"And where exactly were ya keeping those?" Finn smirked as Piper produced a handful of small black crystal powerd ear coms.

She grinned at Aerrow, who's face turned a slihglty odd shade of red. "Well, wouldn't you like to know?" Piper replied, still grinning. Stork's face turned a sickly green colour, and looked like he was about to faint – he wasn't going to put one of those into his ear.

Piper could have laughed at the shocked and confused expressions - but now wasn't the time – she had a plan.

Just 'cause she was the first one to snap out…

Shad to have kept them somewhere…

… She patted the skin coloured pouch at the side of her hip.

Now get thoseideas out of you heads, perves.

Word count – 128 – Not quite a drabble…

I was thinking that exact thing in Radarr LoveWhere exactly did they have those earpieces anyway? Cause I'm sure that none of the rest of the group would be organised to bring those along…

… Exept Stork, but in this context that would just be wrong


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