Disclaimer: I don't own Anastasia, do own Tasha and Mikhail, and wish I could just stop saying that. Ah, well. Anyway.

This piece is very different for me. Usually, I only write stuff if it happened, you know? I write stories that continue on the given plot. I'm not a fact-changer. And this is still true---I will start out by saying, right up front, that THIS STORY IS A DREAM. Okay? I'm not gonna try to fake anybody out here. I will say before I even begin that this entire story is a dream had by their daughter Tasha. No confusion. Basically, I just wanted to go into how differently things would have turned out if, as the title says, Dimitri took the money, and Anya took the crown. (Oooo, intrigue.) :D

I'm telling you this now because I would never ever ever in a million years write a story where Anya and Dimitri are apart and consider it as a real event. Ever. And I will also assure you that they are not permanently apart, neccesarily. Let's just say...the paths they take are a little more complicated. ;D

This story will be fun, interesting, and different, so why don't I shut up so you can get to the prologue already? :D Peace & love.



"What do you think would have happened if you guys didn't elope?"

Dimitri and Anya both looked up from their plates, thrown completely off guard. One minute they'd been eating a quiet dinner---the next, their daughter hits them with a question from left field.

Tasha looked from her mother to her father and back again, waiting on an answer.

Looking at Dimitri, who gave a clueless shrug, Anya decided it was up to her to field this one. "Well," she started, setting her spoon down, "I've never thought about it. I guess we just would've had a regular wedding later."

"But what if you didn't?"

"You sure you wanna question your existence?" Dimitri teased, turning the page of his newspaper.

Oh, sure, Anya thought, now he speaks.

Tasha ignored the laughter of her nine-year-old brother and continued. "I'm just saying, what if everything you'd told me had gone completely differently? Like if Dad had taken the money, or if you decided to be a Duchess after all. Wouldn't that be so wierd?"

Anya stood up and cleared some of the plates from the table. "I suppose so. But it's no one's concern, because everything did happen the way it did, and everybody's perfectly fine."

"Well, maybe except for your brother," Dimitri joked, glancing at his son with a grin. "We may have dropped him as a baby."

"Oh, shoot, we weren't supposed to tell him that," Anya smiled, playing along.

"He'll manage. Won't you, Mikey."

The boy nodded, stuffing another biscuit in his mouth, and Tasha stood up with a yawn.

"I think I'll go to bed early tonight," she announced. "I'm kind of tired. Is that okay?"

"Of course! We'll save you some dessert. You're not feeling sick, are you?" Anya asked, ever the concerned mother.

"No, just a little sleepy." She kissed Dimitri on the cheek---"'Night, Papa"---gave her mother a quick hug---"'Night Mama"---and proceeded to mess up Mikhail's hair---"Squirt, stay outta my room"---before heading up the stairs.

Once in the cozy confines of her bedroom, Tasha shut the door and curled up on her bed, waiting only moments before sleep overtook her.



The stage is set! Prepare to see some events go just a little differently as we see what the years have done to our heroes....;D Reviews are much appreciated. Buckle up!