Fleeing the Darkness, Finding Family

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Summary: This is another wrong Boy-Who-Lived story, but with a different twist. When Vernon Dursley is accidentally killed in a car crash, Petunia is free to raise Harry a different way, the right way. Years later, tragedy strikes.

Rewritten, and made better.


James Potter held his wife close to him, offering all the comfort that he could give. His clothes were quickly soaking up her tears and probably would be ruined, but he didn't even spare a thought for that. All he could think about was what they would have to do, which his wife was not taking so well. In order to train their son Brad to take on Voldemort when he was older, they would have to give up their younger son Harry.

Dumbledore said that Voldemort was not dead, just currently in without a body. Dumbledore knew that the Dark Lord could and would find a way back. He had not done all what he done just to be defeated by a toddler. So Brad had to train for the day that he would and train to protect himself from the remaining Death Eaters that escaped justice. They would want revenge for their master. So Brad needed all the help he could get. But they knew that it would be unfair to Harry. They would not be able to give their younger son the love and attention that every child needed and deserved, that they would otherwise in other circumstances be able to give. They also did not want to give their son the possibility that he would be ignored in favor of his famous twin, for he would be ignored. They knew the wizarding world all too well. The wizarding world would and will focus on Brad, watching his every move. And Harry would be left behind in the shadows. He probably wouldn't know why Brad had all the attention until he was older, but the damage would have been there already. They knew they would never do so, but the wizarding world would ignore the less famous twin.

They wanted their son to have a normal life, away from that. Away from the danger that the whole Potter family would be in from the rest of Voldemort's followers and away from the spotlight that would now be on the Potter family. So they would have to give him up to someone who could offer a normal life, the life Harry deserved. It was not for forever, though. They would be able to see him again and to get to know him. When he turned eleven, he would come to Hogwarts and they would make it up to him then.

Neither wanted to do this, but they also wanted what was best for their son. And staying with them was not the best they could give Harry.

So, the Potter family was gathered with family and friends to see the youngest Potter the last time until his eleventh year. Sirius, Remus, the Longbottoms, and everyone else that was considered family were there to see Harry off. Even Severus was there, and that was saying something. They knew that this would be the last time in a long time that they would have the chance to see Harry. So none of them was willing to miss saying goodbye.

Remus looked at his little cub. His werewolf saw Harry as his own flesh and blood, and had sworn to always protect him the first time that Remus had laid eyes on him. This was the first time that the two sides of Remus, the human wizard and the werewolf, had agreed on something major. Most of the time both sides tended to has disagreements, sometimes all out fighting the other. But it was different for Harry. When he had seen the little green eyed bundle in Lilly's arms in the hospital, both sides had fallen instantly and totally in love with the little boy.

Harry had been quiet from the moment he had been born. He had fussed a bit, but compared to his brother Brad who had been flat out upset for a seemingly long time, he was a quiet little baby. He seemed too busy looking at everyone and everything to give any energy to fussing about something that was out of his control. His remarkably intelligent eyes studied the room he found himself in, while making whoever who hold him to instantly love him. Even Severus, who was there at Lilly's request, had melted under the gaze and smile at the baby, the smile a miracle in itself.

Remus was had delayed leaving for the chance to see his godson off. The Order all knew that Voldemort was not gone, and was using the chance to gain advantages and training in the time that he was unable to act. Many had been deployed to different places, and magical creature communities, in the attempt to gain allies, or at least to take some from the Dark Lord. Remus was leaving on one such journey. He would be going to different werewolf communities, probably all around the world.

Despite the claims and opinions of a vast majority in the wizarding world, magical creatures such as werewolves did form communities, mostly outside of the United Kingdom, due to a heavy content of discrimination there. There were thousands of such communities around the world. And to many of these Remus was going to. He actually had only been assigned packs in Britain and Europe, but had chosen to go elsewhere to cover all areas to take away any potential allies of the Dark Lord. He would probably be gone years, and most of that time would be unable for safety sake is able to contact anyone. So this was his last chance.

They all were gathered around Harry. Lilly looked at the eyes of her son, so like her own. They gazed up at her with an unusual solemnness in their depths, as if he knew what was happening. He had been quiet all day and had barely even eaten anything. Even the normally loud and playful Brad had been quiet, and had chosen to sit by his brother for the whole day. Both twins had only spoken when they were talked to, but no more than that. But both seemed to be communicating something, perhaps through the mysterious link that all magical twins tended to share.

"Lilly, its time." That was Dumbledore, who had just immerged from the other room. They all looked up. Dumbledore's normally twinkling eyes were empty of that particular emotion, and full of several others as he looked upon the group gathered in the room.

"Does she know we're coming?" They were talking about her sister Petunia, who had jumped at the chance to take in Harry. Her sister had just lost her husband some time ago, not that she mourned him that much. Vernon Dursley had been abusive, both to her and her young son. He had been an alcoholic that had splurged their money on that accursed beverage. He had been driving home drunk one day when, influenced by the twenty or so beers he had just consumed, he had run off the road into a ditch, causing the car to flip about four times. He had been killed instantly.

Petunia had once loved her husband, but that had eroded in the last couple of years. She had seriously been considering divorce when the accident happened. But after the funeral, which few attended for Vernon had not been that popular; she had her name switched back to her maiden name Evans. She had moved away to a tiny house about fifty miles out of London.

She had jumped at the chance to take in her nephew. In truth, she had always loved her sister and brother-in-law. It was just her dead husband that had made her hide her true feelings. But his death had freed her to show her sister that she didn't hate her and her world. Quite the opposite in fact. In fact, she had met a young wizard by the name of Lance Hailven, who was her new neighbor. She actually was quite taken with the charming young man, not that she would admit this for a long time. He also had been quite taken with her too. She had been finally able to get in shape. She had started to exercise regularly, able to eat better, and started to use makeup.

So because of all these efforts, including some specials things one of her new witch friends had given her, she had changed from the horse-like woman that she had looked like before. She had discreetly gotten her face structure changed, and many other things. Now she had a rather heart shaped face, with long blond hair, blue eyes, and figure to match.

When Lilly had contacted her, she had immediately agreed. Even without the desperation in her sisters broken voice, she would of.

Dumbledore would be taking Harry to his aunt, because it would be too painful for the rest to do so. They would say their goodbyes here.

Lilly picked Harry up and held him tightly. James was then given the chance to say goodbye in the same fashion. Then everyone else followed.

When it was Remus's turn, he picked up his cub and held him tightly for a second. Then he let go, so he would still be able to do so. The little boy looked at his godfather, his Moony, somehow knowing that it would be a long time before he saw the other.

What everyone didn't know was that the little green eyes toddler in Remus's arms would be much changed before anyone else in the room would see him again.

AN: In this story, Petunia is not jealous of her sister. She is also not completely without magic. She had the ability to use a little, unconsciously of course there was not enough for her to use on purpose for the most part, so she had not been able to go to Hogwarts. So she was supportive to her sister.


That was the reason that Dumbledore could be seen going down a long drive way to a little country cottage where Petunia Evans lived, with a blue-wrapped toddler in his arms. Little Harry was sitting upright, his head turning every other way trying to see everything at once. His sharp little green eyes didn't miss that much either.

It was a pleasant looking cottage, white paint surrounded by lots of rose bushes and flowers. Each of these rose bushes and flower beds had been meticulously planted and taken care of be Petunia herself. The rose bushes were tall, full, and healthy looking. The leaves shown off their deep green color to the bright afternoon sun, which shone off the leaves. The flower beds were full and healthy. Bees, and many other bugs and critters were crawling around and on the flowers. There was even a little stream that ran happily through the middle of the yard, adding to the overall beauty of the place.

He opened the gate in the white fence, and went up the stairs and to the door. On the small porch, Petunia was waiting in a rocking chair, nervously rocking back and forth. Lance had offered to watch Dudley inside, so she didn't need to worry about him since he was in capable hands. This left her free to nervously wait for the appearance of Dumbledore and her nephew.

Petunia's eyes were immediately drawn to the small boy in Dumbledore's arms, who was still trying to look everywhere at once. The little toddler was wrapped in a blue blanket, giving him warmth as he snuggled in its depths.

But as the old man carefully handed the precious bundle to his aunt, Harry's attention went to Petunia. His wide green eyes stared from under a mess of dark hair just like his father. He stared at the one who now held him, and then let out a small grin as he touched her face, recognizing her from the visits that she had taken to see her sister.

"Hello, Harry. I'm going to be taking care of you for a while." She told him. Then she looked up at Dumbledore. "How's Lilly taking it?"

The headmaster sighed. "Not so good. But she's coping. It's a good thing that she had James and all the rest."

Petunia smiled sadly. "Tell her that Harry will be safe here. I'll take good care of him."

"She knew you would. And she wanted him to have this." He held out a small pendant attached to a silver chain.

Petunia looked at it curiously. It was small reddish with some green dragon.

"It has some basic protection spells on it. It cannot be taken from him by force or another means by any one other than him. It's made not to rust, or fall apart in any way. It also has a small other spell on him, only to monitor his life signs and to show if he is in any danger. If he is, someone would immediately go to where ever he is. The chain is also indestructible, along with the pendant."

She took the little pendant from him, smiling at the way that her sister never failed to surprise her.

"I'll make sure he'll get it."

"Well, that's it." The headmaster looked at the toddler in his aunt's arms. "Be good Harry. I'll see you at Hogwarts."

That was all that needed to be said. With that, he took his leave and apparated away.

Petunia put the pendant in her pocket. She'll give it to him when he's a little older. He was a bit young to have it at that second. She walked into the house to introduce the two new 'brothers'. She followed the noises to the living room, where she saw Lance on the floor playing with Dudley. Dudley was playing with his blocks, making a small castle, with Lance helping. Lance had also made a small moat around the castle, enchanting it so that Dudley could touch it, but not get wet. Dudley was enjoying trying to get Lance wet, something he never tired of.

He laughed along with Dudley's giggles. He looked up and saw her come in.

"So who's this little guy?" He looked at the toddler. "Hey little one. My name's Lance, What's yours?"

For a moment, Harry watched the strange man with large green eyes then, after looking at his aunt, grinned at him. The tall man felt nice. He could 'feel' a warm green glow coming from him, showing his kindness. He felt the distance between him and his twin, but meeting other people was putting it to the back of his mind. He saw the other little boy on the ground playing with a castle made out of blocks. He wanted to play too.

"Hawwy!" He said after moment, trying to make the man get the hint to let him play with the block castle and the cool looking moat.

"So how old are you?" Lance smiled at the little boy. He was so cute.

"Too!" Harry said proudly. He liked this man. He was much better than the scary man who had been mean to mommy and daddy on Fun Day. The scary man had made daddy send mommy up the stairs with them. Then he had knocked mommy out. But the last straw was that he had pointed a Fun Stick at him and made his head hurt. He he, but he had made the scary man go away. (1)


So that was how Lance and Harry were introduced. After this, Harry went to play with Dudley. Harry had somehow figured how to unfreeze the moat, and both toddlers had taken the chance to soak the perplexed Lance right away, which was a lot of fun and made both collapse in fits of giggles. The two became great friends immediately after the giggles had gone down, and after the revenge tickle attack Lance had launched on the two culprits.

Years passed. The two boys grew older and grew closer. They became inseparable, going everywhere with each other. They also became partners in crime, the Prank Duo. At first most of the pranks was against Lance, but they soon branched out onto the other kids that they had met in the park at the Annual Community Picnic. They had also found many other kids that would later become part of their 'network', getting supplies and helping to get out of trouble. But that was a while off yet, and wouldn't start for at least two years.

Two months after Harry came, Lance finally grew brave enough to ask Petunia out on a date. She agreed immediately, to his supreme pleasure, and so the two started dating. She had actually been trying to get the nerve up to officially ask him, if he wasn't to ask her. So she had been delighted when he had asked. Their first date was a little café, without the two monsters that were quickly becoming notorious in the neighborhood. They had been left with a baby sitter, a next door neighbor who would become their main babysitter until she went to Hogwarts to start teaching.

One year and two months later, Lance asked her to marry him in front of a crowded café, the same one as their first date. She said yes, and they became officially engaged. It was six months later that they, in a small ceremony, were married.

Only their family came. The Potters was not able to come, because their home had recently been attacked by deatheaters. James Potter had been injured severely, and had been rushed to the hospital as soon as the last attackers had been taken care of. A mother protecting her son and injured husband was a scary thing to behold.

The attack turned out to be part of a big plot, and so for their continued safety, the Potters had been forced to go into hiding. Lilly had really wanted to attend her sister's wedding, and had begged Dumbledore to be able to go. Even in a disguise, with lots of security. But Dumbledore refused to let her, so after a while she had tearfully relented and they had gone into hiding right after that, after sending a message to Petunia and Lance.

Two years later, when the twins were six, the Potters were attacked. It was unknown was had actually happened, but the two elder Potters and their friend Sirius was all hit with an unknown spell by one of the attackers. They survived the curse, but immediately went into a magical coma, despite all attempts to wake them up. So while attempts were made to wake up the three, the young Boy-Who-Lived Brad Potter was put in the care of the Longbottoms, friends of the family.

Frank and Alice Longbottom had barely escaped insanity at the hands of Death eaters some time before after being attacked. They had been rescued before that could happen fortunately for them. Even though they had escaped insanity, they still suffered from the effects. Frank Longbottom had been forced to retire early because of the still-lingering effects of the curse. Alice could still work, but she tired easy. The couple's potential lifespan was cut short by about twenty or so years. They were proud and honored to be trusted with the care of Brad though. Brad and Neville became inseperatible friends, much like the duo Harry and Dudley. Brad, thanks to his parents and the Longbottoms, grew up with a level head on his shoulders, not letting the fame go to his head. He was mature for his age, and showing good manners and virtues. Neville also benefited from the experience. He grew up to be a confident and intelligent young man, which was mostly thanks to Brad.

But Brad always knew that something was wrong. This became stronger as the years went by. He knew something else had happened that terrible night at least four years ago. There was a big 'hole' in him. This was the presence of his twin, not that he knew that. Do to his extreme young age at the time, he had totally forgotten about his younger brother.

Harry grew much the same way. He was a lot like his twin, just not as mature. True to his parents' wishes, he had a normal childhood. Lance had adopted him some time after the wedding, changing his last name to Potter-Hailven. He rather liked the name. Lance also blood adopted him too. The Potters had told him after the wedding that they were fine with this. So, Harry had become his son in blood too.

He still was a Potter, though. So his looks were a combination of both families. He retained his mother's eyes and his short stature to his disgust. It seemed that he was destined to be a midget his whole life to his utter disbelief and disgust. His black hair was replaced with a mixture of black and red, with a silver streak above his right eye which was a Hailven family trait he had gotten from Lance. (2)

So the years went by. The boys were enrolled into a muggle school. Both did very well, so well in fact that they were moved up two grades. This pattern continued to the rest of their schooling. Both were in the top 3 percent of their class.

By the age of eleven, they both were in middle school (seventh grade). This caused some other students to ridicule and question them, but they soon showed why they had been moved up and the questions and ridiculing stopped altogether.

When Harry turned eleven, Petunia wondered why he didn't receive a Hogwarts letter. The mystery was solved later. They got a letter telling of one of Hogwarts practices not to take in any students who would not learn anything, due to their power, knowledge, etc.

This was surprising, or perhaps not. Since Ry had been seven, he had found one of Lance's old books and devoured any other books he could find. He was already a master at potions, runes, transfiguration, charms, and many others. So, thus, with nothing else left to teach him, Hogwarts sent the information that would show that he has graduated. Dumbledore didn't know this, of course. There is a special room that sends these types of things out that rarely disclosed information. Dumbledore had been busy with too many other things to notice Harry's absence. Death Eater activity was on the rise, even though it was unclear if Voldemort had returned. But something was up. The assassination of the Minister of Magic Fudge did not help either. Nor the fact that his successor was killed too. All in all, it was not a fun time to be Dumbledore.

Due to his short stature and small bones, Harry proved to a natural at flying and even a few muggle sports. He would die playing football (American football), but he was a superb soccer player. Entering a soccer league, he led his team to victory. He was a superb leader, always knowing what to do. He commanded his team like a general does his army. And it worked. His team was the best team in the area.

He also was a black belt in karate. He had a natural skill when it came to fighting. In a many a competition, he had won medals, trophies, and awards.

Harry also started to attract the girls. Even when he had no interest in them at all, and said so, the girls in his neighborhood was always hanging around him. According to him, he was "too cute to stay away". But when he did start to notice them and wasn't repulsed, he found this to his advantage. But he didn't take advantage of any of them. He rarely dated, preferring to have them as friends rather than girlfriends. Some were not okay with this, but most were. He was so charming and sweet that he won them over quickly. So, naturally, he was the most popular boy in the neighborhood and one of the most in school. There were many girls that were attracted by his sweet nature, too.

Dudley was much the same way. He was bigger than his cousin, so he played football. He was a great player too. He grew to have lots of muscle, and loved to lift weights. He also shared the spotlight with his cousin when it came to girls.

Dudley was loved his cousin, and was always ready to defend him. Unlike many others, he saw a side of Harry that was never shown in public. This was the fragile side, the part that could easily be broken.

Petunia and Lance were both happy. They had two sons that they were proud of. They had always wanted more children, but because of damage that Petunia's dead husband had done, that was impossible. But if they never adopted any more, they would be happy with the way things were.

This was not to last.


Brad had also grown too. Unlike his brother, he was not a leader. He was happy to follow. But unfortunately, he was not expected to be that way. As the Boy-Who-Lived, he was supposed to be the leader. The leader of the light, defeater of the dark.

But he had always felt that he was inadequate. He was only an average wizard, not the prodigy. He felt that maybe he didn't have the power to defeat the Dark Lord. This doubt gnawed at him. The Longbottoms knew how he felt. He had told them. They were not ready to tell them that that was nonsense, that as the Boy-Who-Lived he should be better. They listened to him, and didn't try to tell him otherwise. But they assured him that no matter the truth, they wouldn't think that he was not worthy. No matter, he would be the unique young man that he was.

He was the seeker on his Quidditch team. Along with his friends Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger, he was part of the Golden Trio. He was friends with all houses, even some in Slytherin. He was also a Prefect.

He was 17 when the cure to whatever was affecting his parents was found. It had been a particularly dark and nasty spell. It put the victim under a magical coma until the antidote and counter curse was administered in the proper order. It was luck that did it. The Death Eater that had cursed them was found when he was trying to escape some Aurors for attacking a 13-year-old girl.

When questioned, he had admitted to cursing the Potters. He revealed this in order to make a deal so he wouldn't have to go to Azkaban, but it didn't work. After being forced to give the antidote and counter curse to them, he was tried and found guilty. He would be locked away for the rest of his life.

So, the aurors had rushed to tell those at St. Mungos the good news. The potions were given to the Potters and Sirius, thus waking them up.

When they woke up to see their son next to the bed, they were overjoyed. The reunion was full of crying, laughter, and happiness. Then Sirius asked where Remus was, because he was not in the room. Apparently he was still on his mission, now in the Americas. Sirius was sad not to see him but was glad to find that Remus's mission was going well. The question of Remus also made the Potters remember Harry, though. When they asked where their other son was, there was utter dead silence.

The Longbottoms, healers, and Brad had no idea what they were talking about, but the others did. With horror, they suddenly remembered the other twin who they had totally forgotten about.

"Mom, what are you talking about?" Brad was the first one to break the silence. He was baffled and puzzled. He had a brother?

"Harry, where's Harry?" Lilly looked for him, but didn't see him. She launched herself at her husband, sobbing for her other son. James tried to comfort her, just like he had done 17 years earlier, but he too was wondering the same thing.

"Minerva, where's Dumbledore?" He finally asked, knowing that Dumbledore would know. "Where's Harry?"

Minerva looked like she was unsure what to say. "James, Dumbledore should be here soon." Hopefully soon, she privately added, seeing the agitated expression on the Potters' faces.

"Where...is...my...son?" James said slowly, trying to calm the panic that was threatening to overcome him, and trying to quell any unwelcome thoughts that threatened to pop up.

She finally said after a while, seeing his dangerous look directed at her. "No one knows. He never came to Hogwarts."


Lilly stood in her sister's old house. It was empty of life, but full of the memories of those that had lived here, not that long ago.

When Dumbledore had finally arrived, they all had been angry at him. How could he have not noticed that Harry hadn't come to Hogwarts? Where was he? Had something happened to him? There was a million other questions like these in their minds. They had said if something had happened, they would place the blame on his shoulders alone, because he had been the one to convince them that giving away Harry was the right thing to do at the time. So this was his entire fault. After that, they had told him to just leave and come back later.

Then they had proceeded to tell Brad about his brother. To say he was confused and indignant was to be an understatement. Why hadn't he ever been told about Harry? Where was Harry? Why hadn't he come to Hogwarts? Where was he? And finally, had anything happened to him? The same questions running through his parents' minds was running through his.

As soon as they were released, they had come to Petunia's house. But had found it empty.

They had found out from the local Aurors that the bodies of three people had been found inside some time before, obvious victims of homicide. And the killer had yet not been found. . Petunia, her husband Lance, and son Dudley had been killed by the same person that was seen to have dragged Harry off.

**Neighbors' accounts**

It happened on August 3rd, four days after Harry's sixteenth birthday. The neighbors had suddenly heard screaming at exactly noon coming from the house. One of the neighbors, a retired Auror, had rushed to help, not hesitating in the slightest. Bursting through the front door, he had found a scene out of a nightmare.

Inside, he had found a chaotic scene. Two were down already, Petunia and Lance with broken necks. Standing over them, fighting with the oldest son Dudley was a dark-cloaked man who had his hood up. Just as soon as the man drew his wand to fight, Dudley was thrown down, a knife in his chest. The only remaining family member was a small looking teenager, who had cried out as Dudley was killed. With tears flowing down his face, he looked to be in shock.

Quick as lightning, the murderer had darted to the shocked teenager. The teen's arms were pulled behind him and secured. A knife was pressed to his throat so tightly that blood was starting to flow. By this time, more help had arrived, only to draw short in horror.

Before anything can be done, the man had picked up the teen and disappeared. It was unsure if he had been able to run so fast to not be seen, or apparated.

A search was started for the teen and his kidnapper, but nothing was ever found. Eventually the search was stopped.


The three were buried in the local cemetery; all right next to each other as per there wishes had been in their wills. An empty plot was left, showing the missing member of the family.

Now, Lilly stood in their home. It had been cleaned off all the blood. The family who lived nearby had kept it clean, in hopes that Harry or his family would claim it.

She looked around the room. On the walls were pictures of the happy family. She saw a small boy with dark hair and green eyes next to a blond boy. In others was Petunia, Lance, or all of them. There were pictures of Harry playing soccer, the other boy playing football, Harry in karate, and awards for a number of different things. It was obviously the home of a very happy family.

She saw a certificate showing a Hogwarts graduation for Harry, and realized that is why he had never gone to Hogwarts. He had already learned all there was to be learned, so had graduated with out ever going.

There was a picture of Harry on a broom, holding a snitch high over his head with a big grin. He obviously had inherited his father's skill.

She touched the pendant around her neck. Harry was seen wearing it in most of the pictures here. It was designed to be a red if Harry was alive and wearing it. It was red, but had small streaks of black. She didn't know what that meant. According to the pendant, he was not alive but yet was. She was confused over this.

Where was her baby?


AN: The attack on the Potters happened later here than in cannon. The twins had just turned two when old Voldie attacked.

(1) In Harry's little two year old mind, he called Halloween Fun Day. And the Fun Stick was a wand; do to the fact that both Harry and Brad liked to try to play with daddy's Fun Stick. So it had been nicknamed that. The scary man in Voldymorty of course.

(2): Harry doesn't have the scar in this story. Somehow, the scar faded when he got it, making his forehead as clear as before. His twin got hit with the backlash of the curse though; he had a small scar on his cheek. It is just a scar though, nothing special. Oh, no Horcruxes in this story. Never really liked them.

That is all I have for now. How was it? Please tell.