning to Harry's water. Harry shook his head.

"Just like everywhere else, this is a job," Harry said slowly. "And just like every other job the person working can't drink while on shift." Mic didn't seem to hear Harry or either just didn't care. He leaned into the bar, placing his elbows on the top, lacing his fingers and smiled wider then before.

"Let me buy you a drink," he said lowly.

"Sorry, but I don't drink," Harry said flatly.

"But you're a bartender," he accused. Harry nodded.

"I'm aware," Harry said, still slowly. "But as I already told you, I'm working. I can't do my job correctly if I am pissed."

"If you were then maybe you wouldn't be such an arse," Mic said angrily. Harry rolled his eyes.

"Oh how very original," he said. The people who took his rejection well were few and far apart. The ones in between those understanding few almost always shot back with that insult. It got old after the fifth time. Mic flushed.

"Then if you were uninterested you shouldn't have lead a guy on," he huffed. Harry scoffed.

"Yes, because I was all over you. What kind of dunderhead walks into a pub and orders a bloody appletini? And even if I was interested, the moment you opened your mouth you shot it all to hell! Besides you don't even belong here."

"I have every right to be here!" Mic yelled.

"Please! Look at yourself! You belong in a city club. You can't even sip scotch without grimacing! All I had to see was your designer coat and fashionable haircut to know your way out of you element. So take you pansy arse back to where the fruity drinks flow like water and find yourself a nice lad who will be willing to spend the night with you for a small fee." Mic sat speechless for a few seconds before throwing his drink into Harry's face.

"You're a right fowl git," wall all Mic was able to get out as he stood. Without even putting on his coat or scarf, Mic stored out of the pub. Harry stood there clenching and unclenching his jaw. God he hated people.

"He was a little prick anyway," the man at the end of the bar said quietly.

"Aye," Harry agreed looking away from the door. "Do you need another refill?"

"No," the man said placing a note on the counter. He stood and stretched. "The show was enough to last the rest of the night." Harry could hear the amusement in his deep voice. The man had a nice voice, though something about it seemed familiar to Harry.

Harry watched as the man left without another word. Harry locked the door from where he stood and turned his back on the empty place. He took the bottle of whisky off the shelf and took a large gulp. Harry snapped his fingers and the whole placed cleaned itself up. He took another large swig before placing the cap back on and putting on the shelf. Harry walked out the back door, happy to call it an early night.