I Will Save You From Eternal Night

Disclaimer: Sadly, I am not Stephenie Meyer and do not own twilight. Or the characters.

Your eyes, your smile and, oh, that blush

It all enforced my teenage crush

But then you'd laugh

My heart would soar

That's when it turned to something more

It's not like that for you

You say

But it could be you know

If he weren't in our way

That monster you love

And I'll fall to my knees and I'll pray

And I'll pray

Pray that you won't follow him into the night

I pray that you'll realize what's wrong and what's right

I pray that you'll stay

You love him

I know

But you love me too

And I must find a way

To prove it to you

Before it's too late

Before you are gone

Before your heart stops beating

Before he has won

I can protect you from the cold,

I can shelter you from the rain,

I can warm you when it snows

And grey clouds I can handle,

But how do I rescue you from the dark

When you won't accept my lighted candle

I will save you from the monsters

From those monsters of the night

I will not surrender

I will not give up the fight

I swore to never let you go

To never let the monsters bite

Because in a world that's sane

In a world that's right

You are mine

And I am your light

Somewhere far away a wolf threw back his head in pain

He bayed at the moon as nightfall inevitably fell again.