Mac Taylor did not get sick.

It simply was not possible.

Yet here he was, coughing vigorously into his blue sleeve and sneezing as if he was on a mission. It was just a cold, Mac convinced himself. He had dealt with worse things in life, like losing Claire. Being sick wasn't a nightmare at all. In fact, being sick, in Mac's eyes, would be considered incredibly lucky.

He felt a tingling feeling. There was a sneeze coming. Scrunching up his nose, he waited impatiently for the sneeze to emit. It just wouldn't come out. Mac's nose twitched again. He couldn't help it. He needed the sneeze to get out. Otherwise, he would never be peaceful.



The sneeze was magnificent. It was just wonderful. A marvellous sensation was what the sneeze was.

* * * *

"Mac, you're sick!" exclaimed Stella Bonasera, putting the back of her hand against her partner's burning forehead. "You've got a fever! What the hell are you doing here? You, of all people, should know that coming to work sick is not good."

"Relax, Stel," Mac said, trying to soothe his worried partner. A fever was not going to kill him. Stella could but a fever definitely could not.

Stella fixed him with a steely glare. "Lindsay is pregnant. You don't want to risk her getting sick, do you?"

It was a stupid argument. It was highly unlikely that Lindsay would get his fever.

"Go. Home," Stella demanded, putting her hands on her hips and adopting a mother-like stance. "I love you but please. Please don't make me shoot you."

About half an hour later, Mac was sitting up in his bed, watching amusedly as Stella tucked him in.

"Now be a good boy and stay in bed!" she called, as she exited his bedroom. "I have to go back to work.'

"Y'know, if you hadn't been so adamant about me going home, you wouldn't have had to waste gas to drive me all the way over here."

Stella shrugged. "It's not like I'm paying for it."

* * * *

When Mac returned to work two days later and definitely free of a fever, he found something on his desk.

An apple, to be exact. Beside, there was a note, written in Stella's familiar chicken-scrawl.

'An apple a day keeps the doctor away,' it read. Directly underneath the typed words, Mac spotted Stella's printing. 'But it's okay if you like doctors taking care of you.'

Mac couldn't help but smile.

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