This is yet another fanfic set after "Journey's End". I've read lots of those, and hope this will satisfy your need for some Rose/Human Doctor romance! I've tried to make the characters as authentic as I could (can't stand OOC fics myself), but I have some problems concerning grammar and London slang, so I'm in the need of a beta, preferably from Britain!

If somebody reading this is from Norway, would they kindly tell me if I wrote drosje wrong? What's it usually say in Norwegian taxi doors?

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Do you want to be alone?

D'you wanna be alone?

And are you cool?

Symmetricool, hypocriticool, analycticool?

So critical.

Nothing's perfect and I'm hoping I'll do, do.

But I will not do.

'Cause nothing's perfect so I'll have to make do.


They just stood there, hands clasped together, as the Tardis disappeared in front of their eyes for the last time ever. Jackie had, surprisingly, had enough decency to back off a bit, to let the Doctor and the others say their goodbyes. She had her back turned towards them and was calling someone, probably Pete.

Rose turned to look at The Doctor (Doctor II? Half-Doctor? Human Doctor? She didn't know what she was going to call him yet) and found that the Doctor's eyes were still fixed on her, dark and expecting. But expecting what? All this time Rose had taken matters into her own hands to get back to the Doctor, and now that she had found him, she hadn't expected to get in to a situation of making any more decisions. The Doctor had always done them for her. What did he even want to do? Did he really understand that leaving here with her would mean no more freedom, no more travelling, no more excitement? The Doctor would just be.. well, a man. And Rose would just be a woman. Rose felt her spirits lift up a bit, because that idea wasn't all that bad. Her and the Doctor, together. For the rest of their lives, the Doctor had said. But was this really the Doctor?

"Well", she said nervously. "What do you want to do?"

The Doctor thought about that a minute. "I think...well, I want... I want to get some sleep. Next to you, if possible", he added almost inaudibly.

Rose just stared, dumbfounded. It was really weird to hear the Doctor saying something like that. Now that she thinked about it, she had never heard him saying he was tired, or seen him ready to go to bed. Maybe Time Lords didn't usually sleep much? Or not at all?

All these years Rose had fantasized about the Doctor, being with him, knowing all about him, and she suddently realized she hadn't actually known all that much about him. Not even the basics, apparently. The realization was overwhelming, and Rose felt a big lump in her throat as tears started to pour down her cheeks. She tried to turn her head away and buried her face in her hands, feeling ashamed at crying in front of the Doctor on a moment that was supposed to be happy... well, sort of happy, anyway. She didn't want him to see her crying and vulnerable, because wasn't she supposed to be the strong one now? The one who would guide him through his own agony and helplessness in this new world and body.

She closed her eyes when she felt the Doctors' hands wrap around her shoulders from behind. She turned around to lie her face against his chest and let the tears flow free. The Doctor stroked her hair and her back with warm hands. He smelled like fire and smoke, his clothes were dirtied by the smoke from the core of the Dalek ship. Rose suddenly felt really small and lost in his hands, and realized he had been right - it was probably a good idea to get some sleep. The Doctor opened his mouth to say something, but -

"Hey, you two. I called a taxi-zeppelin here. We'll spend the night in Bergen and go home first thing tomorrow." Jackie had returned to the beach. "Oh, Rose, come on. This place should be named Bay of Tears if anything! Now let's get away from here, and NEVER come back! Oh, I'm missing my yacuzzi right now... I hope Bergen has some decent hotels!" She turned around and started walking towards a path that would lead them to an opening where the taxi-zeppelin would be landind.

The Doctor entwined his fingers with Roses' and together they followed Jackie. Rose couldn't help but to turn her head and glance one last time at the place the Tardis had been standing. The sand looked untouched, as if nothing unsusual had ever taken place there. "I really hope I don't have to come here again", she thought. The Doctor seemed to have the same thing in mind when he said: "Not a very happy place is it? I've visited happier prison cells."

"I hate this place", said Rose bitterly.

The sound of an approaching zeppelin filled the air. Rose tried to trace the sound back to it's origin, but it was the Doctor who spotted it first. "There", he said and pointed at the sky over the sea. Rose had mistaken the zeppelin for a bird, and was surprised to see how small it was. "How come it keeps such a loud noise, it's so far away and small?" she wondered.

The Doctor shrugged his shoulders. "Dunno, it's your world. Do they usually fly more silently? Well, my guess is that the water makes the sound stronger."

Soon the zeppelin flew over their heads and started to land on the opening ahead. Its colour was deep orange and on its sides read in huge black letters "DROSJE", norwegian for a taxi. It didn't quite land on the opening, but instead remained a few feet above the ground, raising massive dust clouds from the ground. A door on the left side opened and metallic ladders rolled out. A weary-looking old man wearing a neat suit popped his head out. "Any luggage?", he asked with a thin, scratchy voice.

"Nope", Jackie replied and started to climb the ladders, practically pushing the man out of the way. The Doctor let go of Rose's hand and gently placed his hand on her back, pushing her ahead of him. Rose felt a shiver running through her spine. So is this the way it's going to be? Am I always going to feel as self-conscious around him now? Rose pondered. The zeppelin was huge inside, like they'd been inside a plane that was reserved only for them. Rose guessed it was a taxi meant for large amounts of passengers, and that it wasn't usually used just to pick up a few passengers. They sat next to each other, Jackie sitting in front of them, with her face towards them. The taxi driver closed the door and stepped into the control room and announced through the microphone: "Lagies and gentleme - gentleman. Our destination is Bergen city central station, and we will arrive there in 47 minutes. Please put on your seat belts."

Rose chuckled at that. "A bit posh, isn't it? He might've just as well said that to us in person."

The zeppelin started to rise up. It became dark inside when the clouds of sand blogged any sunshine from entering the vehicle. Jackie was about to turn on the lights from a button in the arm support, but Rose murmured: "Don't, mum. I think I'm going to sleep for a while." She considered resting her head against the Doctor's shoulder for a moment, but decided it was a bit bold, and rested her head against the window instead.

"Suit yourself, honey, but I've got to call Pete and tell him we're all right", Jackie said. "And also to see if he's had any major accidents with Tony yet. Bet he's a nervous wreck when we get home! I just hope they're still in one piece when we get there!" At that, she dug out her cell phone again and dialed Pete's number. Soon she left her seat to walk to the back of the zeppelin, apparently arguing with Pete about something. Rose found herself alone with the Doctor for the first time. She didn't really know what to think about it. Her head was telling her that this was not the proper Doctor, but her heart felt otherwise. It was still the Doctor she had longed for, the one with kind eyes and great, great, hair. And now they actually could have a future together. That was what she wanted, wasn't it? Then why did she feel so hollow inside, like she had just lost something precious and irreplaceable?

The Doctor was sitting carelessly on the seat, with one of his ankles over his other knee. He turned to watch Rose with a smirk on his face. "Blimey, you look terrible."

"Gee, thanks. That's what I was hoping you'd say." Rose answered gloomily.

"No, no, I mean, you look tired. Like you haven't slept in weeks or something," the Doctor corrected quickly.


"Well, yeah, I haven't really. Been busy, you know. With... things." With trying to find you, trying to get to you. To find you, to jump in to your lap, to kiss the hell out of you and tell you how much I love you over, over, over, over and over again. And here I am, sitting next to you, doing none of those things!

The Doctor suddenly leaned forwards and took her face into his hands. "Oh, Rose. I have hoped for years that things would've gone differently, and now that we're both here, in this place, with endless possibilities.. why do I feel like I can't even touch you without ruining something?" She looked into his eyes and found them full of emotion. "I know this isn't exactly what you wanted", he continued. "I know you feel that I won't do, that I'm not the Doctor you wanted, but I promise I'll prove you I am the real Doctor."

Rose turned her face away, she didn't want to see his eyes sending a silent plea to her. "I'm sorry. I just need a bit time to just be alone.. and think about stuff. And I'm sure you need to, too. With your new body and stuff."

The Doctor leaned back in his chair and nodded. "Okay", he simply stated.

It started to rain outside. The zeppelin flew low enough that the drops of rain hammered against its metal body, and Rose slowly drifted to sleep, unconsciously leaning into the Doctor's shoulder. Even though he was tired he stayed awake and watched out of the window, seeing woods and cities drift underneath them. Every once in a while he buried his face into Rose's hair and inhaled deeply, afraid of the moment the zeppelin would land and Rose would leave him to have some "time alone". For how long? How long would she need to be alone? Human life was so short, like a shooting star watched from the face of the Earth. How long would be wasted of their lives until she would accept the fact that he indeed was the same Doctor she had loved so dearly? What if she never grew to accept him?


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