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Even as he wrapped his legs around Slade, even as he moaned and arched his back, even as he allowed the older man to kiss him, even as he muffled his release in his fist, even as he laid there, dazed and sated, even then, Robin couldn't shake the idea that there was something wrong with him.

At first he'd told himself that it would be this good with anyone, male or female.

But it wasn't with Starfire.

So he'd assumed he just preferred men, and had tried to rationalise this away as a somewhat unhealthy response to his body's natural urges.

But it didn't feel the same with Red X either.

Perhaps Red just wasn't his type, but Robin found that every person he slept with, not one of them could compare. Skinny, burly, tall, short, fat, thin, hairy, camp... Not a single person could recreate the effect Slade had on him.

So there was definitely something wrong with Robin.

He'd tried to confront Slade about it, but the man had just smirked and said;

"But Robin, you've always been mine."

And for once, as much as he wanted to, Robin found himself unable to disagree.