"Time to get on the bus,"yelled Mrs. Perkins from the center of the cafeteria. Students howled as they ran outside to get the best seats. Kristen got up slowly with a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach. "Do you need help with that,"Mark asked cautiously.

Kristen then replied,"I believe I can do it... it may just take me a minute, considering I hate long busrides and the only true reason I am going is to watch out for my little sister Mia."

"I just asked if I could help, not for your life story." They both began to laugh. Without another word they walked toward the bus. As Kristen stepped on the bus, she looked around and saw how horrible this was going to be. Then she saw Casey stand up.

"Over here, over here," Casey yelled as she stood beside an empty seat. Kristen then looked back at Mark and they both shrugged their shoulders. Then Mark signaled for her to go on. She smiled at him and then walked cheerfully to her seat in the back. "So what is going on with you and Mark,"asked Casey with her tell me more attitude.

"What do you mean, he was just helping me with my stuff...I havent been feeling good,"answered Kristen.

Announcing it to the whole group Casey then yelled,"Eww...Kristen is going to throw up!" Everyone then looked nastily towards Kristen. "No..I'm not going to throw up, I just said I wasnt feeling well...thats all,"reassured Kristen.

Kristen then redirected her attention towards Casey and with a quiet tone said,"Look, I am going to be just fine, but I'm going to try to take a quick nap before we get to the campsite...is that okay by you?" Casey then nodded and turned to face the window.