I pounded up my porch stairs and swung open the front door of my house. Kicking off my shoes, I ran down the hall. "Where have you been?" asked my mom. I sighed, knowing this was coming.

"Beach," I lied casually. My mom groaned. She hated my constant "visits to the beach", but what else was I supposed to tell her? "Yeah, Mom, I was just transforming into a huge beast and hanging out with my other wolf friends." Please. I just hate hiding things from her.

"Dinner's almost ready. Could you set the table?" she asked tiredly. I hurried to the silverware drawer, quickly pulling out utensils for my dad, mom, and me. I arranged them carefully on the table. It was the least I could do, these simple household chores. It was my way of apologizing to her for keeping secrets.

I wished I could tell her the truth. It was too hard to hide everything, especially when it got hard. Last spring, I'd come home from the biggest fight of my life, tired and disturbed by what I had seen. I'd killed those monsters, and I'd seen them attacking Jacob, and hungering for human flesh. It freaked me out, and I wasn't ashamed to admit that I had been scared. But then, when I came home, I'd had to duck my head and listen to her yell at me for sneaking out overnight. I had nodded expressionlessly, took her punishments without argument, but then continued to sneak out.

And then, last fall, when we'd come face to face with the Volturi, I couldn't even say anything to my parents. I'd gone there knowing I would die, and I hadn't even been able to give my mom a proper goodbye. Maybe it would have been easier if I'd told her everything, and then, unexpectedly, come back alive. Now I would just have to wait for the next fight: with the Volturi, or a vampire army, who knew? I did know, however, that I could be certain of another fight, sometime.