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Summary: Edward and Bella both work at Fork Hospital and they're each other's work partners. What happens when feelings develop? Can they continue to work with each other? Or will there be a happily ever after all?

Chapter 1

Bella's POV

"You're going out with Edward again?" Alice asked me, as she picked up a dress from the rack.

"Yeah," I answered. Alice gave me a look. "But it's not like that. We're just friends."

"Friends who happen to go out every weekend?" Alice raised an eyebrow.

"Yes," I sighed.

Alice has been my best friend since freshmen year in high school. We been through a lot and I'm very thankful to have her as a friend.

"Try these on," Alice shoved a bunch of dresses in my arms and ushered me toward the dressing room.

I groaned as I looked at the dresses. This was going to take forever. I tried on every dress Alice gave me. They were either too revealing or just not for me. I left the dressing room and shook my head toward Alice.

I wanted the perfect dress for my date with Edward. Edward was one of the doctors at Fork Hospital. To say he was handsome was an insult. He was gorgeous. He has the perfect eyes and the crocked smile that made my heart melt. Edward is actually Alice's older brother.

It made me wonder why people labeled me, Bella Swan, his work wife. I wasn't beautiful. I'm just a plain girl. Brown hair and muddy brown eyes. Nothing you wouldn't see on the street.

I continued to look through the dresses, slowly losing hope that I would find a good dress. All of a sudden Alice jumped in front of me. She pushed a dress in my face and started jumping up and down.

"This is the perfect dress," she smiled at me.

I went to the dressing room and tried it on. It was a blue dress that has a deep v-neckline. It went down to the middle of my thigh. There wasn't a back except for a strap that went across my side.

I went out to show Alice what I looked like. Her smile went wider and she jumped higher.

"You look great!" she exclaimed.

I grabbed the bottom of the dress and tried to pull it down. "Are you sure I look good? I feel a little…" I drifted off.

"Of course you look great. I'm sure Edward would jump to his feet when he sees you." Alice said.

"Are you sure? I don't want to be too forward," I shifted uncomfortable from side to side.

"Are you kidding me? Edward would love this!" Alice screamed. "Now change back. We need to hurry or else I won't have time to do your make-up."

We quickly paid for the dress and rushed over to my house. Alice pushed me to the bathroom and told me to take a shower. About 10 minutes later I came out. Alice was in front of me in a second. I don't know where she got all that energy. She sat me down on a chair and began to place make-up on me.

The doorbell rang and Alice left to answer it.

"I'm here Bella!" Rosalie sang, waving a bag in her hands. "And I've brought a gift for you."

"Gee thanks Rose," I said. "What is it?"

"It's shoes silly. Since Alice told me that you had no good shoes she called me and told me to bring you silver shoes," she answered.

"Ok your hair and make-up are finish!" Alice leaped in the air. "Now change into your dress. Edward is going to be here any second!"

I rushed to change into my dress. The dress felt cool against my warm body. I grabbed the shoes that Rose got me. They were silver stiletto shoes. The shoes gave me a good inch for me.

The doorbell rang, but I was too nervous to answer it. I knew Alice or Rose was going to answer it anyway. This wasn't my first date with Edward, but I felt very nervous. I wasn't usually this nervous when I go out with Edward because I knew that Edward and I were just friends. Maybe it's because Alice told me that Edward had feelings for me.

A knock on the door brought my train of thoughts. "Bella? Are you ready? Edward's here," Alice's voice said through the door.

"Yeah I'm ready," I answered, opening the door.

Alice's face quickly changed to a happy one. "Great!"

I walked to the door and saw Edward sitting on the couch talking to Rose. He wore a black suit that looked great on him. His hair looked a little bit more tamed but not much.

He turned his head and looked straight into my eyes. My heart stopped for a second. For a second I thought I saw his eyes go wider. I tried to hide my laugh.

"Are you ready?" he asked softly, a smile placed on his face.

"Ready as I'll ever be," I said.

He held out his hand and I quickly took it. "Then let's go," he said.

We walked out of my house and entered his car.

"Did I tell you that you look beautiful today?" Edward asked as he got into the car.

"No you didn't," I laughed freely. "You look quite handsome yourself."

Edward gave me a crocked smile. "I try to be."

To be continued

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