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Chapter 11 of sinners and saints in grey

The splash of water let the drops fall in a circle, and each of them created ripples, making the reflections on the surface deform. The foot covered with sandal hit the uncovered calve and the figure turned, barely managing to stay on the water. The frown graced the face of the brown eyed genin and disappointed with his maneuver he continued to observe every move his opponent made, keeping his focus on his legs and hands. It was easier, since his was still in the crouch two meters away, and he supported himself with his hands, making sure that he didn't fall. He knew that if he looked higher he would see the red spinning eyes, and one gaze would be enough to put him under illusion. The quick move of his opponent's right hand alerted him and he rushed to the side, noticing the sharp edged weapon disappear under the surface behind.

Kunai in hand, black haired boy charged forward, using all his strength to stab the enemy in the arm, neck or shoulder. Yes, enemy, his fellow Konoha nin was no longer a comrade. Here and right now, he saw him as foreigner, who came to know and see things for too soon, and too close. The hastily raised hand stopped his advance and he raised his knee, hitting the unprotected stomach.

They were so close, and it was getting harder not to look up. He knew what was there; hatred, fear and pain. Advance from below… He took it, gritting his teeth, and his other hand rose blindly, to hit his opponent's neck.

Sasuke made a step back to breathe in and rub the bruised flesh. He could have avoided a hit, he saw it, he predicted it, but it was too close and too quick to react in time, and all of it seemed like a trap now; as if Nara let him get this close only to surprise him with prepared attack. He kept avoiding his eyes, not taking any risk in being caught even in the smallest of genjutsu. It was… irritating. From the corner of his eye he saw the shadow tentacle getting closer to him, so with a smirk he jumped to the left and further, preventing the technique from getting any way near him. With one glance at the Nara, he noticed the drop of sweat sliding down his brow, and it had to be an explanation of his unusual usage of shadow technique, since it was the first time he used it without hand seals. The level of concentration it took had to weaken him, but still, Sasuke wasn't stupid enough to think that it wasn't some kind of bait. With someone so smart, you never know what to believe. Sharingan might show him what move would be next, but it could never show what was behind it, or what plan was put in motion with each step Nara made. Showing him weakness and opening could be a well planned move to surprise him with unpredictable behavior.

Kunai flew. He attacked?

One, three, two… Shikamaru didn't have perfect precision, but it wouldn't matter anyway. Sasuke easily stepped out of the way almost raising a brow at projectiles, asking himself why the guy would throw weapons he knew he could easily avoid. The answer came without further thinking, he wanted him to change position, wanted to lure him into a trap again or just make sure he was closer for attack. Inwardly laughing at the tactic the raven haired genin moved even further away from his opponent and continued to dodge with fluid moves. Two, four, five… It wasn't even funny, maybe it's time he took his turn in attacking again? Seven… Yes he should…

He noticed that one of knives had a piece of paper attached to a handle, but a second of surprise cost him more than he predicted, and the blast threw him into the tree line. The tag exploded in the air, did he detonate it manually, before it hit?

Standing on the shore with a scowl, Asuma puffed his cigarette, not knowing if he should feel proud or ashamed. On one side, he could admit that his student stood on one ground with Uchiha and it was no small feat, but on the other side, morally, he stood with Uchiha on the same ground still, not making him look any better than the short tempered avenger. For God's sake, it was a spar, and risking your comrade's life while training was nothing to be proud of!

With a frown Shikamaru observed as out from between the trees walked at least ten Sasuke and all of them moved in a different way to a different position. Their tactic seemed to make him feel surrounded, and realizing that behind it was more than that, he hastily formed a hand seal.


Left was only one, but he already finished the hand seals, and with the widened eyes Nara saw as from between his fingers by mouth the flames spread from a stream, and it charged at him with power and heat he couldn't imagine…

Asuma had widened eyes and for a moment was frozen, unable to comprehend how fast the battle was going. He bit his lower lip, asking himself if he should step in right now or if he should trust his student and let them continue. He only hoped that Shikamaru would give him a sign, a hint as to what he planned…

Sasuke deactivated his jutsu and narrowed his eyes, observing the dying fire. It formed a steam above the surface and when it started to clear, he saw no trace of his opponent. Narrowing his eyes even more, he glanced left and right, expecting him to come out of hiding, but the slight shifting in front of him caught his attention and he looked back, to see as from underneath the water, Shikamaru emerged with a gasp. He let his hands support him and looked up with ragged breathes.

The black clad genin stared down at him for a long minute, while Shikamaru regained his strength, and then, as if nothing happened, 'hn'ed with a small smirk on his lips.

Shikamaru did not regret avoiding attack under water, but the smirk from Sasuke confused him. Not letting it get to him though, he formed his hand sign again, and watched Sasuke jump and run away from the shadow technique with satisfaction displayed on his features. His gaze followed Uchiha up to the tree line on the bank and he hastily moved there, soaking and panting, but with rare, stubborn determination. And just before he disappeared in the row of trees, he sent a look to his teacher, which second later was answered with imperceptible nod.

Sasuke glanced back with controlled anger and confirmed that his opponent was still there, willing to fight. His fingers twitched and moved around the invisible wire and it brought an evil sneer to his lips.

-"Huh, shouldn't we follow them? You know, to make sure they don't kill each other, sensei?"-Asked Choji, concerned for his teammate's well being. Other genin looked up too, waiting for Asuma's answer. He dropped his cigarette as the thunder shook the sky and started to leave with worry in his eyes.

-"Stay here and continue the exercise, I'll have everything under control."

They nodded and watched him enter the forest.

When his feet touched the first upper branch he knew that simply running into the trap would be stupid. The last bit of expression he saw on Sasuke's face meant lots of thinking. That smirk that was openly displayed was a promise of planned and prepared moves. From what he gathered so far, he could expect projectiles, fire techniques, wires and explosives, some genjutsu tricks and of course taijutsu. His chance of completing the invasive mission had to be used and despite not liking playing with people's emotions, he had to anger Uchiha, push him over the edge to a point where he will slip and give some information, where he will open up to a contact and be easy to push further in the right direction.

The shadow user continued to think over his chances while not moving from his position. There was no point in using bunshin, because that damned doujutsu will let Sasuke see through. Fighting using weapons? He wasn't as good as him. Try to catch him with kage mane no jutsu again? Could he think of anything new in that field that would surprise Uchiha? What else was there? Verbal battle? That could work, though Uchiha are rarely talkative. Now, that was close to a joke, completely displaced too… Shikamaru started to berate himself for letting his line of thoughts lose the right direction.

His hands were itching to get the cigarette, to place it in between his lips, light it and slowly inhale, feel the warmth of the smoke fill his lungs and then…. The day was so annoying! First the restless night, then snake-filled morning, then Shikamaru and his annoying ideas! He could swear he missed his student's laziness already. Should he help him here, interfere? If all he was going to do was stand and watch, then surely he couldn't smoke, he couldn't get noticed. But then again, with all signs of a coming storm, it had no point.

Leaves of the trees scratched his face and he sharply stopped on the branch, realizing that he was running up in the trees all this time. He shook his head slightly and rubbed his forehead. What was he supposed to do? The sound of the fight getting closer alarmed him and he willed his body to become still, almost blending with the shadow of the tree which he was hidden in. Time seemed to stop when he saw his student trip in an attempt to dodge shuriken and fall down from the large, now covered in black and sharp weapons branch. Fall right into the trap of wires that formed a web. Those wires were going through the rings of kunai handles, kunai embedded in the trees around. He almost rushed to his aid when he saw the boy grimace and reach for kunai in his flight. Shikamaru quickly severed the web, activating two exploding tags in process, which was followed by the blast.

Through the smoke, he fell down and landed on the ground in the crouch. The brown eyed genin hissed at the pain and stinging of his skin, furrowing his brows. His clothing was torn, almost in pieces, and numerous scratches were nasty and deep at the glance. His back and forearm were covered in burns, but thankfully these were not serious. His narrowed eyes looked up when his opponent jumped down, stopping in front of him. His gaze though, stopped at his feet, just to make sure he wasn't pulled into a more vicious, dangerous trap.

-"I thought we were supposed to spar on water, not go into an all out battle."-Nara started, deciding that it was a right moment to move onto intelligent fighting.-"What got you so angered?"-He asked seriously, not mocking Sasuke, nor making it sound too casual.

-"As if you don't know."-The raven haired genin replied gritting his teeth. His right hand played with kunai he prepared for close fighting. –"What do you want, what got you to poke your head in someone else's business?"-He asked in a hiss, glaring deadly.

Shikamaru smirked, taking his turn in small taunting. He waved with his hand carelessly,-"Tch, just curious."

-"Curious?"-Sharingan wielder asked, growling with rage.

-"I remember him. Your older brother."

At this the scene fell quiet.

Asuma observed them holding his breath, waiting for a moment to step in, knowing that it could not go on like this forever. In the sky, the thunder roared again, it seemed that even branches shook, and leaves were ready for a heavy rain; dark ominous clouds grew larger and thicker and the forest seemed even deeper.

-"How strange… He killed dozens of people, young and old, innocent and not, and yet, you're the one who was spared. Is it because you are brothers, or there was more to your, so called survival?"

-"What are you implying."-Sasuke asked in a forced steady voice.

-"Shinobi of his caliber aren't making mistakes."

-"Shut up!"

Nara cocked his head and raised his brow. Suddenly Sasuke hit the tree with his fist. His eyes danced madly not seeing the world around, but some flashes of memories he tried to keep buried. His fist hit the bark of the tree again, no doubt injuring his hand in the process.

-"He only wants to test his power!"

-"Against you?"-Shikamaru asked incredulously. Red spinning eyes turned to him and the number of emotions in them left the shadow user puzzled. –"There must be more to it than that."-Nara added quietly.

Sasuke averted his gaze. He asked himself the same questions again and again, trying to see the hidden meaning of things. His brother couldn't have thought that Sasuke would be strong enough one day to be a challenge. Even with all the training, hatred and determination, nothing could be enough to close the gap between them, then why? For his own… amusement? His brother has never found anything amusing in killing, following orders or being around family. But there had to be more to it, and he knew it, even though he would never admit such a thing. That monk, their client, even he was involved, but how, he had no idea. He was getting sick of all the secrets… And now that fellow genin was intruding in his matters, he felt the pressure that was always there increase.

-"What the hell do you want? Why do you even care?"-He asked, for some reason feeling heavy. All confusion and anger left him tired of playing games.

-"I don't really care."-Nara replied, shaking his head and standing up,-"I want to be stronger, and was just curious to know who managed to wipe out one of the most powerful clans in our village."

Sasuke made no sound and took a threatening step forward, raising the blade just as Asuma appeared in between them, stopping the raven's advance. They were not startled by his entrance, making him think for a moment that they might have known he was there for some time. He took a fast look at his student, noting that he wasn't injured as badly as he suspected, and addressed them with a stern expression.

-"Spar on the water is a spar on the water. Not a game in hide and seek with your teacher. If you planned to be more serious about it, you should have told me first."-He notified, making sure Shikamaru caught a hidden message. –"Now, take a short rest, the training isn't over yet."

The gloved hand pulled down a brown fabric of the collar to uncover the neck and shoulder. The skin was pale; the veins were dark and too exposed. The smell coming from the body was no pleasant either, and conclusion Kakashi came to wasn't surprising.

-"They were poisoned."-He spoke, covering the corpse on the ground with white, stained sheet. He rose up from his knee and glanced over his shoulder at the priest. The man was stoic and emotionless on the surface, but his pained gaze and uneven breathing betrayed his inner turmoil. They were outside of the shrine, not wanting for the rest of residents to know what happened that night. Two meters away from the bodies were holes in the ground, prepared for the burying. For someone else the situation would be shocking, but Kakashi was already used to it. He himself wasn't particularly surprised that happened, no, he would rather be worried if something like this did not happen. –"That's undoubtedly the work of…"

-"I am not stupid, Hatake-san, I know who did this, and believe me, that's not why I am… disturbed."

The grey haired jounin nodded in understanding and with his eye closed, placed his hands in pockets of his pants.

-"I… I can't understand why Naruto-sama would let this… man, not only… commit this crime, but… let this man… enter the shrine, stay here, s… speak to him even. I am… not here to judge. But… you must understand how I feel."

-"I do."-The jounin answered shortly and without further ado, started to walk away. The priest watched him go with painful expression, and a heavy sigh escaped his lips when the form of the jounin disappeared. What was he supposed to do? Accuse the monk of being… unjust? Cruel? That child wouldn't bother with explaining his actions, and he thought only of the results, and wasn't interested in lives of people surrounding him, no matter who they were. If they interested him, then they were alive, and if not, he didn't care if they died. Speaking to him, changing his point of view had no sense, since he changed people himself, and was quite experienced. The only thing left for Chiriku to do was to learn to live with this knowledge…

He glanced behind, and then to the sides. He concentrated on hearing and only after making sure that he was alone, he reached for his inner pocket and pulled out a pair of glasses. With a slight scowl he put them on and frowned while looking down at the pile of scrolls and papers. The room was dark, and it was small. One table and chair were for one person controlling the ins and outs of coming documents. This room was connected to the other, bigger and wider one, which he would call archive. Shelves of secrets and reports brought a shiver and he forced himself to read. One candle did not light his mood, nor had it lit the space, but he couldn't bring himself to complain.

With each line his heart was beating slower. Report nr 46, 307 Target eliminated; the findings are in accordance with information accessed by 9 t. Jailor. Casualties: 2 operatives. Mission completed…

Report nr 78, 50/3 Councilor nr 4, placed under permanent surveillance; orders to prove interference with mission nr971, 22c Iwa; confirmed; target poisoned; 1 day delay; mission completed…

He scratched his white brow and glanced at the closed door. Behind it was Tenzo, who waited for him to finish gathering valuable info, but never in his wildest dreams would he think that Naruto worked with Danzo and Root. Though… on second thought, it wasn't so surprising, rather, he should have known. The boy used anything he deemed useful, and from his… wide perspective, Root definitely was.

Day 19, Hatake K., jounin; observed on specific orders; has suspicious of mission in Tea country nr 65 0, 12; loyalty unconfirmed; further orders: elimination in case of personal treason….

report nr 559/67; observation of the main guarding Hokage group; four jounin level anbu under previous captain of assignation squad; no flows found; treason unconfirmed; further orders: keep under surveillance…

prisoner nr 318; imprisoned under Hokage orders; crimes: the planned –not carried-assault on two shinobi councilmen and Hokage subordinates; further orders: release, preparation for the trial in accusing the leader of the village of overstepping the borders and going against the law; …

Jiraiya grimaced. He found it. Now, he only had to take it with him and present the papers to sensei. But that was still not enough to avoid the main reason of the scandal. He still could not prove that decision made by Hokage, Naruto and even Danzo was the right one. And as much as he would be happy to show everyone that Danzo is wrong here too, he could not let councilors judge the old man. He had to think of the way to make them believe that every decision signed by sensei was right. But how? He couldn't tell people that jailor of the fox could see future. Even if he did, no man would believe him.

No man would believe him… if they had nothing to gain out of it…

It was time to think like a good businessman he was.

With that Jiraiya took what he thought of as necessary and quietly turned o the door…

After walking for two minutes away from the 'sparring' scene with both students in tow, Asuma was surprised to hear the sounds of fighting. Granted, it was blending with the sound of the coming storm, but he could decipher the sounds of clashing steel without any doubt. It took him less than a second to react and dash in that direction, leaving Sasuke and Shikamaru to tiredly run after him.

She felt ashamed. One hit, or more like a slap, was enough to knock her off her feet and make her land on the ground with a thud. Her bloody face ached at the harsh treatment and her head was rapidly spinning, nausea hit her with full force when she tried to rise. She heard a yell and bleary noticed Choji turn into a huge destructive ball. In that form, he pushed two of attackers and they flew away with few bones breaking in their flight. She would gape at that with awe if it wasn't for her swelling eye and the piercing scream behind her. She turned slowly, hoping that she will regain enough strength to lift herself off the ground, only to see that creepy guy, a member of team 7, Sai with a sword going through his gut. The scream was given by Sakura, who stood just beside him, visibly shaken. That slash was meant to kill her, and he took that on himself stoically, not making any sound.

Ino blinked two times and her vision cleared, she supported herself with her elbows and stood up with a grimace, at that moment, lighting hit the ground and the attacker shrugged off the confusion that formed with a strange boy's behavior. Sai readied his own blade but he didn't have to finish what he started because that man stopped altogether.

Her body was stiff from the shock and she couldn't believe what she was seeing. That bastard just saved her life. She could've expected him to protect her, taunt her or stand by and watch, but never would she imagine that he'd jump on the blade in her place. It was just a second, a moment in which her fate would be decided and he just silently did that. The attacker stopped and her emerald, teary widened eyes looked to the side, to see her friend lying on the ground unconscious, while the man in front of them muttered

-"Bastard."-in a manner Ino would use.

Harsh winds blew on them and with a horrific thunder it started raining.

With quick and sharp reaction, Sakura grabbed the hand of the man Ino took control over. She too looked down, not really knowing what to do with the sword that was still in Sai's stomach. Kunoichi exchanged glances for a full minute and then their hands, holding the handle, silently count to three, while their still standing comrade watched the happenings with new emotions on his usually stoic face. It was curiosity, apprehension and a mix of excitement and gratitude.

Blood splayed on them mixing with raindrops and they felt their knees tremble in worry. Sai almost stumbled, but managed to stay on his feet and carefully kneeled. Sakura quickly made hand signs and firmly placed her glowing hand to his wound, forcing herself to ignore the amount of red liquid that covered his pale skin. She was surprised that her teammate behaved so bravely in these situations.

A sound of steps and swoosh second later, Ino was staring into brown eyes of her teacher.

-"Wait!"-Screamed her chubby teammate.

Only then, in that moment, that seemed to be longer than a minute, she noticed in Asuma's eyes her own reflection. A man in a dirty, grey patched coat, dark brown sweater, black pants and black boots. Her face was scarred, bearded and wet. She was looking at the mercenary she was inside of and it shocked her to see her teacher's glowing knife coming closer to her neck, the neck that belonged to the body she possessed.

-"It's Ino!"-Choji was shouting, running in their direction; he panted after using so much energy. There was a splash near the tree line and Ino held her breath as the tip of the knife reached her and the first drop of blood slid on the edge…

And then everything seemed to freeze. Time stopped and fear held her in its grasp. Instead of running, dodging or screaming all she could do was to stare. It was coincidence; it was unplanned, so how could Asuma know it was her? For a fleeting moment she thought she felt the death itself stand behind her and in her frozen state no rational thought crossed her mind as she waited for the inevitable…

It just never came.

After what felt like eternity, her shimmering eyes noticed sensei's widened ones, and slowly turning her gaze away, she noticed her body lying on the ground, with Shikamaru crouching by it with his hands in a sign. He didn't look to be in a good shape, and she wondered if it was the result of his fight with Sasuke; surprisingly, that thought made her feel slightly angry with her crush.

Through the glistering rain, the genin stood up and wordlessly made a step back. The body of his teacher followed his movements.

Silently, everyone sighed, releasing the breath they were holding, even Sasuke, who never thought of this kind of situation ever taking place. Gulping, with shaking hands, Ino dispelled her technique and her real body stirred. Her chubby teammate and Sakura simultaneously moved with a yell and Choji punched the man in his head, while Sakura delivered a vengeful kick in his ribs. Mercenary fell with a small splash and the scene became quiet. Sai rose and looked around. They stopped the attack but he was more than sure it was some sort of distraction.

-"Ino, stay with Sai, rest of you come with me, the shrine must be under attack."-Genin nodded and ran after him; Choji took a soldier pill and gave one to his teammate and to Sakura and Sasuke. He was surprised Asuma let the girl come with them instead of Ino, but realized she wasn't as exhausted. He remembered that Kakashi-sensei was there so those bandits didn't have much chance, unless some ninja were among them. Suddenly, he remembered that a strange, missing nin was there too…

Candle lights flickered and the sounds of rushing steps from outside gathered his attention. The hooded head tilted as crimson flames covered the black cloak and danced to unknown tune. The hall was empty, and even with all light around, seemed grim and ominous, maybe, it had something to do with aura that surrounded the occupant.

"Why don't you kill him…"

The hooded head turned to the other side.

"Snake… Foxes always devour snakes…"

The sound of tapping was barely noticeable, as the thunder reigned outside.

"He would only be a hindrance to your plans… Destroy him… everyone who stands in your way…"

"…You're quite talkative today, demon."-The monk responded thoughtfully. He lowered his head as if it was under pressure and made an intake of breath. The grin broke out in the shadows of fabric covering his face. "…I rather think that he'll be… useful."

The beast growled and the tension from chakra flames intensified.

They kept on coming. He didn't mind. He was bored. But he felt uncomfortable; fighting in the rain wasn't his favorite way of spending free time. They weren't even ninja. Some of them used to be samurai, judging by their skill with katana, but others were your everyday bandits, money hungry and weak. At some point he felt pity for them but that quickly disappeared when after solid punch they started to behave like animals. He gave them lessons on taijutsu and that was enough to show them how out of league they were, but there were so many of them, that he couldn't find a time to count the numbers. His clothes soaked and his vest became especially heavy, he only wondered when Asuma will appear to join him and have fun.

The doors of main entrance to the shrine creaked but it went unnoticed in the chaos, orange wearing, bald monks moved out to help Kakashi and seeing that, few of stupid and weak men retreated, leaving more determined behind Kakashi almost rolled his eye at the scene. He thought if he should just use some jutsu, strong enough to get rid of the nuisance and decided that it would be better if he did, because even though he was a jounin and a lot stronger, his students were too weak to handle mercenaries after training.

Hearing a familiar hiss he glanced behind to see Orochimaru, who followed the monks outside, dragging a body of a dead man who managed to sneak past him inside, and, as it seemed, right into the waiting fangs of the snake. On the pale face was a scowl.

-"Just when I need some peace and quiet to think over matters concerning my plans, some trash dares to interrupt me."-He spoke menacingly and Kakashi felt anger coming off of one of the sannin, and coupled with rage and screams of attackers, it suddenly made him realize that it was a bad thing.

And he was right, when he felt anger even more sinister.

Those bandits did not attack Orochimaru, consciously or unconsciously knowing that it was a suicide. They were intimidated by him mostly, and in that state were easier to deal with by genin, who hastily made their way onto the scene with the fireball technique announcing their presence. But their appearance only made Kakashi sweat, when cloak wearing monk crossed the entrance with aura of finality. The raindrops were falling on his form and created the steam when they touched the red flames of chakra. Kakashi knew that all negative emotions had an effect on Naruto and it scared him to imagine what he could do if his power was not controlled. The monk slowly descended the steps, as shinobi and mercenaries exchanged blows and jutsus.

Orochimaru was disgusted by the scene. All those fools were pathetic, he was wasting his time watching it and only satisfaction he could get was watching Sasuke fight. Unfortunately his little future project did not stand out among other genin, being just as slow, weak and… kind. He did not kill his opponents. That was weakness. "You're like a little child, that can't stand a fact that it was denied something. You are blind, running after a petty revenge not daring to glance behind, at your own subordinates, who do not serve you because you're generous, just, or magnificent, rather, because you're cruel, twisted and they fear you." The words ringed in his mind with echo, and the man fighting stopped abruptly, when that monk stepped on the ground. His presence was so terrifying that a pale man himself wanted to leave, feeling slight trembling in his limbs.

Kakashi hoped that Asuma's friend would help calm Naruto and take him back inside the walls of the shrine, but the bald man was frozen. Using force in that kind of situation would be foolish so Hatake discarded the idea of taking his charge using shunshin away. He decided to use the gentle approach.

-"N.. Naruto-sama, please go back inside. We w.. will take care of it."

The figure seemed not to hear him but a moment later he heard a reply. The voice was deep and ominous, sending shivers down everyone's spines.

-"Are you sure?"

Fearfully, the one eyed jounin nodded. He didn't want bloodshed and he certainly was not ready to learn how to fight jinchuuriki. Suddenly there was a small splash when a genin fell before the monk on one knee. His earrings shone in the rain, and his wet, dark brown hair messily stuck to his face and neck.

-"Don't bother yourself with these weaklings, Naruto-sama. Their level is below your attention, we will deal with them."-He said with conviction, placing flattery and offence in one sentence, not leaving any room for argument.

The monk seemed to think of his words, and next he let his hand rest on the boy's head, while on his hidden face appeared a smirk. He gently ruffled strands of hairs. Other young shinobi cringed at the sight of elongated black nails, and would have made a step back if it wasn't for heavy air suffocating them.

Slowly, the black clad figure stepped away, leaving back to the main entrance, while a boy he left with his touch started to shake.

He bit his lower lip, trying to control an unknown feeling, but it was so foreign that there was nothing he could do. He didn't notice, but his nails lengthened too and his eyes became slated. On impulse, without realizing what was happening, he rushed the moment he noticed a slight movement in the crowd of attackers. His hand gripped kunai and the first victim had it in the neck. The next, had it through the lung, and the shouting behind him was only confusing the boy.

The jounin grabbed Shikamaru before he hurt anyone else, but holding him proved to be difficult. In mere seconds the fighting restarted and attackers were defeated by present ninja with techniques and projectiles, although in the end, Nara heir managed to kill two more men before he was stopped and lost consciousness because of exhaustion and demonic influence.

Asuma walked across the mud to genin who was lying on the ground. He knew that he needed some medical attention, but he had to make sure that he wasn't a threat any longer. Asuma was looking at his student warily, observing his irregular breathing pattern. The changes were animalistic but they were disappearing quickly, revealing his true usual features. His wasn't surprised to see the effect of tainted chakra, but it was still strange, to see it for the first time and especially on his most composed and collected student…

End of chapter 11

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