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"Vodka on the rocks," the scruff man ordered as if nothing had happened the night before. Harry glared at him.

"We're closed," he snapped.

"The sign says you're opened," the man argued.

"The sign lies."

"Then why use a sign that misrepresents the truth?" the man asked.

"Get. Out." accidental magic rushed through the small room. The man paused sensing the danger.

"Fine," he said suddenly. Muggle or not he knew something was wrong. He walked to the door but hesitated before opening it.

"What I said last night, it was out of line." Harry refused to look at the man and missed the pain that flashed across the dark eyes. "I am sorry Harry, for everything I've done. . ." Harry only looked up when the door closed behind the stranger.

Harry locked the wooden ally door before leaving the bar for the night. He wrapped his coat tighter around him to block out the harsh wind, his worn Gryffindor scarf flapping proudly behind him.

Harry hadn't stayed long after the stranger left, but it was still dark. Street lamps casted pools of light intermittently down the sidewalk. Snow flakes trickled down from the dark purple sky, creating a peaceful, charming scene. Suddenly the hairs on the back of Harry's neck stood and goose bumps erupted on his arms as a familiar sense of being flowed over him, as if carried in the wind.

Harry stopped pulling his wand from his holder, listening carefully. He slowly counted the seconds as the wind ghosted over his face, whispering.

"Harry," a familiar voice called softly in his ear.

"Severus?" Harry gasped turning in his spot. He squinted into the dark that surrounded the halo of light that illuminated him. With a sudden whirl of black Harry was engulfed.

Strong arms wrapped around Harry's shoulders and chest, pulling him down a small side street between the buildings. His arms were pinned down to his side and the only thing Harry could do was determinedly focus on a destination, his flat. With a sudden pop and an uncomfortable squeezing sensation Harry felt his wooden floor rush up to meet him. Harry scrambled away from his capture, to his feet.

Harry prayed that he had splinched the stranger as he frantically searched for his wand. Only to realize with dread a second later that it was clutched in his attacker's hand. The lump on Harry's floor groaned and Harry back away.

"Potter you fool!" it groaned.

"Severus?" Harry breathed leaning closer against his better judgment. Harry studied the pools of black that covered and surrounded the man. The top of the dark head bended in with the seeming never-ending folds, but the unmistakable hooked nose, pale skin and glittering black eyes confirmed Harry's deepest wish. The man who held Harry's very soul turned to look at him.

"What the hell was that?" Harry exclaimed.

"Do not ask me to clarify your reasoning for apperating so unexpectedly," Snape snapped moving to stand.

"That's not what I meant!" Harry hissed. Both were silent as Snape rose to his feet, Harry's wand still in hand.

"How did you find me?" Harry demanded.

"I have known your whereabouts for some months," Severus answered quietly. Harry glared at him.

"Why are you here?" he asked forcefully.

"To check upon you," Severus said bluntly. "To make sure you were adjusting to life outside of the Wizarding world." Several comments raced to Harry's tongue, fueled by the anger earlier, each more unpleasant then the next.

"Like hell you are," Harry finally said. "It's not like you care."

"I care more then you know," Severus murmured.

"Funny way of showing it," Harry remarked coolly. Severus didn't argue; he knew he deserved such a comment.

"I have acted thoughtless," Severus agreed. "For it was selfish of me to deny you the way I did."

"Stop Snape," Harry whispered harshly. "Just stop."


"You can't just show up like this!" Harry yelled suddenly. Anger swelled within him. "Not after all this time! Not when I've been doing so well forgetting you."

"Don't lie to me," Severus said firmly. "Lie to all the nameless people who have asked you out, ordered you a drink or have tempted you to bed, but do not lie to me. You have been foolishly hanging on to me since you—since I told you to leave." Severus corrected himself in a whisper.

"How—?" Harry asked. His eyes were wide and the only color in his face was two red spots upon his cheeks.

"I have been looking after you," Severus confessed. "To put myself…at ease." The words were forced, but they were genuine.

"Why?" Harry whispered.

"My words were truth when I spoke them. I was thoughtless when I told you to leave. And when I found you again I truly wanted to make sure you were adjusting. . ."

"That I was happy. That I had gotten over you," Harry finished the unfinished thought. Severus nodded.

"I watched you turn down every person who approached you. At first I thought you had found another." The pale man started to pace around the small living room, one hand rubbing at the back of his neck the other waving around animatedly. His eyes flashed around the room unseeingly. "You were so polite to most of them, even when those people became angry at you. I would follow you home at night, every night. And every night you were alone. Always alone when you were not at that bar. . ."

"Severus," Harry called quietly. The man stopped and looked at Harry.

"I had to know why." Harry studied the man who as acting so abnormal, so out of character. Severus walked over and took Harry's hands in his.

"Please forgive me Harry, after what I put you through these past five years, especially these past few days, but I had to know," Severus repeated again. Harry gasped up at the man.

"Mic and Cassie, they were—?"

"They were there because of me. I chose them because they seemed like people you would pursue, what ever your preference." Harry stared almost horrified.

"What of the scruffy guy? Did you have anything to do with him or was he just a happy coincidence?"

"I had to watch somehow," Severus murmured in a shameful whisper. Appalled Harry pulled away.

"That was you?" he hissed. "You said all those hurtful things?"

"I needed to know how you felt—"

"I told you how I felt!" Harry yelled. The proud man Harry once knew seemed to disappear completely before Harry. His ridged back hunched, his square shoulders slouched and his head hung.

"You are exactly correct. You did tell me your true feelings in that hospital room, but I could not accept your words as the truth then."

"So you wait five years, send people to pursue me, watch me turn them down and insult me in disguise?" Harry questioned heatedly. "Get out," Harry suddenly whispered using the same words Severus had said to him five years earlier. "If you couldn't trust me then, you can't trust me now." Harry looked away from the now expressionless black eyes.

"Very well," Severus said in his usual cold, emotionless tone. "Will you allow me to say one more thing before we part ways?" Harry crossed his arms over his chest.


"I love you." He turned to leave when Harry exploded.

"No!" he thundered. "You don't get to do that! Not after all of this!" Severus looked back at Harry with mild surprise.

"Do what exactly?"

"Tell me to leave, stalk me, try to hook me up with someone and insult me as another then confess your love for me! It doesn't work like that!"

"Then tell me, how does it work?"

"Not. Like. This," Harry growled. Severus considered Harry's words for a moment.

"Very well then, if that is your only argument," he turned to leave. Harry lunged for the older man grabbing onto his shoulder and whipped him around. He twisted his hand in the front of Snape's robes, pushing him into the nearest wall. Harry kissed the taller wizard in a controlling way. Severus hummed approvingly.

"So this is how it works," he assumed with a smirk.

"Shut up," Harry ordered.

"This is new," Severus observed Harry's leading behavior.

"The years, no doubt, have changed me," Harry whispered in a thick voice, his urges overtaking his better judgment.

"I believe so. The way you handled that pathetic fairy was rather arousing," Severus admitted lustfully. Harry grinned.

"Who knew you liked me so despicable and domineering?" Harry asked rocking him hips into Severus's. The older wizard chuckled deep in his throat.

"Not in your wildest dreams brat," he purred flipping their position with a quick movement. "That is my job." His voice dropped over Harry so deep and rich.

"You have no idea what I have dreamt since we last met," Harry whispered almost desperately as he clung to Severus. All those things I longed to do to you and, oh, how I begged for you to do so many things to me." His green eyes were glazed over from the mere memory of it.

"I'll bring you every dream, every fantasy, to reality Harry, I only ask that you give me the chance." Severus looked into Harry's eyes. He had laid out his proposal at Harry's feet. Now it was up to the younger wizard to take him up on it.

"I want you for forever Severus," Harry said. "Not a moment less. If I can't have that then I don't want any of this." And just like that it quaffle was in Severus's hands. The goal was within scoring distance.

"I will give you the world if you wish for it," Severus declared.

"I don't want the world Severus, I want you," Harry said firmly.

"Then you shall have me. Who am I to deny you any longer then I already have?"


"For how ever long you shall have me," Severus promised gently stroking Harry's cheek before capturing the alluring lips into a heated kiss that promised so much.

Harry's nerves were on fire, every last one. Heat ran through his veins and his skin sizzled everywhere Severus touched. His whole body seemed to combust when his and Severus's bodies finally came together after so many years apart. Harry couldn't even fathom how he had gone so long without this, his whole being screamed for it, the heat, the pleasure, but most of all the love.

Those three words were whispered back and forth between the moans. Neither lasted long that night, Harry had been as tight as his first time and Severus hadn't forgotten where Harry's pleasure spot was nor how to squeeze and pull Harry hia favorite way. They laid together afterwards, bodies cooling, both gripping the other tightly.

"I never meant to hurt you," Severus said softly into Harry's hair.

"I know," Harry said placing a kiss on Severus's chest. "Just please, don't push me away again."

"Never Harry," Severus promised. Silence fell over them again and Severus drifted closer to sleep, lulled and comforted by the weight upon his chest, fingers running through Harry's damp hair.

"Sev'rus," Harry murmured.

"Hmm?" he grunted in response.

"This is how it works." For the first time in several years Severus smiled truly and genuinely.

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