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Harry sat in his personal quarters, bent upon a stack of parchments scribbled on in various colors.

The room on the top of the Headmaster's Tower was large, and the sun entered from the wide window. Spring was marvelous that Saturday afternoon.

He was having serious troubles correcting the parchments of the fifth years. They were a nightmare. The students were willing and enthusiastic, but they struggled with the basics, and runes really didn't forgive negligence.

Harry was eighteen years old, and he was without question the youngest Ancient Runes teacher in the history of Hogwarts. But he enjoyed teaching very much, especially since he had largely innovated the subject in the last few years. The wax crayon scribbles on the parchments were an evident example.

The years after Voldemort's demise had passed in a blur, but the hours right after would remain etched in his memory.

Soon after regaining their strength, he, Albus and Jess discovered Don just outside the room. He was unconscious and nearly dead, but it was clear that at some point Narcissa had awakened and had called back the vampires with urgency, so the one responsible for his condition had promptly left him with an incomplete bite and signs of torture.

Jess was understandably hysterical and her wild magic responded, keeping the curse from fully setting in as they took him to St. Mungo's where he remained for a year undergoing treatment. After his recovery, he was left with sun sensitivity and required blood transfusions once a week. His weakened state forbade him from the more dangerous parts of his work, but he took advantage of it and became the lifetime bodyguard of his wife, with great pleasure for the both of them. . . . After what she had witnessed in the other future, Jess was more than happy in having him always at her side.

Involved in Don's healing was Narcissa. In fact, after her trial, where the overwhelming influence of the horcrux on her actions was demonstrated, she had restored her honor by creating a new series of relationships with the more passive Vampire clans, who had helped in Don's treatment. Along with that, she had spent one year in Azkaban (Dementors-free), and had to wait two years for regaining guardianship of Draco. Until then, the boy lived with Abraxas and she was allowed to visit with supervision. It took time, but Draco eventually began to view her as his mum again.

The Unspeakables had been deeply shaken by the losses suffered in those days. David had remained firm in his proposition and gave up his addiction on Felix Felicis completely. At first, his abstinence caused an "unluck-recoil" for months, resulting in various accidents that nearly killed him, but in the end everything settled. Now he, Jess, Curt, Rita and Anna had become a very close team, passionate and determined, and they eventually welcomed a new recruit.

Harry had almost finished the corrections when he was distracted by a little glass globe on his desk suddenly turning green.

With a smile, Harry took it, got up, and left the last parchment on the couch before stretching with a yawn and going downstairs.

When he entered the Headmaster's office, Albus was at the desk, petting a very young Fawkes and pretending to pay attention to some bureaucratic paperwork.

"Papa, I've got a call. Don't wait on me for dinner."

Dumbledore looked at him with twinkling eyes. "Alright, Harry. Please, be careful."

"Always," answered Harry, and he stepped in the green flames in the large fireplace, holding the little glass globe in his fist.


"There you are, kid," said Jess with a smile.

They were at King's Cross where a strange phenomenon had nearly caused the death of Marcus Kealing, the Keeper of the nine and three quarters platform.

Harry and Anna approached the man, while Jess examined the surroundings.

In the last years, Harry couldn't avoid being a part-time Unspeakable. His interests were just too wide to be confined at Hogwarts, and he had become fond of the people.

But he had to confess, most of all he had a soft spot for a certain spell of theirs.

Marcus lifted his eyes on the two Unspeakables. He looked at the witch, and then at the boy. They all shook hands.

"So, Mr. Kealing," begun Harry, "Could you explain to us what happened?"

"Of course, Mr… hem, what do I call you?"

Harry couldn't hold back a wide grin. "Unspeakable Harry, sir."

Marcus didn't bat an eye, although he was a little curious about how young he seemed to be. But, who knows, maybe he was the son of a politician, or he had a particular talent. Better not judge a book by its cover.

"Fine, Harry. Last night I was patrolling..."

He began telling, perfectly oblivious of who exactly he was speaking to.

Oh yes, things had turned out very well. Their present was stable and fulfilling. Best of all, their future was unequivocally bright with no end in sight.

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